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annelisrivera2013 chapter 29 . 5/23
Don't listen to the short, impatient and angry little one liner ppl throw in the reviews section. I can sympathize with them tho. I realize that there are lives to be lived, and I appreciate your amazing writing, but please spare us the misery and cut this story short if you must. End it now or finally update regualarly and finish it but this limbo is painfully endless. I have been following this story for almost 7 years. It isn't fair to us as much as mean comments may not be fair to you. When you share your art, there is a certain level of responsibility one has in their arts impact and its relationship with those who appreciate it. As an artist I understand this. It is time to make a decision, please. This is unfair and it has frankly been a near irredeemable amount of time to wait. I wish you the best and hope to hear from you soon. Cheers
ally129a chapter 29 . 5/22
ctcdarling chapter 8 . 5/1
So. Crazy. Good. I can't get over this fanfic. In my top handful of stories ever
EMME25 chapter 29 . 4/27
Update please.
LovingTruth chapter 28 . 4/16
This is wonderful! A great chapter. I always really enjoy the introspective insight of Bella's and Edward's thoughts that are so unselfish in their love for each other. That is always so very beautiful! But in this chapter I also especially liked your therapist's very wise insight and observations. (Especially the paragraph about the fact "That resolution lay in awareness and empowerment.") Very nicely done! She's definitely a credit to her profession (and her clients!).

I am a not-yet-published fanfiction author (planning only to publish when my story is finished, so I'm only an author behind the scenes yet), with a situational Twilight story theme not so different from your own. Very much involving the unselfishly-loving-yet-harrowing experience of jointly healing from personal tragedy. Anyway, other than wanting to note that various aspects of perspective your story offers have been very helpful towards my own (so thank you!), I wanted to say that I'll be sticking around fanfiction for a while yet - at least for as long as it takes to post my own (which writing began 4.5 years ago, and I still have a third yet to go; so I understand how long it takes and difficult it can be to write on deeply felt topics).

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you... and I'm very much looking forward to what comes next! You've been doing a wonderful job; please keep it up! :)

Sweetie7smiled chapter 26 . 4/15
I'm really enjoying reading your story - with how much heart was clearly put in to writing it. It's very well done, and I very much look forward to whatever is coming up. Thank you for taking the time and effort to make it happen! Best wishes always.
Sweetie7smiled chapter 11 . 4/12
This is such a very well written story; so sad, but respectful and well done. Thank you.

One thing I don't understand, though: Why would Bella's future be so fuzzy to Alice? As much as you've assured us that it will not be the case, it seems a strong symptom for the likelihood of pregnancy. Because: what else would cause her future to still be so fuzzy? Now that she knows that Edward knows, and that Jacob has run: no matter how much she continues to doubt herself in the aftermath, since it is a given that Edward is going to stay... wouldn't that clear up her future to Alice? Just trying to figure this out.

Thanks again for such a well written story. My best wishes to you.
Coffeefilterart chapter 29 . 1/23
I am continually amazed by the beauty of your writing. Your words are so powerful and one can almost feel the emotions of the characters. Bella and Edward are such a fantastic couple as they work together to fight against the horrors she endured. I sincerely hope one day you finish this story. It's important both as an insightful look into B/E's relationship and also for sexual assault awareness and its repercussions.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 29 . 1/21
I'm glad Edward got those concerns off his chest and that Bella was able to get him to trust himself again with her. I look forward to your next update.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/2
Ahhhhh always checking with the hope of an update only to be left with nothing
Guest chapter 29 . 9/30/2016
This is long should we wait!
Dracenxamethyst chapter 29 . 8/27/2016
This is the best story I have ever read. I wsh you updated this story it's been almost 3yrs I guess. I love this couple so much in this story. Please don't give up on this fic.
Guest chapter 10 . 8/2/2016
Cool story
Guest chapter 29 . 7/26/2016
Just read your authors note, I'll wait then! I'd love another night meadow scene, that scene was beautiful
Georgia chapter 29 . 7/26/2016
This is such a great story! You're a very good writer and you can see how much time and effort you've put into this, your ideas are really great (especially with Tanya!)
It's a shame you never finished and you may never read this review! I have only recently become a twilight fan, I started reading them in May and I'm obsessed ahaha. But, this story, despite not finished ends well! I can tell that edward is now fixed. I understand why you have never come back to this having a job and everything, but I'm not disappointed:)
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