Reviews for Strength
JBubbles chapter 47 . 7/31
Aaaaaw. I'm not crying! Not really! But this was soooo superb! Congratulations on your writing, the amazing intricate plot and, really, the conclusion of what is strength, life and death.

I adore seeing any emails telling me about an update or new story from you.

Take care! 3
TruGemini chapter 47 . 7/31
You know what, that ending truly wrapped up the true definition of Strength. It was a sad, yet happy ending. Flawless ending my dear. Congratulation on finishing another work. I do hope you plan on writing more. Your stories are wonderful.
Shadowhawk chapter 47 . 7/31
I enjoyed it greatly...I always wondered how they both would die together like death said they would when he comes to get them. Thank you for all your wonderful and amazing wishes and regards. (*_*)
Sonnenfrost chapter 47 . 7/31
Hello sunhawk, while I understand your wish to write this chapter it doesn't exactly fit here:
this is no end - it is a new beginning! It would be great as a New story with this chapter as a prologue. It could be about some left behind demon friends...or perhaps revenge of those demons who must think the worst about their Families' fates.

The chapter is well written though I would have liked it if the demons left on Earth would blow up every space center in retribution. Perhaps I am petty, but I do enjoy just vengance.
What I do not like are your chosen times: it should be World War 3 or 4 and a little further into time. Death said their death would be far into the future, but for demons it doesn't seem that far.

I hope my review is not criticing. It is a great beginning and I enjoyed your ideas.
Mashkai30 chapter 47 . 7/30
I am both happy to see the ending and yet sad to see it at the same time. It was an amazing story! Thank you for sharing )
dawn chase chapter 47 . 7/30
Well, looks like Sesshomaru is going to have his hands full keeping Inuyasha's attention in the afterlife, especially with death courting him! LOL
inuedolove chapter 47 . 7/29
Wow, Im speechless, you surelly fullfilled deaths promise.

Really like the idea that Sess and Inu will be together forever :-) :3.

Nice touch with the twin sisters for yuusha ;-)
Nikkie23534 chapter 47 . 7/29
Damn humans! They can never leave things be! So sad, and yet Sesshomaru and InuYasha have saved generations to come. That's what makes for legendary heroes! Awesome story!

B reading U!
dela1 chapter 47 . 7/29
A really great story with a beautiful end thank you
mabidiso chapter 47 . 7/29
In some ways this end is utterly fitting. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru fought hard for their family and for each other. There is no such thing as surrender for them, no giving up or laying down. So for them to sacrifice themselves so their children can continue their legacy, it's only fitting. They did as Inu no Taisho had done. They proved they are his sons in every way. In any case, that you should post this update is quite a coincidence because I just visited your profile page earlier today.
solitare1 chapter 47 . 7/29
I knew you could do it you did a fine job on the end of this story hope to hear something else from you thank you.
Guest chapter 47 . 7/29
Sort of strange ending chapter but not in a bad way. I like it.
K chapter 47 . 7/29
Honestly I hated this because of the incest, without it maybe I would have enjoyed.
Winter235 chapter 47 . 7/29
I've missed you so much. This ending is so very poignant , so perfect. Thank-you, thank-you for posting.
mykkila09 chapter 47 . 7/29
i...i don't even know where to start. i have enjoyed this story from start to finish and i have to say, with the way our Inus were written, this end was just perfect for them. on one hand, of course it would've been awesome for the children to see Taisho and Izayoi waiting along with Death for Inu and Sessh, but then on the other hand, this was just perfection...i loved this story and i do hope you'll write more InuYasha fanfics (with Inu/Sessh as the main pairing of course ;) )
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