Reviews for Youth without Age and Life without Death
BilliCullen chapter 8 . 7/6/2010

You are a goddess with words my dear.

Shit I love this story.

Sorry for the late review but I was on vacation with some hOors, took them to Forks and went and saw Eclipse at midnight.

Just now getting back into the swing of things and I like to have peace and quiet to read your stories.

This one owns me Rie, it owns me. The imagery is spectacular.

I can't wait for Edward to meet Charlie. Oh yes, that should be good, very very good!
Burntcore chapter 8 . 7/4/2010
Very interesting... having Bella know of him since infancy. Great job. Sorry it took me so long to review. :)
thenextGayleKing chapter 8 . 6/29/2010
A quick review because I might be able to squeeze Eddie in before I leave Sat (yum, I'd like to squeeze Eddie in, yes I would...but I digress).

This Bella was very different! She was a teenager but with the head and maturity of a 37 year old! I ultimately liked her "take charge" attitude though, admired it too. Wish I'd have been that savvy as a teen and also had sex as great as that! Ha ha!

Loved that she had the photo to hold onto and I liked it that she was waiting too.

Yes, Eliza certainly knew everything :)

This is a great mini series you are weaving.

Love you!

sandraj60 chapter 8 . 6/27/2010
I love this Bella taking matters into her own hand. You would think she was the one who waited more 80yrs. Thanks for the update!
winterstale chapter 8 . 6/27/2010
I love Bella as a roasty-toasty, fully hormonal girl-woman, riding her destiny through AP Bio! The fairy tale was great as was the image of young Bella and her sock monkey, cookbook, and friend Edward. I love this one so much, Rie - I never know where you're going to take me but the journey is always sumptuous. Edward is more manly here than in 4 books of source.

Everything is reciprocal, curving in on itself and breaking outward again with another layer of...destiny? Another fab one - especially for the appearance of Bella's spine and Charlie's shotgun!


Starnani21 chapter 8 . 6/26/2010
Well, this Bella is certainly a little hellion. I mean, I like the attitude somewhat, but the snarkiness is not something that I admire in anyone. She didn't really have to be so demeaning about Banner.

I really like the history you gave Bella. It makes sense for her to have something to hold on to as well. And, you remained true to the primary story by having Bella be on her own (mentally/emotionally) in adding to her maturity. You also had a lot more comedy in this chapter than you've had in others. This Bella seems to be a little closer to her Confederate counterpart.

And, obviously the sexuality was a strong presence in this chapter. I'm not too sure how to feel about that. Rie, you just know all the ways to incorporate sex into almost any story (ha ha ha). Okay, okay... I think I really liked it here though- sex as a representation and manifestation of closeness, intimacy, relational expression, and need. There was just sooo much happening underneath all the masturbation and fucking. I was kind of conflicted.

Was this meant to be so deep? Why am I even asking, of course it was. Well, I liked this chapter. Have Ii ever said anything bad about your work?

Goodnight, I had a looong day at work. Sorry for the sleep typing, but I think I said everything clearly.
Navarre chapter 8 . 6/25/2010
What I love is that her family's past is twined with Edward's.

It would appear that magic/clairvoyance is the backdrop of her Black Dutch ancestory.

Edward & Bella forever bound by the ribbon of friendship between Lotte and Edward...a poem...a story, a link from the past that ties together a present...a eternity of two realms - mortal & immortal...two spirits - made stone, made flesh...two lovers - Edward Antolia Masen Cullen & Isabella Marie 'Higgin' Swan.

Always & Forever.

'Til mortal death doth she part and immortality reign.

Bella waited...for a future foretold.

Bella knew...time would reveal her lover, her mate and she to him.

Bella understood...everything.

Love this Bella. Love her raw passion and the power that drives her passion, her detemination, her desire, her yearning, her want, her need for her mate.

She recognizes that he is her sustenance...her water, her food, her heart, her soul...her Edward.

She KNOWS that her existence IS his existence.

Viola Cornuta chapter 8 . 6/25/2010
Can I tell you how much I die for the Charlie/Edward interaction. Promise me you'll put it into that into your words, in your way.

I want to live in a fairy tale forever with these characters.
Gasaway Alley chapter 8 . 6/24/2010
It's the thing you do.

These two.

The trove of love.

Living, breathing, sleeping, skiving.

They are color and light, nothing ugly or untrue.

Tis beautiful as always.
Shamatt0403 chapter 8 . 6/24/2010
Rie - You work your magic into every line. I am just at a loss for words. I've read it 3 times and just love every word. The chapters come slowly but they burst with life with a such force. Simply brilliant.

lisazj chapter 7 . 6/5/2010
Oh God, I feel so for Edward when he wakens to vampire life! Carlilse tells him of all the changes. He can’t cry, he’s immortal, he needs blood to live: "Speed, strength, beauty, grace, and unending life to be fed only by blood…we're vampires, Edward."Gasping, I saw utter blackness when I closed my eyes, wishing for unconsciousness. "One more thing," the voice whispered, haunted of tone. "You'll never sleep again." That is what broke him. Never to dream of Isabella Swan again. He flips out a little (ok, a LOT) and doesn’t speak to Carlilse for 6 months. Who can blame him? Everything has been taken from him, even his memories of his parents.

So he keeps Isabella with him the only way he can, just trying to make and image he can see, since he can’t dream her anymore. Sketches, drawings, paintings, in pen, charcoal, watercolors, oils. *Sigh* Of all that he has lost, all that he misses of his humanity, it’s the loss of his dreams that he regrets for the longest. For the rest of his existence. As Carlilse looks at the pictures of Isabella that Edward created, he regrets all that Edward has lost as well: "For everything, I'm sorry, Edward."

With that, Edward seems to find acceptance. Of his life now, of Carlilse, of the father he wants to be to Edward. Carlilse gives Edward every scrap, every record of his and his parents’ human life that he can find, so that Edward will have this to hold. As Edward looks through the remains of his human life and remembers, he’s able to forgive. To forgive Carlilse, to forgive his mother.

There were even nights where Edward felt almost normal, like the night Carlilse took him to the saloon. Pretending to drink, playing pool, placing bets. He actually enjoyed himself and was able to forget the pathos of his existence.

Edward lived his new life as well as he could finding companionship and family with Carlilse, studying, learning, painting and drawing. And waiting for Isabella to find him. Did he come to understand that through his seeing? That she wasn’t only a dream lover, but meant for him? Either way, it allowed Edward to get out, to enjoy plays and theaters, speakeasies. Looking for her everywhere.

Then they find Esme, hugely pregnant. Edward looked at her and could see everything that would happen. But he could do nothing to stop it. When Esme had lost all, Edward sends Carlilse to the hospital and Carlilse brings her home to them.

In Esme, Edward got a mother again. And in Edward, Esme got her lost chance at mothering. Carlilse was much more difficult, though he already loved her. He held himself separate through his chivalry, sense of duty, guilt at creating another. But in the end, Esme prevailed. Heh, Carlilse wasn’t that indestructible.

For years Edward stilled hoped and looked for Isabella. But after watching Carlilse and Esme grow deeper in love, he grew more empty, and the rebellious. Edward left them and for a time lived as a vampire, became a killer of killers. But he was never able to escape the guilt that came from killing others, even if they were monsters themselves. Carlilse had formed him too well. So Edward went back to his family, and it grew with the addition of Rosalie and then Emmett. As they too paired off, Edward still searched every face he passed for Isabella and was never more lonely. I can’t decide if it was more cruel for fate to let him know that she was out there for him, somewhere, sometime. Or to let him lose all memory of her, as he did all else of his human life, other than the momentos that Carlilse found for him.

God, all the years that he suffered alone! With the addition of Alice and Jasper, Edward then had the added guilt that he had no right to call his suffering, with all that Jasper had endured for so many years.

The morning that Alice sees her in a vision before Edward, she tries her best to keep him home, and Edward is so confused. He has waited decades for her, long lonely years, why should he not go to her? So he disregards Alice and gets to school, catching glimpses of her through the minds of others. He races to Biology with his brothers and sisters forming a guard around him and as he nears the classroom, he discovers why. He catches her scent before he ever enters the door. But Edward doesn’t run, he’s waited too long. He fights his bloodlust for his singer (a cosmic joke!) to be able to be in her presence.

I like this twist, Edward doesn’t run and thank goodness, he isn’t concerned with his purity or hers. He’s waited too long for her, living with 3 sets of couples and having to endure their lust without having any of his own.

After gathering his will to resisting her blood for a couple of weeks, he asks her to his house to study. As soon as she walks in his room, Edward realizes his mistake. Decades of drawings, paintings, images of his Isabella are all over his room, on every surface.

Bella just walks and looks and questions with her eyes. The fact that she does only this makes me wonder if perhaps she hasn’t had her own dreams? Her own lover that came in her sleep, maybe his face wasn’t clear? None of this is exactly a surprise to her. Edward might be a virgin and so is Bella, but his needs and wants are not and apparently neither are hers. God, finally. When they are quiet and Bella is sliding into sleep, she tells him: Her palm cradled my face and simply she said, "I've known you, too." Bella's eyes were hazy now, with slumber and repletion. Her body enwrapped me.

Rie, that was amazing. That was what Bella and Edward should have been. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
thenextGayleKing chapter 7 . 6/2/2010
Gotta get my review in before Rebelward breaks back onto the scene!

Enjoyed the part where Edward finally meets Bella at the school. Your description was spot on. After reading the book and seeing the movie and then reading yours, the former two are very 'cardboardy' in comparison. Really captured what he was feeling and you told it all so well. And of-course, reading the endless years of loneliness that Edward had to endure only added to that final (not-so-perfect-in-the-beginning!) coming together of two kindred spirits.

Thanks for the 'Vampire Justice' for Charles this time. I DO like that interspersed with the romance. I'm a bit strange like that!

Love Edward's and Carlisle's interaction after Carlisle FINALLY gets together with Esme. Just like any other family really.

Awesomeness as always.

Love, *Gayle*
Starnani21 chapter 7 . 5/24/2010
Oh, Edward. Oh, oh Edward. I totally felt the angst of the wait. I can totally understand the loss of hope after 50 years of waiting only to face more years after that.

I was thrown by the way you introduced Bella to Edward. You had him meet her at the school, and it was there that he decided to change to make her his life. The next thing I knew, Bella was in Edward's room in the Cullen home having no qualms about Edward's century long wait for her. And having sex with him, seemingly out of nowhere- you gave Carlisle and Esme a courtship. But, how did all this happen for Bella?

I guess you'll give us Bella's side of things in the next chapter, huh?

I can see how after the wait, through Edward's anticipation, the start of his relationship with Bella was a breeze.
sandraj60 chapter 7 . 5/22/2010
Just when I think the chapers couldn't get any better. I'm not a writer but I'm envious of the way you write and your imagination.

I was shocked that Bella and Edward where intimate right away but it makes sense if you have waited about 100 years. I can't wait for the BPOV athough I do prefer EPOV. Thank for the update!
BilliCullen chapter 7 . 5/21/2010
Ahhh Rie! I just got to read this, it has been a busy week for me and I like to give myself lots of time to read your stuff and a quiet house as well. I apologize for the delay!

So! I LOVED IT! (well of course I did! LOL) The way Edward made his own life miserable in the beginning absolutely resonates with the age at his turning, a teen aged man/boy. He is surly and inconsolable. LOL (just like my son is occasionally!)I loved how he turned it all around after his "transitional" time. The story with he and Esme was wonderful as well. I love your Esme! But he and Bella... awww a little piece of heaven for me to read!

Your words are like a beautiful painting or a lovely song... I just feel so good when I read this story. You have a gift m'dear!

Thanks for sharing!

p.s.~ Tell Eddie not to look a gift horse in the mouth! Silly boy! It's what you do with the "small fry" that counts!

I must go read Surrender now... before said teenagers get home from school and ruin my quiet time!
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