Reviews for Ever After
Prince Pondincherry chapter 22 . 9/14
Darn, part of me was hoping that Harry had actually explained things before the wedding, and it was just that nobody had thought to tell Ginny he was the real Earl Potter?
Wait, he did and they just wanted to be dramatic about it? WHY?
Prince Pondincherry chapter 19 . 9/14
Darn, I was hoping Ginny would rescue Hermione.
Really? Glass slippers? Although I love that it was all Luna's idea.
Okay, I guess Ginny tried, she was just a bit too slow and ineffective.
Prince Pondincherry chapter 17 . 9/14
I love how much you're dragging the Potter name through the mud. I know that sounds terrible, but it's hilarious. And Dudley's stag costume is such a disgrace to the dead!
Prince Pondincherry chapter 16 . 9/14
Yes, Harry, you were an idiot.
Prince Pondincherry chapter 15 . 9/14
After all that, and "Lily" forgot to do what she contacted them abou in he first place and tell them about Harry? Really? I mean, it's believable, but also INCREDIBLY frustrating!
Prince Pondincherry chapter 14 . 9/14
I'm calling it now, before the story is over Dumbledore will be Headmaster of Hogwarts, which the Royal family will set up to teach the commoner wizards and witches,
Prince Pondincherry chapter 13 . 9/14
I love how, just like the Harry Potter movies, there are hints of Harry/Hermione if you look at it the wrong way.
Prince Pondincherry chapter 11 . 9/14
Huh, I somehow guessed Dudley would pretend to be Harry but didn't realize that he was Ginny's suitor.
Prince Pondincherry chapter 10 . 9/14
I thought the dialogue worked quite well.
I bet the Dursleys are going to claim Dudley is Earl Potter. After all, who would know to argue?
natalieeannee chapter 24 . 7/1
I really enjoyed this mash up! I really enjoyed all the characters and their traits! (okay, maybe not all, I really enjoyed Hermione, Ginny, Harry, Ron!)

Thanks for writing
sbmcneil chapter 24 . 6/16
I do love the ending. I wish there had been a bit more Harry/Ginny, but overall it was really good!
sbmcneil chapter 11 . 6/15
Poor Ginny. What a horrific thing to contemplate - having to marry Dudley!
sbmcneil chapter 7 . 6/15
Ever After is one of my favorite movies, so I love this HP version. I'm not a huge Ron/Hermione fan, but it works here. I am a huge Harry/Ginny fan so I can't wait to their meeting.
Vortexswirl chapter 4 . 6/14
I am sorry, I really am. I tried to read beyond this point but this was unbelievable. I can understand loosing to strong opponents, but this was pathetic. So I am leaving now
Fire Zap chapter 5 . 6/9
Love the scene between Hermione and Ginny
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