Reviews for Understand
x5 series chapter 1 . 8/2/2010
Very inventive story :) Loved the detail you put in the first paragraph. Amazing :XD And the story shows so well how they come together and grow as life and death. Great work as always :)
MythStar Black Dragon chapter 1 . 1/12/2010
That was wonderful loved that they are together

AsrarSonya chapter 1 . 1/10/2010
Well, I guess that little challenge of ours paid off pretty nicely, ha? I LOVE how you capture the Christmas spirit in the form of life/death balance, and how they complete each other, rather than rivals and opposites. Tru and Jack sure do reflect that quite vividly in this fic and with their sweet romance. Having Jack be the one who is dead makes a lot of sense, and his love for Tru made him understand life and appreciate it more.

The dialogue between them is so beautiful. Now that he's dead Jack is wiser and more aware, and his compassion for Tru and her grief is what made him visit her in spirit form and give her some hope. The baby was a nice surprise! Though knowing you, it's not a shocking surprise.

I also love how you tried to show through this fic and from your experience of loss that even though our minds cannot fully grasp the meaning of life and death, we don't have to understand it, just to cherish each moment and have no regerets.
AmethystB chapter 1 . 1/8/2010

Long time no speak, huh? First of all, a belated Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your nearest and dearest - I hope the new year brings happiness and many opportunities. Secondly, reviews are still coming for most of your other fics so don't panic, they're in the works!

This is a gorgeous little Christmas piece, thanks for sharing it because I probably haven't been feeling the "Christmas spirit" all that much this year - no particular reason, just a little restless I guess - but reading this (even if it is sixteen days after Christmas ;)) made me feel a warm mix of emotions; it is heartbreaking and beautiful, sad with that afterglow of happiness, and you managed to capture the poignancy of Tru and Jack's relationship, especially how they relate to one another and their respective callings. I like how you explained what you were aiming for in the author's note, and I can say to you that you definitely achieved that sense of literal embodiment of life and death, respectively. A very touching and poignant concept, indeed.

The opening paragraph was actually very amusing, especially the throw-in line about Harrison's fruit cake - having not watched the series in a little while, it was nice to be reminded of the fun that Harrison brings to it.

So, again, thanks for uploading this, it's given me a little perspective and hopefully I can get back to writing my Tru Calling fics real soon!

As a sidenote, I'm sorry to hear about your loss - I've had a couple of friends lately who have lost loved ones and that too has given me a new perspective on a few things. I hope everything is well and that you remain strong during this time :)