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Aliens of Doom chapter 29 . 4/11/2015
It was so good, and so close to finishing. *sniff sniff*
I really like how you were essentially making a whole new Zelda game here. Many times I caught myself wondering how exactly your scenes could play out in an actual video game. And then I was always sad that I couldn't just turn on my Wii U and figure out.
Just wanted to let you know that was enjoying this story, and even if it looks like it's gone forever, I shall remember the good times we had together.
EverfreeSparkle chapter 3 . 4/16/2014
I bet my right kidney that Aldez is Zelda (So many damn hints, it is easy to tell you are trying to hint it is her). Nice job mixing up the letters in her name btw.
Z, reverse the name,
A, switch the D and L,
Isodrink chapter 29 . 2/4/2014
It sadens me indeed to see your story end at such a cliffhanger.
The way it seems I guess you intended to continue but then lost insterest and/or time to do so, since the end doesn't seem in any way intended. Except you wanted to have an open end with the fight against Ganon. In that case I am afraid to tell you that you pretty much screwed up that part, since it is in now way visible that that should be an ending ;)

Anyway, I wish to thank you for the read. I'd also like to notify which character I liked the most: Ruto, by far. It is the one and only point I'd like to emphasize, since I don't know what I should comment on the rest except: Well done and very good story!
Ruto's character in your fic is so confident, knowing, caring and also radiates an exceptional mental strength that you do only see in very few of your other characters. If shit starts hitting the fan, I'd say her, Zelda and maybe Nabooru are the people to turn to. But I like Ruto for the reason that you'd expect that the least from her by far (imho)! And that's what makes her such a great character, since it actually make so much sense for her to have that kind of mental strength. She overcame as sage her own anxiety and self-pity after being rejected by the hero of time who she none the less loved dearly. You point that out, especially in your development of her with her memories sealed away (or rather I interpret it that way) and I congratulate you for that.

I wish you the best of luck for the rest of your live and thank you for this story.
shadowrallen chapter 29 . 4/23/2012
Hi! Shadowrallen here. The story is too awesome to stop now! And the Master Sword making noises other than normal mettalic ones reminds me of the Skyward Sword and it's android resident, Fi. Shadowrallen out.
falloathboy chapter 1 . 4/18/2012
Love it. Wish it wasn't on hiatus which I'm guessing it is
Jack Falconer chapter 29 . 2/29/2012
Man...just man. Saria was an awesome addition in this chapter, a much needed means to lighten the solemn mood. (Not sure if it would've been helpful to know what sort of antics Bartel was trying to do that did help lighten the mood a little before the troops reached the edge of Ganon's 'moat'.]

Anyway, some time back a friend recommended this story to me, and now that I'm caught up with what you have so far, I'm glad I read the fic thus far.

One of your strengths in this fic is your characterizations of all the characters-both canon and original. Everyone had some personal motivation that kept my interest in them (granted the characters at the forefront of the story-i.e. Lin and the sages-kept more interest than some of the others, but such is to be expected when the spotlight only has so much room for main characters in a fic).

Another strength of your fic is your details in both setting and action scenes.

Overall, your fic didn't just have a good plot but it was also a good read.

I found it to be an interesting take to make Hyrule a pseudo-Dark World (i.e. Ganon's corrupting influence having drastic effects).

Though a few things I'm curious about: what's happening with the Kirikiri. Though no longer important to the grand scheme of things I just feel a little bad for them that their good friend Sri had to be taken away from them (if I recall correctly, when Sri was freed, she didn't go back and let them know what happened, or rather, she didn't in what you presented in your fic). Though I don't feel as bad for them, I have a similar curiosity as to the Rogons reaction upon realizing their leader was gone (if there was anything they would've done, not quite sure how monstrous they've become regarding thoughts and feelings and rather or not their leader managed to get a message back to them in the background of the fic that wasn't presented to readers). However, by the point I reached the events surrounding Nabooru and reading how beloved she was, I was wandering, and hoping it wouldn't happen, whether or not she would just vanish like the other two who left their people. However, I did enjoy that you had her give a few words of encouragement to her daughters and sisters before she left.

So anyway, from hillboarding to storming the castle of an evil king, Lin sure has gone far in this fic. (Another aspect I liked about this fic: you went out of you way [at least figuratively speaking] to have her deal with whether or not she's a reincarnation or a second coming of the Hero of Time. I liked the conclusion to this issue you drilled into your story: she's herself, but though she's similar enough to be compared to him, she's different enough to stand apart from him, able to leave his shadow, so to speak.

Now moving on from the previous aspects I liked about your fic to other things about your fic, I noticed (but didn't take note of for specific examples) a few times (out of 29 chapters counted by this site) where you had a typo in which you used one word improperly while most likely thinking/reading another word (think along the lines of using "and" for "in"). But besides that, your story was solid grammatically.

Another thing about your fic: what's up with Rauru? Though, this is your fic, it seems he got the short end of the stick when it comes to characterization. Then again, Rauru, specifically, only had a few parts in the game so perhaps he was bit of a tougher character to write in. Well, personal opinions on whether or not he was written well or in character (or an extension of what his character would be) aside, you succeeded in making him an awkward character, especially with how awkward the other sages acted around him.

One more thing, somewhat related to the previous point: when Lin was facing off against the corrupted Kaepora and their battle took them near Lonran, I would've expected that someone from Lonran would've noticed or reacted. Even if the Hylian way is to avoid trouble, it is sort of hard to avoid trouble when it comes flying to you.

And now one last thing: though I said previously that I enjoyed your characterizations, I guess I can't help now that I'm thinking about it, what about the people of Lonran? And what about anyone else left in the main aspects of Hyrule (i.e. excluding the Gerudo in the desert, but including any possible other settlements or towns)? What are their takes on what's happening? Or is it that they're unaware that a rebellion is attempting to overthrown their evil king? Well, regardless of whether or not these questions get answered, I guess these questions are a bit beside the point, perhaps a bit out of the scope of this fic (i.e. a related tangent to the fic, but perhaps, as of the latest chapter, a bit too much side detail to include without stalling out the plot and the story's progression thus far).

Anyway, I do give major props, thinking it's a cool idea, to have a female hero (a Heroine of Time) that is someone who is not just a female Link. {Then again, I don't believe I've ever read a fic with a female Link, but I am just thinking to the old internet meme [would it be a meme?] or question or accusation or joke that Link is a girl.}

Looking forward to more (as made obvious by my subscriptions to this story). So to wrap up my review: so far, so good, still an awesome fic, and I am planning to enjoy more of the fic whenever you're able to release more.

Yasha-HebiHime chapter 29 . 2/3/2012
A wonderful story with many twists and turns that I hadn't expected but enjoyed immensely! I do hope you continue it, you left it on such a cliffy!, but I understand if you are busy with school and life and what not.. At any rate, it was a wonderful and well planned story, I always enjoyed the FemLink stories, even if this is not truly a female Link, low though their numbers may be.

I hope you continue it, as I said, and I, admittedly, hope that Lin becomes a traveler when all is said and done..and I'm curious at how Ganon had shattered the blade the first time! A power like that in the game would have been so..heart breaking! Even though, in the game, the Megaton Hammer and the Big Goron Sword had been more than enough to take down the beast. Anyways, happy writings.

FinalBossDemise chapter 28 . 1/6/2012
Ah ha ha ha ha! I am Demise, lord of shadows! I will destroy Link, hero of the sky! what? Link is DEAD? Wait a minute, this isn't Skyward Sword? This is Ocarina of Time? I wound up in the wrong game! Carry on then.

Happy New Year from Skyward Sword!
ConGie chapter 29 . 11/15/2011
Alright, and so it begins. Nice chapter, I especially found Saria's talkative ess amusing; too bad she won't be coming back to talk some more.

The Sage of Water,

Guest chapter 1 . 11/4/2011

:3 over excitedness is coolio
Blasian chapter 29 . 11/3/2011
You know, you clever little Ruthie you, I had no idea that that last chapter was a dream. I practically facepalmed myself when I read the beginning of this chapter.

Saria's so cute, such a chatterbox. lol

Also I didn't know that everyone in her army could hear the Sages' voices. I thought it's be just Lin, Navi, & Zelda. Intresting.
Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps chapter 29 . 10/30/2011
Everything about this chapter was excellent! From the beginning to end it might be the best chapter you have written yet for this story. I could imagine every detail and every thing happening during each scene and they were all very enjoyable to read about. Saria getting distracted and talking to the other sages reminded me so many times of phone calls I've made or when I've talked to distracted people. It was really well written and extrodinarily well done.

You also ended the chapter at a very neat break, while leaving a good cliffhanger for the next chapter. I simply cannot wait to see what happens in Ganon's tower. Oh, and one thing I just thought of...would you have to change the layout of his castle if he still is in beast form? I don't think he could fit up the final staircase, or in any of the rooms either lol. Maybe he will be back in human form? O_O I don't know, it was something fun to think about.

Anywho, another great chapter to a wonderful story. I am always glad to have found this story and am excited for its coming conclusion.

~Cimar of Turalis
IBeGinger chapter 29 . 10/30/2011
yay! a new chapter! i knew it was just a dream. i liked how saria kept getting distracted, lol. keep up the excellent work! we are all cheering for you!
Marcus S. Lazarus chapter 28 . 10/16/2011
Hoo boy...

Interesting job, to say the least.

The opening scene created a dramatic picture of the moment when destiny failed Zelda, to say nothing of her subsequent decision to flee with the sword rather than Link (Even if I have my doubts about whether a mystical weapon like the Master Sword even COULD break under such simple circumstances, I suppose the death of the Hero could have contributed), and the following story more than lived up to those expectations.

Linkali made a rather interesting character- even if we didn’t really get a clear picture that she was living in an OPRESSIVE world; the village must just be too far away for Ganon to bother about asserting his authority most of the time-, clearly capable of more than life in the village even if she didn’t really KNOW what to do with herself, and the gradual steps she takes under the guidance of ‘Aldez’ to learn what she’s capable of all made perfect sense, each step leading logically and clearly onto the next.

The idea of Link being under a ‘vow of silence’ is a bit of a stretch- I personally always felt that we just never HEARD him replying, rather than him not replying at all-, but the return of Navi was a particularly interesting touch to reaffirm the connection between Link and Linkali, and the subsequent ‘second quest’ to restore the Sages was very effectively, clearly demonstrating the thought you put into working out what would have happened to each Sage since Link’s death, particularly with the ‘degeneration’ that most of the non-human races have experienced since those days.

The confrontations such as Lin’s fight with ‘Darrun’ or ‘Imparo’ were very well-written, clearly exploring how the temples and the creatures within them have changed over the years while still giving us something that we can recognise as the original characters; your thoughts on how she managed to find Rauru now that he’s not in the Sacred Realm was a particularly effective solution to that problem.

And as for her conversation with the Spirit...

Even if it was obvious who he was, it was still a very effective meeting between the two generations of Hero, and nice to see her recognising that Link wasn’t the fool she’d always thought he was, as well as the two discussing the challenges they faced to become the Hero of their generation and how Linkali can hopefully avoid repeating Link’s mistakes.

Hope you update soon; can’t wait for more (Although, given the rapid scene-shift of the last chapter, I’m inclined to think that what we just saw here was only a dream)!
shadowrallen chapter 28 . 10/15/2011
WHAT IN FARORE'S NAME IS GOING ON! if you kill Linkali i will feed you to my Elozar! but otherwise, i love the story. :) ;)
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