Reviews for On the Case of the Altered Ex
Hazmatt chapter 19 . 10/1/2019
Great story! I really enjoyed it!
whoknows3 chapter 19 . 8/18/2019
This story was great!
Nightstar2244 chapter 19 . 11/20/2018
Loved this story I finished it last night in a few hours when I should have been sleeping but I couldn't stop reading because it was so well written! Really liked how this went, it was very entertaining, hope to find more stories by you
Anon.Y.Mouse chapter 4 . 5/24/2018
LMAO, I like Booth’s version of the Serenity prayer :-D
regbride12 chapter 19 . 8/20/2017
Sad it is over :(
Love the ending!
I feel sorry for Hacker but he never truly ever stood a chance.
Booth and Brennan forever baby! ;)
GREAT story!
regbride12 chapter 18 . 8/20/2017
That WAS anticlimatic ;)
Goooood action and suspense...uh oh so THAT was how they were arrested LOL
regbride12 chapter 17 . 8/20/2017
Ahhhhhh Brennan...Booth better be mad...AHHH our crazy girl!
regbride12 chapter 16 . 8/20/2017
regbride12 chapter 15 . 8/20/2017
Ohhhhhhhhh...moving to next chp!
regbride12 chapter 14 . 8/20/2017
I LOVE protective hot, as Brennan would say-alpha male all the way ;)

Booth will kill Hacker...
regbride12 chapter 13 . 8/20/2017
SO not gonna happen Hacker ;) no more room in Brennan's life or her heart for any other guy...Booth is it :')
regbride12 chapter 12 . 8/20/2017
Lol! Ahhh Sweets...why btw did he have to be killed off? :'( I know why JFD was doing other things but still...their baby duck :'(
regbride12 chapter 11 . 8/20/2017
I just LOVE them so freakin much...I love that Brennan recognizes that Booth truly is her one guy :)
regbride12 chapter 10 . 8/20/2017
Dreaming about Booth now eh? ;) go Brennan! Ugh if the 2 ONLY knew! Come on Booth and Brennan! ;)
regbride12 chapter 9 . 8/20/2017
No words LOL...awww sweet BandB ;) they are made for each other, mad about each other! ;)
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