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updater's anonymous chapter 12 . 11/26/2010
this is good, please update!
AttackoftheButterflies chapter 11 . 8/9/2010
A Starfire saga! And finally one where's she's not becoming a clone of Raven, doomed to kill the world! I wouldn't have thought Blackfire would be drawn in, and Starfire would have to be the one to execute her, but you just never cease to amaze me! I wonder what or who Blackfire killed?

Starfire was so sweet with her celebrations of their two-year anniversairy. Sweet to see Azeal trying to help her out, and everyone's lack of wanting to help her, all because of her want to keep everything perfect. Interesting tidbit about Azeal's little poison things stop him from kneading dough.

Lol at her food-fight with Robin. I can see her doing that perfectly in the cartoon, and yet again you have humour brilliantly in here.

Her reaction to the citadel was perfect, after what had happened to her in the comics, it makes perfect sense. Amazing to see all the different races here too, and none of them being abused either. Starfire was sweet wanting to include Azeal after his conversation with her, they're bonding well, aren't they?

I can't wait to see what happens next, and how Starfire handles having to travel to the citadel to have to carry out her sister's execution! All your work is brilliant, and i can't wait for the next chapter!
AttackoftheButterflies chapter 10 . 8/9/2010
Okay, i'll just say there were a few mistakes i noticed in the last chapter, though i forgot to point them out in the review. Though now, I'll review this chapter.

It can only be described as LOLTF? Something so randomly funny shouldn't be in a serious story and work so well. But it does, and I can't begin to fathom how!

Again you've taken an abused topic and crafted it brilliantly; BEast Boy's videogames. There's so much where he's a mindless slob just playing them, and yet your explanation is remarkable. I'd have never imagined him with OCD, and yet now you've mentioned it, it makes perfect sense! Though i never knew giraffes only slept for two hours a night, I'm learning as i read your story! Hah! Entertainment and education! You're awesome!

This chapter was just filled with epic lols. It was obviously Beast Boy, but i wouldn't have thought it could still be serious! Between them becoming the cast of FF7, Raven's love of ninja stars and Starfire's innocent wonder of how her breasts became as big as Tifa's, I think i near enough bust my gut laughing.

Overweight, Control Freak-Sephiroth, Raven an evil Yuffie... though Robin's bit as Cloud, unable to lift his sword was pretty funny. As was his reaction to the whole 'people think you were in love with a man'! I wouldn't have thought of Azeal as Red XIII, yet your reasoning was perfect - he *is* pretty much the Titan pet, isn't he?

And Raven now has power-based huge shuriken? That can't be good lol
AttackoftheButterflies chapter 9 . 8/9/2010
Starting the chapter halfway through, then jumping back to explain it...overdone... often abused, and yet done BRILLIANTLY here. I hate you for making me wonder whether or not the Titans had actually exploeded the tyrants.

Cyborg's rce back to the tower was entertaining, and brilliant all at the same time. You somehow managed to cover brilliant, abused issues - most dominantly the one about race - and did it completele justice. It was nice to see how he resolved the problems with the kids, even if he was reluctant to threaten them all. Flashbacks... I'm not too keen on them, yet it was somehow done with seemless flow into the story. Raven and Azeal's plight against the machines was interesting to read, as well as Raven's confliction between trusting Azeal within those moments, and yet not trusting him in the long run.

The bit with the T-Car was done well too, between the action, the reactions and Cyborg's 'betrayal' of his friends, and the explanations for it all. Though best was probably Cyborg's reactions as he remembered everything that happened.

Have i mentioned that I love Shimmer? She's got a brilliantly evil mind, as well as brilliant quips to her. It's funny to read Raven's remarks to the girl's lack of modesty, and Shimmer's cutting remarks about her 'glorified bathing suit' and Starfire's own attire. I can't help but notice Kyd Wykkyd disappeared at sometime during the clean up though, was that intentional, or was it just a slip up? Though it was interesting to read Azeal's lack of concerns about killing her then and there, and his acceptance to do what was needed to save the people. INteresting to see he would have left the titans if the tyrants would have helped save the world though, it shows he doesn't really care who he's working with, does it? As long as he saves the world, it's all he cares about. I sense there's going to be something about that.

Lol at the return of the fake-Cyborg. And more lols at the mentions of it's booyahs! That was brilliant in the cartoon, and you've encompassed it brilliantly! Your methods are so subtle, and even the passing lines have strong hitting effects. Ive seen it soo many times where its a continual "Booyah" to everything, but the one passing comment in this managed to imply it was doing that without ever annoying anyone!

The team's reaction to Cyborg's return was brilliant. With Beast Boy being completely wounded, it fits in well to his earlier talks with Raven... everything's linked in these stories, isn't it?

Good to see Azeal suffered from side effects of his bones turning to mercury. SO many stories would have forgot about that the moment it happened, yet you manage to remember it! Cyborg's conversation was so heartfelt, and brilliantly sewn in with everything else. The humor at the end was brilliant, from Beast Boy as a bird being stuck to Raven's hood, all the way to Beast Boy's stupidity.

Everything flows so well in your stories! It makes me so jealous! But it's such a brilliant read, i can't ever stop! It's always a joy to read!
AttackoftheButterflies chapter 8 . 8/9/2010
Lol at the imagery of Cyborg scratching like a bear. You're managing to get the random hilarity of the cartoon mixed in with the seriousness of an actual story. It makes for a great read

The descriptions between Raven and Cyborg's conversation is interesting, both her open distrust of Azeal, compared to Cyborg's slight want to believe and trust him. And Azeal's race produce natural toxins eh? hes built pretty defensively then, with strong bones and natural poisons, sounds like he could do well without his powers. Though fear means wind and anger fire? Cyborg's analogy of emotional powers works well to explain it, Starfire is the polar opposite, emotionally, of Raven, and yet both their powers work from emotions.

I'm starting to see a pattern here; this part is all about CYborg, isn't it? Im starting to notice you're doing little stories within your story, swapping between one-shots and long arcs, though it all advances the overall plot, and it jumps between the characters flawlessly. Can't guess the first... maybe Azeal? But then it was Robin and now Cyborg? Wonder who'll be next...

Yaya for more Shimmer! And i love her complete useage of her body to freak Gizmo out! His reaction (well, how you wrote his reaction) was brilliant, and showed him off to be his age; given his split between fear and lust towards her!

Raven's magic lessons, eh? There's gonna be a reason why she doesn't like using it, right? Is it related to something in the cartoon, or within your story? Though its good to see Azeal can't use much of his magic, and your analogies were once again brilliant. Nice to see that you've had Raven freak him out by explaining quite plainly just how powerful magic is, and his reluctance to cause harm to others. And I love his cuteness with the whole 'DId i fail?' when he couldn't use any other magic!

Transformer T-Car? That was incredibly random, yet somehow something i can see having occured within the main cartoon itself, and yet somehow managed to integrate itself so well into the story and be serious yet humorous.

And the ending is cruel! Why would you leave such a cliffhanger? No doubt there'll be an explanation fo why there's that ending next chapter. As always, great job! :)
AttackoftheButterflies chapter 7 . 8/9/2010
Once again, I find myself wondering why this story doesn't have more reviews. FOr the quality of it, the reviews dont do it justice.

Anyway, onto the review itself. The little tidbits at the start are always interesting to read :) I can't help but wonder when they'll *Actually* be used within the story though? I'm guessin the far distant future, but still, I WANT TO KNOW!

Hm, Shimmer, Shimmer, SHimmer. She seems deliciously evil, unafraid of using her body to get wants she wants. I want to see more of her! Everyone else seems in character, far as I can see, including the angry little Gizmo. HIs rants are cute

LOl at Cyborg's comment about women and logic. Its true, it doesn't apply with us. Nothing can be done right near us, no matter what. Its funny to see Cyborg and Beast Boy trying to bond with Azeal, and relating their own experiences with Raven to cheer him up - she really has no qualms in showing that she doens't like him, huh? And banana predators? Just how freaky is that planet. I really do hope that there's going to be something more in that, rather than just a throw-away line. If its throwaway, i will be displeased :

Hah, Cyborg's Tamaranean lessons. Still going on with them, is he? Starfire was cute with her little belief of people being kidnapped by fairies. You're managing to capture her naivety without abusing her like so many people do. Can't see much else to say about this chapter, it's well-written and fun to read! (Granted i keep leaving looong spaces between my reviews, but that's only cos I rarely log onto this site, only when i can. Your stories keep bringing me back!)
emotionalpoemgirl chapter 10 . 7/30/2010
Raven can now make black energy weapons. That can be scary.
AttackoftheButterflies chapter 6 . 6/23/2010
Hm, I don't know what to say with this; it was a brilliant one-shot within a multi-chaptered story, focusing brilliantly on an often abused subject.

You've made Robin seem so human beneath his mask, so full of flaws and the need to cover them up.

The soft focus on Azeal was interesting; he does seem like he truly wants to do what's best. But you kept bringing it all back to Robin's confusion, which was pretty awesome. The only slight problem is that it might have seemed repeatitive after a while. Each character's seperate reaction was so perfectly in character... how much do you research into these stories before you write them?

And after all the seriousness of the story, it was sweet to see the ending. Its showing you really can write a variety of genres, and it's making it all the more brilliant to read!
AttackoftheButterflies chapter 5 . 6/23/2010
LOL at Azeal's escape methodologies. It was another brilliant masterstroke by you making sure everything didn't fall perfectly into place for him, instead he had to work his way out with intelligence and common sense, and by dressing as a woman.

Azeal's logical speeches are part of his character, aren't they? They're going to end up annoying everyone, i can tell. Robin thinks like it, as does Raven, but neither speak like it. Its interesting to see he has a large sense of logic, as well as some naivety, like Starfire, but he's still his own character, never drifting into lines where he'd be stealing a character's thunder.

Interesting to see that they're taking him in as sanctuary and a prisoner, so to speak. Obviously it's nothing like the innocene they had with Terra, though they're still being compassionate.

Cyborg's moments with his mother's grave were so heartfelt and brilliant. Its amazing to see you go from the transition between such heartfelt commentary and speech to Azeal's comedy value and somehow still suspenseful escape. Can i pluck your brain to see how to write so well

Raven's distrust seems so well founded. She explains it perfectly, and Cyborg even explains the reasons for his belief so brilliantly too. Once again, kudos to you on the awesome writing skills!
AttackoftheButterflies chapter 4 . 6/23/2010
Hah! Beast Boy made me laugh at the start. Its awesome to see you've taken the stereotype that's so heavily abused and twisted it into good writing - and his analogy of Robin's network of secret tunnels was pretty damned funny.

And THANKYOU for having a story where the OC isn't recruited instantly into the Titans. The way Robin flat-out rejected him made me feel sorry for him. But its good to see someone finally inforcing that people don't become Titans just because they have powers. You've managed to place it well after the season's end, yet still include past episode's events as if they still play heavily on everyone's minds... I applaud you for it!

Beast Boy was cute this chapter, curing his boredom with talking to Azeal. MOre than that, the BBxRae at the end! It was sweet and somehow perfectly in character, even though they were taking in topics that were out of character. I don't know how, but you manage to write characters acting out of character, whilst still being IN character! It's an awesome skill, and it's what makes your stories such a joy to read :)
AttackoftheButterflies chapter 3 . 6/23/2010
Okies, to start off, this should really have more reviews! Everything about it just seems to be so awesome!

Azeal seems to be a strange one, and its cool that you managed to describe so much of his alien origins without boring the pants off of me. Raven's analogy of his powers is pretty well written too, and seems almost scientific - which I know is silly considering she's explaining magic.

Starfire's reaction to learning of his race's habits was pretty interesting too, I like the way you have the little section focusing on each individual Titan, rather than making it the normal sort of story where the new OC is always the center of attention.

The Emparite Elder bit was weird and strange. It seems pretty random in there, yet still linked somehow.

Azeal's evaluation when he woke was pretty cool, as was the way he sent everyone into panic with his warning. And the little tidbit about his accent is awesome too!
I'm.The.Tin.Dog chapter 4 . 3/6/2010
Your writing is very good, Azreal is a very creative character. Nice work
Blues32 chapter 4 . 3/4/2010
Raven isn't telepathic. She cannot read minds. Everyone makes this mistake for some reason. Raven reads emotions, not thoughts. She can make people feel what she wants or nothing at all.
AttackoftheButterflies chapter 2 . 1/23/2010
Gruesome! I love it! All those descriptions made be shiver, and I couldn't wait to read more to find out more about them! Though, it seems like there was something small written in there, something which I almost missed the first time, 5 other communicators? So something's going on behind the scenes there...

The starting few lines... they made me wonder, mainly who, what and when theyre happening! I want to know! But I guess all good things...

BB/Rae was so cute, and a nice swap around after all the gruesomeness, which continued awesomely into everything that happened to Azeal! Poor alien guy that he is... though what's a devale? So many questions! And finally someone that doesn't have Starfire with 'friend' verbal diarrhea! And understands that she's *actually* smart. I salute you, and eagerly await the next chapter! (Hint hint, make it soon! :D)
AttackoftheButterflies chapter 1 . 1/23/2010
Whooweey! These seems like one *hell* of a story! Demon Lords, Holy Ones... I'm aware of the pun I made :P

So, a rough guess as to the Demon Lord thing... that's a mention to Trigon, isn't it? If so, it's nice to see that this builds up from something that happened... and it doesn't seem like your OC is in anyway related to one of the main characters, which is always a good sign!

Ickes seems utterly horrible, and Azeal seems like quite a likeable character... though it seems his race are completely selfish, so at least he'll have a few faults. Fire and Wind... in a race full of empaths? I'm sure there must be a reason behind that.

Anyway, this looks as good as your other stories, and thoroughly entertaining, so I'll shall stay hooked! (ANd read the next chappie! :) )
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