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InkDrinker chapter 1 . 1/10/2010
Name: Laura (Is it okay to use my own name? I hope so...)

Age: 13

Who are you: flock member

DNA Combo: 98% bird, 2% bird :)

Flock Status: Beta

Psychical Characteristics: Curly brown hair, brown eyes, medium height.

Personality: A bit rebellious, but kind. Likes to fight the baddies, and wants nothing to do with her parents. (See below :))

Past: Parents gave her to the School because they believed in "scientific progress." Escape the School with the rest of her flock.

Casual Clothes: Anything. Doesn't really like to wear what the current trend is.

Formal Clothes: A skirt, if one is available, but never a dress.

Powers: Telekinesis. Starts out as a small power, but develops as the story continues.

Is it okay if I pair you with someone: Yes.

Is it okay if you die: If it's near the end of the story.

Family: Parents gave her to the School. They have a son who is three years younger, and they've never told him about her.

General Info: A bit of a romantic. Possibly has a person in the flock that she is the closest to. Has a rebellious streak. Doesn't like to have all attention on her. Loves to sing.

Fave Movie: Hasn't seen too many, but if she has to choose, it would be something romantic.

Fave book: Isn't very good at reading, but loves the Harry Potter books.

Fave Way to Relax: Listen to music, preferably sing along. :)

Fave Food: Sushi. Only had it once.

Fave Color: Green.

Storyline Suggestions: Pretty much anything is fine with me. It's your story, so do whatever you want. :)
pierulestheworld chapter 1 . 1/10/2010
Cool... i wanted to see if there was anything like this.

Name: Poppy


Who are you: flock member

DNA Combo: a birdkid

Flock Status: Follower

Psychical Characteristics: short bright red curly hair, light blue eyes, pale with freckles, 5'5

Personality: as firey as her hair when she is mad, usually quiet and calm though

Past: um... she fell off a rock, hit her head and can't remember anything

Casual Clothes: earthy colored clothes

Formal Clothes: same as casual i guess

Powers: can control fire

Is it okay if I pair you with someone: sure

Is it okay if you die: i guess... but i don't really want to

Family: maybe like a sibling that has dna combanation too

General Info: because of the whole fire thing she's a bit of a pyromaniac, she likes to make cats out of fire and have them as pets

Fave Movie: she likes anything since i can't think of one!

Fave book: warriors

Fave Way to Relax: Ipod

Fave Food: maceroni and cheese

Fave Color: blue and red (colors of fire :))

Storyline Suggestions: you can do anything you want it's your story
ebeam chapter 1 . 1/10/2010
Name: boy 963

Age: 12

Who you are: school prisoner

Dna Combo: Human, euglena[ a tiny mirco organism look it up], black mold.

Physical Charactistics: small, dumpy, black hair, black eyes, green skin,

Personality: aggresive, paranoid, out to kill.

Past: built in the school to be an assasin of world leaders or the like.

casual clothes: black T shirt, black pants

formal clothes: doesn't have any to hard to keep them clean

Powers, photosinthiesis, deadly spores that are inhaled and quickly form in air pipe killing in aproxamtly 30 seconds. constiltly being released.

pairing: any thing you can think of considering he can kill you just by being in the same room as you

die: yes please make him an enemy

Family: dead he killed them all.

general info: might have a nasty habit of not dieing. can be potty mouth.

Fave movie: what is a movie

Fave book: doesn't have time to read

Fave way to relax: go on a nice killing spree

fave food: big mac

fav color: invilable [ yes it is a color]

I want credit if you use thing dude.
Moonlit Daybreak chapter 1 . 1/10/2010
Name: Orchid

Age: 12-15 (whatever works)

Who are you: (flock member, Itex worker, School worker, a human friend like Ella or Dr. Martienez, a parent, leader of Itex, ect… you can pretty much be anyone.) I'm a flock member.

DNA Combo: (No more then three. One must be human. If you are a member of the Flock, you MUST have a DNA combo. If you aren’t, you don’t need one.) I'm just a plain birdkid.

Flock Status: Alpha (Max)

Beta (Fang)

Followers (Angel, Gazzy, Nudge, Iggy.)

Tag along (Ari)

I'm a follower.

Psychical Characteristics:

I have curly black hair, tons of freckles and green eyes.

Personality: I'm a conflict settler. i don't like it when things go wrong, and do what I can to keep the peace. I'm also very fun-loving, always teasing everyone.


I was raised in a lab and escaped with my Flock. I cling to them like infommercials do to Billy Mayes, but I did run away at one point when I was younger because I got all paranoid that they were people from the school in disguise. (I'm not the stablest mentally)

Casual Clothes:

Jeans, and whatever T-shirt isn't bloodstained at the time. I have a flip-flop obsession, even though they so aren't convienient for take-offs.

Formal Clothes:

Formal clothes? What formal clothes?

Powers: (No more than three.)

I can sense body heat, kind of like infared vision. I also have a bit of a calming prescense, but no one knows whether that's a power or just how I am.

Is it okay if I pair you with someone:


Is it okay if you die:

As long as I'm mourned, at least breifly.

Family: (I may have some of the Flock members find their family.)

Er, I'd rather not find my family. Too much conflict. I don't like change.

General Info:

As stated before, I'm not the mentally stablest. I'd like to have a sibling or freind that I'm particulary close to, but hey, its your story. Whatever works for you.

Fave Movie: (nothing Rated R or above)

The Princess Bride is my romantic indulgence, and I have a passion for classic Disney, though not the classics.

Fave book:

I'm a Harry Potter buff.

Fave Way to Relax:


Fave Food:

Whatever doesn't eat me first.

Fave Color:


Storyline Suggestions:

HM... I'd really like to die, as weird as it sounds. Maybe...halfway through the story. And then I can be revenged.. MWAHAHAHA!

But yeah, you can do whatever with me. I really don't care.
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