Reviews for Benefactions
Blue-Inked Frost chapter 1 . 1/28/2010
I'm really sorry I didn't review for so long! I'd better try and explain everything I really liked about this fic, because there was a lot.

(Now watch me leave a misspelled one-liner: it rox!)

I *love* this backstory-it's great and fresh for this fandom. Using the Circus was a fantastic concept, and you've made it work so well. A runaway acrobat is really neat.

The living flowers-that's a fantastic image. An absolutely beautiful beginning. And "Bellions", and "bone harpsichords"-lovely setting details, great fantasy worldbuilding.

I like the sarcastic six-handed OC and the Tent Rats. And I love this part, "Then she realised the staggering unlikelihood of anything undead thinking to bring her living, blooming flowers. Plants rotted in the hands of the undead."-I think that first sentence is beautiful, and again the worldbuilding detail of rotting plants. Also this-"Li rubs the palms of her hands together and hisses at the pain."-it captures some of the harshness of the Sixth Dimension, this really neat place you managed to bring life into in such a short piece. It's wonderful, Scaraby.

More worldbuilding terminology with "Caller". :) I also really like the description of Belle and the false coins. "Shine brighter than the others"-lovely detail. And the hints of backstory for Fear and Zoar. :D :D

"The blossoms are heart black and DataStream purple. Their leaves are a soft grey and sting when they brush against the still-raw skin of her fingers. They purr."-That is beautiful. Also "weed-rot girl", I really like your description.

This is a wonderful origin story. We know how it all turns out; getting this new glimpse of a beginning with ominous undertones makes for a fantastic read. I like where you chose to end it; the story really works as a one-shot of this length and I admire your restraint! Beautifully written, detailed worldbuilding, I love this so much.