Reviews for Another Beginning
crazyreaderduh chapter 38 . 9/4
what ever happened to edward's mothers ring?
Naeym Jaafar chapter 4 . 8/20
i think American didn't use fortnight. that British thing right. Btw i am neither.
bloodnoir2 chapter 30 . 7/9
Oop Harry still got her in the end
Stacy Damato chapter 38 . 7/5
Will Harry and Edward have kids
Guest chapter 29 . 6/22
Harry should have been like 'Know This Isabella Swan you have made an Enemy of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter & Most Ancient and Noble House of Black! Henceforth you may no longer be welcome on or to ANYTHING that falls under my preview as Lord Potter-Black!
Guest chapter 3 . 6/21
He could certainly stand to have a few of them dimmed. Like he's time at the Dursleys, the pain of being tortured, ect. But never actually forgetting them.
MadamKhaos chapter 38 . 6/9
I'm still slightly concerned about Edward's mother's ring being sold at the pawn shop. I mean, wasn't that super sentimental and Edward just forgot about it? lol
MadamKhaos chapter 30 . 6/9
Ugh, I'm ugly crying about Hedwig. lmfao. Even if things are fictional it just makes me relate in real life. Had to put two of my cats down and my dog passed away last year. So, it's very emotional reading about animals that pass. Thank you for being such a great writer.
MadamKhaos chapter 24 . 6/9
I really hope Severus gets turned to stay with Harry. He seems like someone who would know about loss the most and the hardships Harry went through. The fact that he loves him as a son, I don't see him wanting to 'burden' Harry with the potential loss of him in the future.
MadamKhaos chapter 21 . 6/9
I'm highly amused that we've not mentioned Bella this whole time. Edward completely forgot about her in the pandemonium x,x I'm dead. He told her 1 week and it's obviously been way longer lmfao.
Destinysummoner chapter 38 . 5/8
Omg, great story, I'm so happy you didn't make two different kinds of vampires, its so annoying. Hope you make a sequel!
HarryPotterFangirl85 chapter 38 . 2/19
Enjoyed the story
SapphireKageKyuura chapter 31 . 2/15
Hahahah Yes! I love Bella bashing. It makes me fill with so much joy. I also love when bad things happen to Bella. I don't know why but I've never liked Bella even though she's just a character.
mayawene chapter 38 . 1/2
Thank you for this story
LibbyRose chapter 38 . 11/27/2020
this was so cute, i love the ending !
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