Reviews for Bad Romance
Guest chapter 15 . 8/26
Rest in fuckin peace
Titania1796 chapter 14 . 8/10
When you update again I go time waiting. Already I want that Sasuke and Kakashi appear in the stadium. That I spend with Kushina because it did not appear when Naruko entered his mind on having seen the Kyuubi. Naruko will be able to take from him the brand of Sasuke's curse.
foxchick1 chapter 15 . 7/8
This story is awesome
Venom chapter 15 . 6/30
Can you pls wirte your venom and naruto again. It was so nice and i want to read more.
roseprincess962 chapter 15 . 6/29
Please don't abandoned this story. Please update it. Please!
Unknown chapter 15 . 6/29
Please continue I wanna see Neji's ass beinging handed to me
promethea chapter 15 . 6/28
Please, update soon, too good for this long hiatus...
Guest chapter 1 . 6/27
So like... this is basically canon with a female Naruto who is slightly stronger than male Naruto but still a loudmouth...
Why is there a Marvel reference in this story? I mean ok if you want to make it so that Marvel exists in the Naruto universe ok, but just out of the blue like that doesn't make much sense.
Overall a big disappointment, I was hoping for a unique story and not an almost exact copy of Masashi Kishimoto's work. You do get plus points though for not butchering Sakura's and Sasuke's personality like many other authors do in these kinds of fics. Next time either skip the canon parts or summarize to make it shorter, otherwise we're just wasting our time reading something that isn't even your idea.
Guest chapter 15 . 6/15
Why did it end like that
Kaede Kayano chapter 15 . 5/28
Neeeeed more plz update even tho its been so long i luv Naruko soooo freakin much
Ninja99 chapter 15 . 5/23
NOOOOOO! this is the best damn thing ive read in like the past eighty fucking weeks. i need this like i need air. can you please continue updating?! i will bribe you with some fanart. no joke, im actually a pretty decent artist (and was planning on majoring in it but switched to music) and i will draw you some bomb ass fucking fan art. dont look at my dA acct, that was old af nd my new art is 100000% better. BUT SERIOUSLY I LOVE THIS SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH
PikaGirlPurpleUmbreon4Ever chapter 15 . 5/2
Please tell me your gonna update this story soon i really enjoy it
Azura Soul Reaver chapter 15 . 4/16
This is a great story! I hope you update sometime!
Anime Princess chapter 15 . 3/30
WOW! I can't wait to see how people react to all that she has learned! Will Sasuke be there soon? What about her new outfit? How do people react to it? Will Neji get a nosebleed? I can't wait to read more! UPDATE! ASAP!
Anime Princess chapter 12 . 3/30
This is getting interesting. I HOPE Sasuke can fight off Orochimaru's acidic evil spirit and stay in Konoha!
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