Reviews for Horse Play
Guest chapter 2 . 8/10/2012
Love your stories! I really hope you were more liley!
lileyfan1415 chapter 2 . 2/22/2012

I liked this two shot. I agree with some of the authors who reviewed this story. It definitely worth making a story out of. But keep going.
LaughLoveLive chapter 2 . 1/15/2010
I am hooked. I'll be back for more.
croaker001 chapter 2 . 1/10/2010
Awesome finish. I'm glad that April and Mark were able to talk some sense in to Lilly, to convince her to fight for her love. And I think it's awesome that Lilly rode her horse to go get Miley, lol. Once again, I think Miley and Lilly should have talked a little more in depth before getting hot and heavy. I completely understand Lilly's desire to leave after Jake called, and I think it is unreasonable of Miley to get mad at Lilly for trying to run again. But in the end, Miley was able to reassure Lilly enough that she had Miley's heart, so hopefully Lilly is right and she won't need those boots anymore :). Keep up the good work.
croaker001 chapter 1 . 1/10/2010
Great start. I hate the thought of Lilly wandering alone, broken-hearted and directionless. Thankfully Mark and April took her in and gave her some purpose, something to start rebuilding with :). And then Miley showed up. I understand Miley's anger, but I also understand why Lilly ran. I wish she hadn't run again, but Miley really should have talked to Lilly instead of kissing her again, considering she is still engaged. Keep up the good work.
Truscott chapter 2 . 1/10/2010
Awesome story, I loved it :).
AlvinFan07 chapter 2 . 1/9/2010
Yay, a happy ending :) Loved it!
Darkened Past chapter 2 . 1/9/2010
Absolutely awesome. Loved this.
risolyandiwys chapter 2 . 1/9/2010
...this is kind of amazing. I'm really hoping that you'll be working on more Liley stories because as far as I'm concerned, you're one of the best. Good work with this.

Akurei56 chapter 2 . 1/9/2010
I love this story. You should make it more than just a two-shot. You could make an incredible story out of this. Maybe make a sequel. Tell about what happens after that night, what happens with the wedding and Jake and Miley. If Liley stays together, what happens with Mark and April. Tell if Lilly gets to keep Duster.
Anti-Gravity111 chapter 1 . 1/9/2010
oh holy shit, YES
Truscott chapter 1 . 1/8/2010
Awesome start, can't wait for the next chapter.
Blank. No longer in use chapter 1 . 1/8/2010
Brilliant. I really enjoyed the description and the whole idea of Lilly leading another life, brand new and away from Miley.

The last paragraph kinda made my heart ache though. Oh Lilly, you fool.
AlvinFan07 chapter 1 . 1/8/2010
I was stoked to see a story with your name on it. This was really good but the ending was sad :( Hopefully the next part will be a lil happier..? Lol Loved it
musicisinmysoul chapter 1 . 1/7/2010
wow, I like it can't wait to find out if Lilly rides duster. Or what happens next thanks ink
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