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RHJunior chapter 26 . 5/24
Sadly, when it comes to the mainstream media, muggles aren't one bit brighter...
RHJunior chapter 21 . 5/24
Here's the question unanswered by canon- what did Snape do that made Sirius so furious that he would even think of such a thing? (Not to justify it. But it does make one wonder.)

we saw only one memory- from Snape's perspective- of the marauders bullying him. as I recall someone did point out that Snape "gave as good as he got." (some of the worst bullies are those that see themselves as victims, and therefore justified in whatever they do.) It's likely that Snape had done something absolutely rancid a short time prior, and Sirius, being a hot-tempered idiot, decided to tell Snape where Remus was hiding every full moon.

It's also worth note that Snape already apparently suspected Remus of being a werewolf... so why was he sneaking out to the Shrieking Shack ***on the night of a full moon?*** Especially on the word of Sirius, his worst enemy? (other than "wizards are stupid.") answer: malevolent intent. Werewolves had even worse rights back then than in Harry's time, so proof that Remus was a werewolf would have gotten Remus expelled... in fact in a later flashback Snape confirms this as his motive in a conversation with Lily- He wants dirt on the Marauders.
RHJunior chapter 18 . 5/24
This one fails, largely because of the facts I pointed out previously. Harry would have been damned right to get suspicious of Dumbledore's shenanigans and screwups.

Plus, the death eaters weren't even supposed to be able to FIND the Dursley's house, forget standing there watching him like a cat watching a canary in a cage.
RHJunior chapter 17 . 5/24
Snape is still evil.
He willingly joined the Death Eaters. He willingly gave Voldemort the prophecy. It was HIS fault Harry's parents were slain.
And what does he do? He spends the next 17 years being an unspeakable sadist to children.. ESPECIALLY tormenting the son of the woman he claimed to love. .. in a manner that would have gotten a real world teacher fired, banned from teaching, and possibly shot by an irate parent. (Forcing a child to feed a possible poison to his pet, just to name one fired-on-the-spot offense.)
RHJunior chapter 16 . 5/24
kiddo, It's far harder to justify making Ron evil than Dumbledore.
In the books, Ron was brave, loyal, and levelheaded in a crisis. It was the MOVIES that rewrote him as an idiotic coward and gave all his best lines and moments to HERMIONE.

However DUMBLEDORE- sorry, in retrospect it's completely impossible to justify his actions as anything other than an act of either malevolence or raving idiocy. Abandoning a child on a doorstep of a family of Muggle haters. Not making contact with him for 10 years... yet having a spy on him (arabella figg) who knew he was being abused and yet did nothing- and what she knew, Albus knew. Not getting Sirius a trial- despite holding multiple government offices and having more than enough clout to demand it. NOT catching Quirrel, Crouch, Lockhart, Tom Riddle or Peter Pettigrew despite having mind-reading powers, truth serum and an evil-detecting/repelling bird. Not clearing Hagrid's name simply asking Moaning Myrtle how she died. Not using his clout to keep Hagrid out of Azkaban. Putting a gauntlet of deathtraps in a school full of inquisitive children behind a door that a first-year could unlock. Putting a sadist in charge of teaching children. Letting Fudge surround the school with soul sucking demons. hearing a troll is down in the dungeons and sending children out into the halls- when the slytherin dorm is down in the dungeons. Sending children out into the Forbidden Forest for detention.

With all of the above, Dumbledore has to be either completely evil, mentally retarded, or bat-shit insane.
RHJunior chapter 12 . 5/24

I'm not spamming. I just find it terrible that people piss all over Ron, when he doesn't remotely deserve it.
RHJunior chapter 11 . 5/24
Bad at it? JKR is TERRIBLE at it. Just look at Quidditch.
RHJunior chapter 6 . 5/24
Guest chapter 16 . 5/24
Snape does not love Lily, obsessed is the word you arel ooking for. If you love another you wish for their happiness, whether you are with them or not, he only asked Moldies to spare Lily, not James. She was happy with James and he knew that, not in love with her.

Everyone dies, its inevitable as far as i know. Time travel im all for, if you can do it, do it, i wont know about it and cant care. There are many assholes in the world and if you accidentally fuck shit up while your INTENTION truly is good im ok with that (Fumbles in canon from what ive read was not good, for him maybe in his twisted mind but he gave no shit to individuals as long as things went how he wanted, consequences be damned). To desire time travel does not equal to fashion oneself a god, a god is far far above something as petty as time travel.

i dont care that it is many years since this was written, i still hope you read this and feel silly.
Guest chapter 5 . 5/24
unfortunately realistic
Guest chapter 3 . 11/14/2015
You listened to Stephen Lynch's "Ugly Baby", didn't you? Fantastic, just bloody fantastic!
Guest chapter 15 . 10/24/2015
This was actually good
The vast majority of things that have feathers are flyinhpg birds, so this was probably a good strategic move
Guest chapter 11 . 10/24/2015
I would think the way the wizarding economy worked, is that you cannot exchange muggle money, and I believe dumbly doer mentioned a fund for people who couldn't get their own school supplies
Runecutter chapter 29 . 10/17/2015
Actually as the Unforgivables are not age restricted but were described as a "one way ticket to Azkaban" they could have simply arrested everyone present in the pureblood homes and then done a priori incantatem to find out who used the Crucio, Imperius or Avada Kedavra... if both father and son did... well lines have to end sometimes.

On a related note... isn't it wondrous that with a 24/7 guard on Privet Drive nobody ever accidentally used magic and activated the trace? No silencing spells to better hide? No cushioning spells to make sitting down more comfortable? Not even in the heat of summer a quick aguamenti to cool off some? At all other times Wizards seem to be both unable and unwilling to even pick their own noses without a wand, but over weeks and months at 4PD nothing ever happens? Strange
Runecutter chapter 25 . 10/17/2015
If it were that way as you've described it, this would have been understandable, even tragic, but nowhere in canon is Slytherin ever punished appropriately to their transgressions and if Snape is close to the event in question they even get of scotfree most of the time. The night Harry and company lost 150 points (50 each for Harry, Hermione and Neville, Ron was in the infirmary with his infected dragonbite) Draco did only get 20 points deduction.
Slytherins may end up hexed into oblivion after an argument, but next to every single time they have started the hassle themselves and just were not up to winning it. Their quidditch team is atrociously bad but plays tough nontheless and seemingly won for a lot of years before Harry turned up. None were ever mentioned to get even a single game of penalty after fouling, when Harry got a "lifetime" ban by sweet Dolores after the game ended...

Not sure how deep Nott was into the bullying and mobbing up when confronting other houses, but he was occasionally with malfoy and so definitely not lilywhite innocent.

I never understood all the whining about favoritism for the Gryffindors as they really got the short end of the stick with both headmaster and head of house so interested in keeping your nose clean that they often overreacted with meting out punishment to their own for trivial reasons (Detention in the forbidden forest when something's out there that kills unicorns? Insane!), i don't get your thing about Slytherin being oh so pursued either. The Bully getting pranked for being obnoxious and hurting people is not worse than his own bullying ever could be.
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