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SeaTurtle77 chapter 99 . 12/1
Noooooo! It just... ended there. Update soon!
ElerrinaA chapter 99 . 11/18
When this chapter went up I read it right away, but I was in the midst of moving countries and never got round to writing a review. So, since I've been coming back weekly wanting the next chapter and reading every new review as a poor consolation prize, I figured I ought to do my part and write a review myself... :)

First: the climax and resolution of the Khurshid plotline was perfect. Tense, realistic, and satisfying. Your writing and your character analysis just keep getting better and better. I also felt like the Calormene siblings arc was well done. I never know how to feel when new characters appear so late in the game, but I appreciated that you didn't write Aravis as INTERESTED in the brother, especially now that she knows how she feels about Cor.

I like reading about the moments of daily life in the castle where Aravis is conducting business and managing its affairs. Beyond simply the "want to know" attitude of the reader, it shows how much Aravis WORKS for the crown and gives herself to it. I gain more respect for her attitude and her skills when she is using them for others, and it's such a nice change from the selfish and whiny Aravis we sometimes encountered during the FY.

Note: I don't want to paint Aravis as suddenly "reformed" or "in need of reform," because A) She obviously went through incredible trauma during the FY that must have contributed to some of her words and actions on the road; and because B) she was clearly carrying out these responsibilities before they left the castle a year ago. So it's not so much that Aravis has changed (though perhaps that's part of it), but that the reader is seeing a new aspect to her (a new expression of her hard work and loyalty) which deepens our respect for her.

A poignant line, that shows so much of the journey Aravis has been on and her current place on that map: "She hadn't really wanted him to court Jahanti, as lovely as the woman was, and she wanted to scream with frustration at her own bad behavior that had driven him to do so. This was no way to live, constantly tugged between affection and adamant rejection and dragging him along on the painful ride." Absolutely beautiful!

And, to end on a sappy comment, Cor is so good to let her go - he shows her so much respect! I feel like he could be a poster boy for HeForShe. :D I want Aravis to go less than anyone, and part of me is desperately afraid you'll veer from the canon and keep them apart (which shows the skill of your writing), but how GOOD of him to let her go. He fought for her before, which was hard, but now he's accepting her choice, which is harder.
Guest chapter 99 . 11/17
It's been six -almost 7- years since you started this. Wow! that's amazing. I really admire the fact that you've stuck with it. But could you please maybe give us one more update before the end of 2016? I know that you're super busy, and if you can't, then I totally understand. But I love this story and it would make me really happy if i could maybe get some more before the end of the year.
Guest chapter 99 . 11/14
Can't wait for the next chapter!
Lilly Talons chapter 99 . 10/27
I've been reading this for the last week and I love it and I can't wait to see how it ends, good job with the story
Bri96 chapter 70 . 8/4
I've been reading this for about 9 hours straight and my heart just 's like a knot has been in the bottom of my throat. I've cried multiple times and I can't tell if I love or hate this story because I'm so distraught over all the bad things that have happened. I like the character development and the way you don't outright say everything. It feels organic and allows the reader to come to their own conclusions. However, I don't like the way characters kind of come in and out of the story once they've served their purpose. For example, as far as I can tell, once Darrin and Aravis "broke it off" there was very little closure in it in my opinion and Darrin once again became more of this background character.

I want Cor and Aravis to be together so badly, and I'm not sure how much more of this torture I can take. Especially since I may have skipped to the latest chapter and seen they are still not together. I need closure and the happiness only Cor and Aravis together in a romantic loving embrace can bring. Please be a happy update.
GeekyGenius chapter 99 . 8/2
I absolutely adored this chapter, the only downside to it being so long is that it's difficult to type on my iPad and can't say nearly all that I want to about everything in this chapter. I really like how you finalised Aravis' hurt and everything. The noblemen in the council chamber was really awesome. But my favourite part would have to be the room of kittens and Little Mews. The Calormen siblings are really lovely and I hope they stick round a bit, even if they don't end up marrying Cor or Aravis.

Corin was nice in this chapter, I love how he 'eloquently' says fuck when Aravis starts crying XD Pretty much once again this chapter was golden :)))

Also side note: Next chapter is chapter 100! I can barely believe this story has been going on for so long! It is definitely one of my all-time-favourite fics, and my face lights up whenever I see an update has been posted :D good luck with moving and I'll be waiting patiently for the next leg of Aravis and Cor's journey
Guest chapter 99 . 7/30
Thanks for the long chapter. Next makes a hundred! 100 amazing chapters. Thanks for writing them, by the way. And upward and onward! I loved that you included that.
x chapter 99 . 7/30
A lovely, lovely chapter, as usual! :)

I have to say though, every time I get an e-mail update on this story I get so so excited for this tension between Cor and Aravis to snap and YET NOTHING BUT ARAVIS CONTINUING TO PUSH DOWN HER ATTRACTION TO HIM! It's heartbreaking, but I trust the end recollection between them will be worth the torture. I have high hopes, friend!
randomlazyperson chapter 1 . 7/29
PS I noticed just now that I misspelled Aravis! I'm sorry!
randomlazyperson chapter 99 . 7/29
Hi, I just discovered your story, and I must say that I.. inhaled it, for the lack of better word. I love the details and how you thoroughly researched everything (though, I get the feeling that you do know this stuff because you have a Masters in History... right?) It took you six years to write this, I know that life gets in the way, but honestly, please don't stop writing! Or at least conclude the story first :)

Your Avaris reminds me of Emma, from Jane Austen book? She's not likeable at times, there are moments when I just want to knock her head for being a noble idiot, there are times when I just want to scream that denial won't get her too far, times when I admire her courage, resilience, cleverness, and well, being a human. You made her a human being, and I am grateful for that. I've read a lot of Narnian Fanfictions, and most of the time, the heroines there are Mary Sues, or Manic Pixie Dream girls, that it gets boring. Yes, Avaris is pretty, clever, skilled, but she's also bullheaded, selfish, idiot, friendly, and ... human. That's the highest compliment I could give a fictional character. She's a human being even if she's just a character in a fanfiction story.

And Cor, can I say that he's up there with Ed Pevensie as one of my top ten favorite fictional hero? haha. I love the tension in the story, even though we know that they do ended up together and raised a great king (I love that tidbit, about Cor wanting to raise a great king, and he did!), there are suspense, plot twist, enough to make one think if you would end them up together (I'm sure you will, based on the summary of the story :D). I love it.

Hmmm, how many chapters are you planning to write? Please don't do an epilogue where they jut met again and decided that they do love each other, and then the next scene is a wedding. I love that your story has the emotional details, on how Avaris arrives on each of her decisions, and I'll love to read on how she will realize that she is Cor's queen, and how will they move forward, because marrying a king is not a simple matter right?

And your other characters! Janey makes me laugh, Hana reminds me of Hannah Abbot from Harry Potter, but I love Ram. I love the maturity he brings, and how he acts sort of like a mentor/guardian/adviser/big brother of Avaris. What's in store for him?

Oh, another question. How will you wrap up the Finii rebels?

hahaha, I've got too many question, and it's not like I usually posts review. I only give ones to those I really, really like (or stories I lose sleep over because I'm hooked and I don't care if it's already 4 in the morning and I'm still reading). Do you even count this as a review?

Anyway, that's about it. Hope that you post soon, or if you do, please post a long chapter. Your story is very very very good. It could be a standalone novel if Lewis's estate could grant you permission to use the characters. :)
chicagochi4183 chapter 99 . 7/27
Sometimes I literally want to slap Aravis.
Belfast Docks chapter 99 . 7/27
I am still reading this story with much enthusiasm and I apologize that I did not have a chance to review the previous chapter - too much work and school, not enough time! I am very much wondering when Aravis and Cor will stop being so bullheaded, LOL! And I have missed seeing Inga, Hana, and Corin. It was nice to see Corin at the end here. I thoroughly enjoyed the scene in the King's Privy Council. Eagerly anticipating the next installment.
InkWeaverabc chapter 99 . 7/26
I absolutely adore the historical stuff, no worries about that - and I loved all this chapter - the dinner party, the council meeting, Corin, the conclusion... remaining consistantly and constantly frustrated by Aravis' inability to recognise that she IS going to marry Cor because the story demands it so they might as well be kissing now...
How long, do you think, until you conclude? I am sure you have answered this question before but I can't remember, I'm sorry...
Good luck with your move!
natida chapter 99 . 7/26
The amount of effort and research you put into this story never ceases to amaze me. Everything here is so vivid it almost hurts... I love that Aravis is slowly coming to feel inner peace, and the tension between her and Cor is KILLING ME! He's become so incredibly attractive. I loved the section with Corin, too... and Aravis standing up for the rights of women. You're really an example to us writers when it comes to research, though. Whoever said fanfic writers don't take their work seriously? Thank you so much for the update, I'm soo excited for more!
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