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Mariagoner chapter 25 . 5/18
Honestly, I was kind of happy to have Aravis give Hana the sharp edge of her tongue. Hana's sweet and all but MY GOD does she pry so much! Sort of sweet to the point of being saccharine, that one.
Belfast Docks chapter 89 . 5/6
I'm so sorry for such a late review. I quit my job and things have been insanely hectic as I'm preparing to go back to school. And this chapter was really emotional for me. Yes. I cried. I will admit it. I think it's great that people in the city are vying for Aravis to marry Cor, but I cried when she got to Lune. I can't wait to see what happens next. I'm sorry you lost Snowball (great name for a laptop, lol) and I hope your Crohn's doesn't flare up again any time soon. : )
engineerwenlock chapter 89 . 4/29
First of all, I love this story. It kept me up until four in the morning when I wasn't feeling well, because I had to keep reading. I would look at the clock, say, "I'll just finish the chapter," then three chapters later, I'd rub my eyes, look up at the clock and keep reading.

That being said, there comes a point where an author can cross the line in terms of leaving a reader in suspense. Especially in a case like this, where anyone who's read the book knows the outcome, and everyone but Aravis can see it in your story, you're walking dangerously close to that line. Good suspense is agonizing (in a delightful way) and can do what your story has done for me thus far and make a reader unable to put the story down. Bad suspense just becomes annoying, especially when it is repetitive - the same question being agonized over and over again with the same results, but we know that in the end, the answer will change.

I love your interpretation of Aravis. She is intelligent, witty, strong and imperfect. Yet lately, I've just wanted to smack her upside the head and tell her to stop being an idiot! Even worse, her idiocy is beginning to be out of character. I know she's been through a lot in the past year, but someone needs to slap some sense into her and make her realize she loves Cor. This is ridiculous!
GoTeamSkipper chapter 89 . 4/23
Happy Birthday! At least your birthday isn't on a weekday.
During these last two chapters I have been dreading every word because I know this story is coming to a close. It's not that I don't like the chapters, no, quite the opposite, but I just never want the amazing fledging year to ever come to an end. I had such feels as they came back into Anvard, and you wrote Aravis's confusion and anger perfectly! They are home at last, but is it still the home they once knew? They have different outlooks on life after that fledging year, I am sure.
I am eager for the conclusion to this story, though I speculate we still have several chapters. I wonder if we will get one last interaction with the Finii (which would be exciting... hint hint), how Aravis and Cor will finally get hitched, and goodness I am just a bundle of wondering. Don't forget, Aravis bet Cor that he'd marry some girl with a hideous name that I cannot recall.

Much luck with life! As always, eager for the next chapter. Well done!
Quiet Hiker chapter 89 . 4/22
Happy birthday!

Wonderful chapter.
Guest chapter 89 . 4/21
Brills! Of course, school comes first. But after: please, more!
L.A.H.H chapter 89 . 4/20
Excellent chapter! Thanks for writing
The Hobbit's Rhapsody chapter 89 . 4/17
I've felt for awhile that Aravis is way past just being in denial about her feelings and is having a full-blown identity crisis, and this chapter definitely cemented that for me. Her overwhelming sense of dread, familiarity, anger, guilt (that line where she suddenly realizes she never thought to teach Findora any court etiquette made me wince), tension—just not knowing how to react to being home, not being sure that Anvard can be home for her again—was really powerful. It's enabled me to have more sympathy where I was starting to be annoyed with her. I'm hoping this will be a catalyst for her to finally come to grips with everything. And there are still quite a few plot threads that need to be played out, if my memory is serving correctly—she can't give out on us yet. I'm hoping there's still a little ways to go even though the "fledgling year" is technically over now.

Also, just have to say that I'm actually really happy to see Corin again (even if Aravis is mad at him). I have a lot of affection for his character that I always kind of forget about until he pops up and does something only Corin would do. Plus, I haven't forgotten about his and Hana's arc. I've been rooting for them for like sixty chapters, so I at least hope they can return to amiable terms.

I'll look forward to the next chapter! Thank you for trooping on in spite of all your difficulties. (I know well the travails of ancient MacBooks.) You rock.
Aki no Ryu chapter 89 . 4/17
There were quite a few places here that almost had me crying. Cor saying he wished Aravis wound find someone who loved her more than he did, Aravis saying Cor had given her her name back, Aravis' observation that he left a prince and returned a king, and definitely, King Lune's reception and physical appearance. He 'fought' an entirely different fledgling year of his own. It's easy to overlook that just because he was left in the safety of Anvard, that the year would not have taken a toll on him. Clearly, it has.
I sincerely hope now that Aravis is back, that she'll get to sort through her feelings and thoughts. I think once she has her 'interview' with the King, he'll be able to help her a lot. BTW, I hope someone could point out that her killing Khurshid was later instrumental down the road since if she were kept back at Zhora, she would not have been able to save the Prince from the dragons... Also, she seems to overlook that K was a rebel, he could have killed Cor, in fact, wasn't he being paid to do just that? I can't recall... Just thoughts on that...
I'm sorry about your Crohn's. I applaud you for still being able to spin out such a good story with everything that's going on!
Happy birthday! Mine was on the 16th! :) Yey, April babies!
Le Faucon Bleu chapter 89 . 4/17
If your goal in this chapter was to make me feel all of Aravis' dread and tension, and to not even be able to relax and enjoy the reading (while thoroughly loving it), then you have succeeded. For the first time in a while I feel that I have absolutely no idea where things are heading and what may lay around the corner for the hero and heroine. Dragons? Finii? Politics? Even though they've returned to the safety of the capitol, somehow it seems as if they will be more in danger (physically and emotionally) than ever.
It's wonderful to have Corin back in the picture. His character flaws don't overshadow his intelligence, and I'm hopeful that his PR campaign on Aravis' behalf was both intentional and purposeful. I'm also looking forward to the role Aravis takes with the girls - I assume she will continue to be their de-facto leader, and even more so now, and she seems to do best when she has some power and control.
And finally, happy birthday!
Thanks for writing!
Guest chapter 89 . 4/16
Also, I forgot to say that I love the fact that Lune included Aravis as one of his children. It's a small thing, but honestly, some of my favorite parts of this book are the moments when we get a glimpse at the "family life" of Anvard - and specifically the family that Aravis is welcomed into. With all of the agony and feelings of displacement and lack of a home (she's basically a refugee, if you think about it), it's so heartwarming to see the moments where Lune affirms that she HAS a home, with THEM. She IS home in Anvard, and I hope that begins to sink in.

Reflecting on this further, I wonder if part of the reason Aravis is resisting a relationship with Cor is her lack of stability and lack of home. She doesn't feel like she belongs in Anvard, and she doesn't feel like she belongs in Calormen either. She feels slightly out of place wherever she is, and so perhaps that longing to feel at home pushes her to keep looking for someone or somewhere else to be with. Because she doesn't FEEL at home in Anvard, she assumes that it must not BE home or that Lune and the court won't accept that it's her home. I imagine her to be a bit of a third culture kid (TCK) going through the struggles of longing for home while simultaneously running from the commitment that comes with naming a place as "home." And home, for her, of course, is both a place and a person.
Guest chapter 89 . 4/16
I'm so glad they're finally back home in Anvard! It took me a minute to realize what Corin meant about "they heard about the girls," but when I figured it out I was romantically happy that he'd given Aravis a chance at Cor in the public's eye, even though I'm sure it'll be agony for everyone for a while. And it was so in character for Corin, too, I think it fits the narrative thread well.

I really liked Aravis' sorrow and humility. Although it's emotionally no fun for the character we love to be broken (because of course we're a little broken along with her), I think it's so important in terms of character development for her to hit rock bottom in order to get the epiphany and transformation. I'm glad that she realized that she had not been preparing the women the way she should have been. Although I'd forgotten about that myself, it is so important that she come face to face with her mistakes. Only in contrast with the shame of wrongdoings do we relish the cool breeze of grace.
natida chapter 89 . 4/16
Oh my god if you kill Lune I might actually cry. The whole last trek up to the palace was heartwrenching and overwhelming and I love how much pressure you were able to convey through your descriptions. Poor everyone. I hope Aravis helps the girls and becomes a bit less self-centered...

And I see what you did there with Janey's name :P

Happy (early) birthday! :D
BlueMoonsAndTooSoons chapter 89 . 4/16
I must admit I am getting sick of Aravis continuously deluding herself and the emotional trauma always messing with her ability to see what is in front of her. I expect the ending will be all the more satisfying because of it, but still. She's at last at a position I can not relate to as far as emotional distance. Love how believable all her emotions are though and how real she feels. I don't want the story to end because I feel like my relationship with her is going to end too.
SexySade chapter 89 . 4/16
Was I supposed to feel totally depressed after reading that, because that's what I felt. I never imagined after 89 chapters Aravis would still be in denial about her feelings. Bitter sweet return really after a bitter sweet year. I feel like the story is so close to ending that by the time they are finally an official couple I won't really have time to enjoy it, sighh. Ah well. And poor King Lune I hope he lives long enough to see his grandson! I am really, really interested now to see what the turning point will be for Aravis.

Hope to see another update soon!
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