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Inventor of ZADRF chapter 18 . 11/24
I like how you ended this chapter, and i thought you did really well with Zim's 'confession' and his attempt at a kiss. Overrall a great chapter but overrall a sex chapter so not much to judge haha. I loved the last chapter too though, specifically how Dib and Zim came about as close as it gets go admitting the their feelings. You know the characters so well. You're also excellent with timing. I feel like y'all know when we're all about to burst and then it happens when we dont expect it.
Inventor of ZADRF chapter 14 . 11/23
If I were Dib I'd be completely exhausted with Zim. I am now. I love it when writers dont rush into the romance but i'm like clawing my bedsheets right now. That aside i do love how you addressed keef and his weird ass origins... Not at all how i thought this would go but i'm liking it. I'm also waiting to see where the DADR fits into this. Not that i'm looking forward to it, it rubs me entirely the wrong way. Such a long ride to ZADR but i'm really looking forward to it more and more through each chapter!
Inventor of ZADRF chapter 2 . 11/21
So far so good. It really feels like y'all are taking this slow and letting us absorb the details. I also havent seen keef in zadr fanfiction in a while. Should be interesting. The only thing i'm unsure of is the switch off between point of views throughout each chapter. It just seems a little confusing and it's hard to focus on both at the same time. I know you're already 37 chapters in but i thought i'd just give my input anyway.. Great job overall!
TrippNessa chapter 37 . 11/11
Well, after losing many hours of sleep, I can now say without a doubt that this is one of the best fics I've read. It's so well written and the characters are so wonderfully portrayed! It's just perfect. I really hope this continues and reaches a conclusion, because something this great doesn't belong in the "never finished" fanfic bin...
Guest chapter 37 . 10/24
Awkward... I hope to see more of this story soon, it's pretty much my favorite. Not much else to say, sorry, I'm not really great at giving feedback.
saberkit667 chapter 37 . 10/20
hideousnewgirl chapter 37 . 10/13
I found this story two days ago and I just finished it! All I have to say is wOW I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I HOPE YOU FIND THE OTHER CHAPTER JUST,,,ARRGH I LOVE THIS
glowzilla48 chapter 37 . 10/12
Yeeeeesssss! Give me more updates lol I love this story! _ can't wait for the next chapter
olive-gravity chapter 37 . 10/12
saberkit667 chapter 36 . 10/11
glowzilla48 chapter 36 . 10/9
An update! So excited right now lol can't wait for the next chapter _
Chemical Cat chapter 35 . 7/10
Can't wait for the next chapter!
ClumsyWrighter chapter 35 . 5/2
so, were are dose upedates... did they og missing?
enyways, good story so far!
Guest chapter 1 . 4/5
I hardly ever read reviews on stories, and considering the last time this was updated was roughly 4 years ago, I doubt you'll even see this. But I have to write this.
I first read this story when I was in 10th grade. Which was around 2010. I remember how it affected me and how it's all I thought about. I read it every chance I got, and it tore my emotions in two. It was so beautifully written yet dark and morbid. It resulted in one of, if not the, best fanfiction I've ever read. And I've read a good bit. But, I never finished it. I don't remember why, but I only ever made it to Zim and Dib's split-up at the motel room. And that was that. So, 4 days ago, having aged almost 6 years since reading this for the first time, I suddenly remembered it. It definitely left a lasting image in my mind. I found it and immediately began reading. I've just finished it, and even without a completed ending, this is even better than I remembered. Kudos to you, Angel-Chan and AngelNocturne for this amazing writing. This story may have been forgotten or abandoned, but it stands the test of time with me. Thank you for such a wonderful read. I will never forget it.
SudeBanner chapter 35 . 3/16
I have to say. . . I spent a whole three days reading this fic, and this has got to be the most beautiful and intense story that I've read in a long time! (And that doesn't just involve fanfics!)

Seriously! You, my friend, and the other author as well are just incredible! I was screaming in my head almost the entire time, whether from excitement with Zim and Dib's conflict or at Keef's antagonizing disturbance. Half the time I would get so sucked into the plot that I would start exclaiming things out loud, and I'd just toss my tablet down thinking: "Oh my god this is way too much just AAGGGHHH! OH MY FLIPPIN GOD I can't read anymore of it this! I KNOW WHAT"S GOING TO HAPPEN AGH NO NO I'm NOT reading this!"

Then after a couple of seconds I'd pick it back up to start reading again, even though I was still way too thrilled to handle it! XD Haha, that's what I love about this story. I also really love how at the beginning it's so cute at first with Zim and Dib acting as themselves, and when Keef jumps in he also doesn't seem that threatening- creepy and annoying- but not threatening. It starts off just like a regular Invader Zim episode, but instead of altering any of the characters, the two of you just added more depth to them. It was amazing the entire time I read this (because I didn't even notice at first!) how all of the characters morphed in such a natural way that I couldn't even realize it until the very end.

My favorite thing of all though has got to be the scar; Dib's scar on his collarbone and the value Zim has for it. For some reason, that factor in the story is just too beautiful to put into words! 3 Along with the eyes. For some reason I find it extremely sweet, especially in the part with the false-Dib, when it explained how Keef (The little PRICK!) didn't have the scar, and so he knew it wasn't, "HIS Dib." That's definitely one of my favorite moments in the entire story.

Apart from that, I just love all of it! This story completely draws you in when you read it, letting you feel so much emotion and thought behind it, it's just breath-taking! So hateful and passionate at the same time; twisted up in the most magnificent ways, and matching so much character as well! I'm practically addicted to it; and even though they still have to stop Keef I feel like this chapter works as a very nice ending. :) Just by having Zim FINALLY give in to his, "Lurv," haha, it's just amazing

You don't know how glad I am that I came across this. I was just browsing D.A. for Invader Zim stuff when I found a picture based on this fanfic, and I decided, "I'll go take a look!" and I'm happy to say that I have no regret, because this right here. . .this story is a masterpiece.

Now excuse me while I go re-read the entire thing. _
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