Reviews for The Fledgling Year
Quihi chapter 102 . 8/15
Aravis and Cor need to stop being ridiculous and admit their feelings for each other. Great chapter! I like all the different characters and you write them very well that I can actually distinguish between and keep track of them all. Good writing!
OMG chapter 102 . 8/12
Argh, Aravis! Just admit that you actually like Cor already!
Guest chapter 102 . 8/7
Sorry for being impatient, but please up date soon! I have to know what happens next!
simplyred1 chapter 102 . 7/10
I need to catch up! Please finish this :)) also make cor and Aravis have lots of babies I know it's un canon but pleaseeee ok
7years going chapter 102 . 7/10
Girl I keep checking every week for a new update. Please don't do another one of your long hiatus. I NEED THIS STORY! I've re read it at least 5 times to keep myself from getting frustrated with the wait lol. Such a crafty writer you are :D don't ever give up!
SapphireDragon4437 chapter 33 . 5/29
This story has been going on for SEVEN YEARS?! Holy shit, that's dedication!
astrophilae chapter 1 . 5/17
please tell me you aren't deadthis story is amazing af and i am ready for the next update
jelly chapter 102 . 5/12
Poor Aravis! :( I feel so terrible for her... but yet again if she had only MARRIED COR!
Maddie chapter 102 . 5/12
Please update! I have to know what happens next!
Guest chapter 102 . 4/17
Don't bother my name but you need to finish this story and also I'm confused about if Zara is likes Cor and vice versa. Just let me know cuz I'm really confused on the whole situation. Also I think Cor goes well with Aravis and that Aravis is a perfect balance to everything that is Cor.
astrophilae chapter 102 . 4/9
this is honnstly one of the greatest written works on FF. I had my doubts before starting, since I usually cling to works previously completed so I would not be stuck at an end that never actually occurs. You could not believe my relief in the fact this story was updated recentlyI cannot wait for the coming resolution! again, lovely characterization, captivating plotline, and absolutely amazing as a whole.
WindChimePheonix chapter 102 . 3/27
Oh this fic is beautiful! I spent days reading it and I love it. It's so well written, unpredictable, funny, suspenseful, and just all around fantastic. Please continue writing it! I have a suggestion: something dramatic af needs to happen, pronto. Aravis or Cor has to be kidnapped or something, so that Aravis can realize she loves Cor, and damn the consequences! This is one of the most amazing fics I've come across, please I need a lovey resolution (that's still realistic)
Schmo and Sushi chapter 102 . 3/5
shieldmaidenoftherohirrim chapter 102 . 3/3
Oh Aravis! Stop being so frightened and tell hiiiiim
ElerrinaA chapter 102 . 3/3
Another update! I'm deliriously happy to think we're getting closer to resolution!

I loved the writing, as always, and I like how you wove the plot momentum into the narrative threads. You've given us STORY and fun moments, but the story is moving along. The Sittinghams and Cor's pronouncement are moving things forward. And Aravis' conversations with Ethelind and Jahanti are simultaneously allowing us to hear her thoughts (THANK YOU! I love finally getting a glimpse into her reasoning) and allowing her to hear how odd they sound to others. Her reasons are reasonable and laughable at the same time, which I suppose is why they're so real.

The last chapter made me genuinely believe that this story could turn un-canon with a separation between Cor and Aravis, but this chapter gives me hope that we'll get that happy ending! (Incidentally, that's how you know good storytelling: we know the ending but really believe it might not come! I keep reassuring myself with the fact that the story description still says "canon compliant"! ;))
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