Reviews for Youth without Age and Life without Death
Twiolic chapter 14 . 1/31/2011
That certainly was an unexpected ending. But as we know, Edward at 30 would be HOT!

I enjoyed the story very much. Your writing is beautiful, poetic, and you have the gift a making your reader feel the good and bad emotions of the character you're writing about. A little lemony in places, but I persevered on through.

This ending, with the birth of Eliza, was so heart-warming and beautiful. When Eliza was passed to Rosalie, that put me over the edge and into breathless tears.

Thank you.
Twiolic chapter 12 . 1/31/2011
Well that was an unexpected turn of events! Do I like it? I'm not sure yet - still two chapters to read.
Twiolic chapter 11 . 1/31/2011
This chapter has me rather nervous. Edward's venom won't change Bella, and now something is wrong with him. Wish I had time to plow into the next chapter, but I'm at work and can only read in snippets :o(
RowanMoon chapter 13 . 1/30/2011
The yin and yang of realizations of becoming human. Emmett's interest in Edward's diet was delightful. I really enjoyed the scene between Edward and Rosalie. Perfect.

Bella and Carlisle worked well with each other in handling Edward's freak out over his mortality and inability to protect Bella. The way you describe her might and power was so exciting and visually stunning!

I really enjoyed this:

"Weaving away from my clutch, she gave out in a dusty voice, "Why do you have to be so dramatic, Edward?"

"Said the sorceress to the reformed vampire."

Straddled against me, she laughed shortly, "But you don't have to save me now."

I clung to her hips, tugged on her earlobe and slid my mouth down to her shoulder, "Not helping. I'm a man, I'm your mate and that's my job."

"You arrogant fuck." Bella shattered back off of me, stood in a rainbow of violet; lilac, lavender… lovely… pissed off."

I'm sad to see this fairytale end! Looking forward to the Epilogue!


Twiolic chapter 3 . 1/29/2011
That was so heartbreaking and brought tears to my eyes - for how beautifully you wrote this chapter, and for what is to come.
Twiolic chapter 1 . 1/29/2011
Beautiful insight into the live of Elizabeth Masen.
RowanMoon chapter 12 . 1/28/2011
I think it is exactly what Edward would have wanted and you did it in true goldenmeadow fashion. Epic. I was blown away. In fact, I finished reading the chapter hours ago and I'm struggling with the review part as I was completely gobsmacked.

Bdip, bdip...that's all folks!

Here we go!

Bella's grief, confusion, guilt, protectiveness, her feral ferocity in the attempt to keep Edward with her. It shredded my insides. You captured it. Mounted it. Framed it with care and I am sure many tears. I imagine the heartbreak you felt in writing these last chapters was overwhelming and I am humbly thankful for your offering to us. I am beyond touched and flattered with your comments throughout this story in your author's notes about me, to me. I am so grateful for your friendship and support Rie. We all inspire each other and it's a beautiful thing.


Fuck. Now I am emotional. See why I shied away from this review? I'm overwrought after all that gorgeous drama dammit!

~ ahem~

I have to say, the support characters in this tale were phenomenal. This chapter was a fine example of that. Especially when Bella's tenacious, and sometimes tenuous hold on her control was emotionally re-calibrated with the support you lent her from Esme, Renee and Charlie. The intimate scenes tucked throughout the update were perfect. Lovely mother / daughter moment!

Edward's change - the ashes falling from his hard impervious shell of immortality, crumbling away like...

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust...

Rising in a sandstorm of defiance to

Breathe, live,love...create?


I want to weep now. Brava.


RowanMoon chapter 11 . 1/28/2011
Oh I love the quiet suffering of this sainted beast in sheep's clothing. The Lazerus line took my breath away. You know I LOVE anything written with biblical references / connotations.

"They idolized me… as if I were a god.

I was no more than Lucifer.

Lazarus may have risen, yet I was riddled with holes that grounded me, let wind whistle through me instead of lifting me."

RIE! You tore my heart out with the inscription Edward wrote in Esme's Pied Piper. The image of him, full of shame, knocking on his parents door. GAH! Him lying on the floor grieving for Isabella in front of Carlisle, repeating the razored mantra - “She cannot be mine...” You painted it with the perfect amount of pain and bittersweet beauty.

Ahhh, the poetic tones in this passage were simply lovely:

“She ringed down in her carillon voice and her toffee eyes, and her powerful hips slipped like a prow to me and I was in her and all...



Clear and mast.

And mating.

And the strings of her legs and thighs were wide and then tight and nothing moved. But I moved, and Esme was imbued with that diamond, charcoal, dusty, glittery light.

And she was me.

And I was her.

And we were here.

And I was in.

And she was holding me.

And I was trying to yell, scream.

It boiled... her and me.

Hot, cold and dead and fire and gone.

Long gone.

And new.


Bella’s entry and declaratin in Carlisle and Esme’s bedroom snapped me straight up out of the luscious warmth of Esme and Carlisle’s loving. “He’s fucked up.” I didn’t know whether to gasp or giggle!

She’s making him human!

Fucking brilliant.

~bows down~
Anisah Pinky chapter 14 . 1/27/2011
what a wonderful story
Anisah Pinky chapter 13 . 1/27/2011
another wonderful chapter
TLCullen132 chapter 14 . 1/26/2011

Where does one even start? Well I will tell you I have to first find my roll of Mega Charmin for the tears that are streaming down my face. Right before I got to the chapter I kept thinking about how you didn't want it to end, by the time I got here I didn't want it to end either. I actually waited it out, savoring it, wanting to be alone in quiet, to full immerse myself.

It’s rare to find something that just moves you, really and truly moves you. Your writing does that to me, but I bet you already knew that. I flounder for words to convey how it makes me feel. Raw and Reborn. Like hot chocolate with huge fluffy marshmallows.

My Thoughts from the Forum:

Ch1- The conversation from RM and myself...

Indie Tlc Cullen- Miss Rie has given us so much just within this one chapter, I am by far entranced and intrigued by this story. The research put in for this and then to take that along with intertwining her own tale with anothers and for me it seems to be done flawlessly just blows me away. Like I said before it was hard to pick an excerpt from this, but Eliza's and Edward's first encounter seemed just right... Her whole backstory within this chapter, I am just pretty much sitting here in utter awe...

Rowan Moon- Eliza is truly a lionheart. This story between Edward's parents is simply gorgeous and you won't see anything like it in the fandom. This fic is a true gem.

Indie Tlc Cullen-It could definitely stand on it's own RM. I have never read something so well detailed and thoroughly fleshed out for his parents. Still in chapter 2... I am beginning to think I am the worlds slowest reader moving at a snails pace or perhaps a sloth... Can't decide which moves slower.

Rowan Moon- It's meant to be savored! I have 3 chapters left myself!

Indie Tlc Cullen- Oh believe me I know it's meant to be savored but I think I do read at a sloth or snails pace... I also end up rereading as I am going along too ;)

Ch. 3-Indie Tlc Cullen- Rie again gives us so much this chapter. I didn't know exactly what to choose, whether how Carlisle was changed, his reasons for choosing an alternate diet or why he became a doctor to only come face to face with Eliza... So much... Beautifully written and yes Rie I am left with chills and wiping the tears from my eyes and cheeks... Even Hubmett asked me why I was reacting so...

Indie Tlc Cullen- I must say through half this chapter though I kept picturing that one picture of Carlisle sitting in his 1700s outfit in that chair that was probably taken in the Volturi throne room set with that smug look on his face... If I could post the pic from my phone I would but I have yet to figure out how to do that...

Ch4-Even as human he was the introvert... Sorely misunderstood by those around him... His own values and morals running so deep... His self discovery to turn into one of a brilliant hallucination... I am left breathless and pondering what is next...

Ch5-Esme's tale is one of tragic woe... The horrors she has lived through and seen but she still had strength and hope on her side. I could not begin to fathom the things she survived... For Esme is a SURVIVOR. Doctor Carlisle Cullen is her light out of the very depths of Hell. This one was a hard one to get through and I had to stop for my tears were making me too blind to see the words on the screen...

Ch6-Seeing the aftermath of their change and the budding relationships they are forming makes me feel all warm and squishy inside. Tidbits of relief after such emotional upheaval. So much thought put into everystep of their journey, from the growing respect of both father and son to battling what role to play in Esmes life, the desire and longing for something more but so unsure. To finally giving in with laughter and undeniable love ringing from the bathroom walls ;)

Ch7-The halfway mark of this journey. I know two postings for this chapter but there is a lot there and time moving forward fast now. Such torture for our Edward... Poor guy can never get a break... Ok perhaps that's over simplifying the journey. Rie writes him in true canon form with her own twist, and dare I say perhaps better than the original. You feel his longing, his desire, his pain for his “one” and then hope and joy when his figment becomes reality only to be smacked in the face again, but true to form Edward persists and overcomes because his love shall not fail, he will NOT fail in the ultimate test.

Ok so I may have gotten carried away there, but time and time again Rie’s words have sucked me into this tale, with more power than a Dyson vacuum could ever dream for…

Ch8-So much wrapped into one chapter... Little tidbits and whisperings of what shall come to past. Bella, even as a little girl, knowing what future is coming to her. Bits of typical teenage actions, I am left wondering how they never got kicked out of class because that much PDA would have you in at least detention if not suspension ;). All things are set in motion are coming into play...

Ch 9-I really loved Renee as the free bird, but even she had conflicting emotions, be true to herself with her need to be free or to evolve into the women she was meant to be. And to put simply you made Charlie one hot DILF…I trust me I usually don’t go for older guys, hence why my husband is almost 2 years younger, but yeah you went there and I would willingly follow.

The rest is the budding of the kind of love that supersedes time and space. The kind each and every one of us hopes to find, even the bitter and the jaded. Their relationship brings me to my knees, face to the floor just praying for everything for them. I was on the edge of my bed furiously reading simply absorbing, with the door locked and my shooting range ear plugs in from chapters 10 to 13. Edward’s death and rebirth…was an experience to read…the emotions and the actions and discovery taking place all at the same time…gah women!

I don’t remember when it was or where it was but the whole time it felt like something familiar to me. When I got to the end, I realized I had heard the story of YwA and LwD before because I knew the end of the fairytale. I really fucking loved how you tied it into your story. I know some have used songs or poems or even quotes for their stories but you took a whole fairytale and brought it into the Twiverse. Something I have yet to see. This WILL be a story that I will read again and perhaps print it out to read when I can’t even access the internet.

Thank You.

Much Love and Adoration-

Theresa aka Indie TLC Cullen

FFA Anon Officer Dark Indie
Anisah Pinky chapter 11 . 1/25/2011
ok help me out. In this chapter...edward is with bella, they are not doing before bella. ...can you just tell me whats going on in this chapter?

Better yet i will come back when im not 1/2 sleep lol
Jay's World chapter 3 . 1/25/2011
Chills, shrills, yearing for more. I am off to sin again, for surely indulging in your worlds is the Devil's game to rein me in?


Jay's World chapter 1 . 1/25/2011
Miss Rie, you've enthralled me yet again.

My apologise for not having a read before, but...there is no excuse.


RowanMoon chapter 10 . 1/25/2011
You never fail to impress with your cunning, creative way of manipulating language to move the heart...stir the soul.

This passage really stood out for me. The painting scene was so incredibly sensual and sultry; his restraint, release, her lack of fear. They are so full of love it's cataclysmic.

"I never moved my hands from their ironside hold under the bed's edges.

Straining, I held still, desire a creeping masquerade over my face and frigid shivers down my body as she drove circles of Circean, circadian succubus sex around and on top and over my shaft, warm washcloth dampening the sheets at our side, her sex moistening the pistil thrust of me inside.

I hungered and growled and pained and she painted again with her hips and waist and tits bouncing, but I wouldn't break my bonds, I'd bite through my tongue and fist through the frame and rape the covers with my toes and push out pillows with my head, but I'd hold still and let her… let her… let her have me."

Another beautiful slice of your talent, and not just for the fancy flow and placement of words - there is wisdom seeded here;

"At the end all the colors blended together until all that was primary became one melded flesh and a permanence of soul seeking to break the universe's boundaries."

You made me cry twice in this chapter. The first time was the chat with Charlie. The second time - well, the box Bella gave to him that was his great grandmother's. Dear lord. You are not just pulling on my heartstrings, you are knotting them up!

Bella's blood being incompatible with Edward's venom - grain of truth to the legend of the Higgins being harbringers of death mayhaps? Is she his anti-venom?



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