Reviews for Life Crusades
Guest chapter 3 . 7/29
This is amazing! I love this story, I wish it could be made into a movie, it deserves to have fan fictions written about it! I love all of the pairings, and the darkness of the elves and what you're doing to Ron! I guess I just really love the story, please keep writing more like this, I don't want to reach the end!
atlantis51 chapter 24 . 7/28
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update soon! All of us here are GASPING for the continuation and ending of this story! You are the BEST!
Sablesilverrain chapter 24 . 7/24
Are you still working on this?

If so, please update! I've been doing my best to be patient, but you're really killing me here!
atlantis51 chapter 3 . 7/25
It was some time ago that I sent you a PM,BEGGING you to finish your stories. As I am once again reading this trilogy, I am sure you must realize I ABSOLUTELY love them.
So, please finish this arc and The Black Bunny! Have mercy on us out here in Fanfic country! You are the BEST writer on all the sites, hands down!
Guest chapter 24 . 7/17
This is one of the best fanfictions i have ever read. Thank you. Please continue it. I must hear the ending...
Just-A-Fan1891 chapter 24 . 7/8
I love love your story! I haven't been able to read anything else since I came across this, it has sucked me in and I've become lost in your awesome story! I love the pairings and your characters! I eagerly await your next chapters!
Kitten chapter 24 . 6/21
YESYESYES an update, I love this story, thank you! Keep on keeping on!
non member chapter 24 . 6/17
This is a really great story.. have read this story 3x already.. keep up the good work..
though wanted to know what happened to Klein? (DADA Prof.) it was hinted at that Draco did something to the sword? dagger? he used to kill the prof before actually executing him..
cseppecske91 chapter 24 . 6/10
Hi wonderful!
I've just reread the whole trilogy and I have to say every minute was worth it!
Thank you for your fabulous work! ;)
Richon chapter 24 . 6/7
Lové this story ! I red the trilogie again ... I really lové this univers ... Craving for more
J Wish chapter 24 . 6/7
Finally read the chapter. I really enjoyed it. Although I am finding myself a bit skeptical at Titan, he has horns like Charan but his father was supposed to have been destroyed for rebelling against Hirsha. Oh well, I am certain that things will be explained in the next chapter. So thank you for writing a wonderful story that lets me escape reality for a while as I read it.
patipatiti chapter 24 . 6/5
OMG, i have been reading your stories for a month and OMG. Awesome. I have no words. Love it. So please, please continue it...don't leave us! Jeje we are going to be waiting here for you until your next updated!
Guest chapter 1 . 5/25
Hi . I m new to fanfiction... life series is one of 1st things I read... I love it... so wpuld really like to know if u r goin to finis the story .. so that I can come back and read it u knw ? Plz do finish the story...
U are a wonderful storyteller... I enjoyed reading ur work and desperatly waiting for more...
vampbunny chapter 24 . 5/24
yay so glad ur back I have missed this story so much
cant wait to read more
Guest chapter 24 . 5/18
Cant wait for more to come this story is a favorite
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