Reviews for All the More Reason
Rose-de-Noire chapter 4 . 1/20/2011
This was just right.

Perfect and touching.
Gemini Artemis chapter 4 . 1/16/2010
This is another chapter that made me want to watch those last episodes of the anime series. I really enjoyed seeing pitiful, defeated Silver. XD I don't care if it was just an act; it was still so much fun. But when he went back to normal and began to provoke Gray, it was also very fun to read. I love that mention of √Čire, even though I've seen it before. Or maybe because I've seen it before. XD

Throughout this chapter, Jim broke my heart. It's just sad that he cares so much about Silver even though the man is a criminal who was supposedly going to be hanged.

I feel like I missed two awesome scenes: Silver and Gray's fight, and Silver's escape. You made them sound so interesting in the story! XD I think I also have an idea what happened, though, thanks to the hints you left. I'm extremely amused that Gray let Silver escape, even after all the caution he had had precisely so that that wouldn't happen. XD It also made me think that maybe you wrote Gray smarter than his canon self. It sounds like he really lowered his guard there. Or maybe Silver is just that good!

On a more serious note, I was also sad when I read some of Gray's scenes, because I know what's going to happen to him in the end. The last scene, especially, left me with a rather melancholic feeling.

Thank you for writing this fic. It was a great read even for someone who isn't too familiar with the series, and has in fact made me even more interested in watching it. :D
Gemini Artemis chapter 3 . 1/14/2010
Another great chapter! My favourite scene was the one in which Silver and Hunter are left alone and talk. For some reason, it was fascinating to see those two characters interact. Another very interesting scene was when Hunter and Gray had that argument. It's rather sad that Hunter seems to care more about Gray's life than Gray himself. I also can't help but wonder if he died for Ireland because he really cared about the country, or if he was just trying to prove himself. XD What a terrible thing to wonder about...

Oh, and I also really liked Gray's sort of acceptance about Silver and Jim's friendship, and the realisation that being abandoned by Silver would be a worst blow to Jim than seeing him hanged. That also makes me feel sorry for Jim, but Silver escaped, after all, so it's okay and I'm happy. XD
Gemini Artemis chapter 2 . 1/14/2010
Ooh, I really enjoyed this chapter, and I was sad when it ended! It was so interesting to see how unsettled Gray was by the things Silver did (or didn't do), and I also love the way you're portraying Hunter, who strikes me as a very reasonable, compassionate man. He seems to help balance out Gray's deep resentment and conflicts.

Incidentally, this chapter has made me eager to watch episode 23 so that I can see malaria!Silver in all his glory. XD I almost want to ask you to just skip the episodes in-between and sub 23 next. XD
Gemini Artemis chapter 1 . 1/11/2010
I haven't actually seen Hunter in the series yet (or, if I have, it was only in passing), but this chapter was enough to fill me in on what kind of character he is and what kind of relationship he has with Gray. It was really a surprise to me that these two could be friends, because, for some reason, I always had the impression that Gray was a "lone wolf" kind of guy. XD Not only due to his aloof demeanour, but also because I assumed there'd be some awkwardness about someone who's switched sides.

It's nice to see that he was eventually accepted as a loyal ally/friend, though. Gray still seems very conflicted about his past as a pirate, so it's good for him to have someone to reassure him in some way. Now I'm curious to see more of the interaction between Gray and Hunter in future chapters.