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Adriana Espan chapter 22 . 12/6/2014
OHHH this was an awesome story. Thank you for writing it!
Black Kaitou chapter 20 . 7/15/2014
I love this story I loved how you made it into more like a book and that it made me spend some time reading it. I also loved how you kept the characters believable and the passage of time flowing.
zei chapter 21 . 5/11/2014
detailed and yet very 've got the skills! This was the best kurofai story out! :D kudos!
drana0 chapter 20 . 10/19/2013
Thank you for this amazing fanfiction! I've just finished reading it and you managed to characterizise Fai and Kurogane so perfectly, their interaction is as fluent as in canon, your plot is very interesting and you are a very good storyteller with amazing grammar :) This story was exciting til the end, thank you very much :) Now I'm going to look into that sequel of yours ;)
marine maiden chapter 21 . 10/4/2012
I should say I'm amazed with this fic. True if someone is looking for mushy romance between Fai and Kuro, they came to the wrong story LOL But for plot and character-wise, you are a champion. I love how you can fit canon's condition so perfectly into your fic. Fai's yellow eye and blindness especially. So managed to wave them into the story so smoothly. You are also very good in misleading us lol I almost thought Fai cannibalize his twin brother, but then it was dream. Well, can't blame him with so much trauma accumulated.

I also should say it's the first time I actually read Ashura as Sakura's father LOL Usually it would be Fujitaka (as canon in CSS) or Clow (as canon in Tsubasa). I'm also happy you keep a lot of canon pairings in here, Yukito x Touya, Sorata x Arisu (was that her name? Can't recall correctly but I know which woman that is LOL)

Your choice of villain is great too. Seishirou is well known for the worst, I should say Fuuma is the second LOL I know once you mention the mastermind of the evil,it would immediately point to Fei Wong Reed (CLAMP only has so much collection of reusable favourite bad guys after all *dry laugh*) I belatedly realize that the bat symbol is Fei Wong's. It's been years since I finished Tsubasa after all - though reading their fic for the continuing years keep a few thing fresh on my mind :p

I'm glad you have written this marvelous story and as much as I love this series, I won't be touching the sequel until it is completed. I have too much occurrences of ongoing series turn hiatus that I'm too afraid to get attached to any. I'll be keeping the sequel in my follow list though, so I'll know if you finish it. For now, I'll be reading all the companion fic ;) Oh, I also should mention your choice of words are really rich. If you're not a native English-speaker then you should be someone in English major.

PS: Your beta is amazing. I cannot find any typo but one for the whole 20 chapters. I need to go back and find that out though since I can't recall it. There's also one occurrence of Fai shooting using his "longbow" even after the lengthy explanation that it is an impossible equipment Kurogane had brought. Again, still need to track that back since I can't recall. Grammar-wise, I myself isn't good with it so no comment.
Zuzanny chapter 22 . 7/26/2012
this was an excellent story to read. i had to finish it all in one day. beautifully written, so tragic and warm at the same time. i'm adding it to my favorite list.
Andthus chapter 22 . 10/10/2011
Just had to let it be known that I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Normally I don't even read stories that aren't Rated M. But this taught me a lesson. I can't wait to see more of Fai and Kurogane's story. And them making it together. I thought that as sad as it was for them to be seperating right at the end, it was brilliant of you to come up with that :P Gonna go read the sequel. Need to see what happens next.
Zelinxia chapter 20 . 9/5/2011
I'm glad I was able to finish reading this. It was an absolute delight following their progress of growing and finding more about themselves thanks to each other (and the magical power of love, oh love, how awesome you are). I can now go start reading "The Heralds of the White God". _

But even though it's really bittersweet, I do agree it would be such a...shame, I guess, if they decide to throw off their duties and loyalties. I don't even feel really sad they have to part for now - because one, seems like you intend them to be able to be together again in the sequel; and two, well, I just feel like they will carry on and be fine waiting for the time they can reunite.

"I won't force you to do anything you don't want to do," Kurogane said quietly. "But I made this offer. And it's going to flow whether you drink or not."

"Oh, Kuro-sama," Fai said, hopeless fondness filling his voice. "Whatever am I going to do with you?"

- I like how it's going along the lines of that scene in Infinity when Kurogane initiates Fai to feed again; but the sentiments between here and the one in Infinity (not to mention, Fai said "Kurogane" again) are starkly different.
Zelinxia chapter 19 . 9/5/2011
I like how many things, especially on their own personal lives at least, are reaching resolutions.

"...That was a joke, wizard."

"Oh. Oh, right. Sorry."

- I love things like that. Seriously, it's nice to know things are adorable and there's nothing to hide between the two.

"As Kurogane rode away from the conflagration behind him, for the first time he began to wonder what the hell he'd gotten himself into."

- Ahaha, no matter what, he will always have to deal with Fai's antics. But it should be all, for the most part, good, and not bad...

I had no idea that Kurogane would actually bring up his past and tells Fai, but I'm glad he did. Gods know he needed to finally properly grieve when he couldn't all those ten years. It's a testament how he finally found someone he loves and trusts /so much/ to where he could pour his grief out onto. He comfort Fai before; so now he knows with certainty Fai would be there for him too. I admit it brought some tears to my eyes.

(I also read the last parts over at LJ, so well...I thought it was rather cute to see Kurogane be flustered, but eh, that's what happened when he's been on guard and fighting all those time.)
Zelinxia chapter 18 . 9/5/2011
As much as I was waiting for Fai to come to accept that, well hey, he's not always failing his king and father-figure and that him being used and treated as a weapon is not cool, I still felt for him as he finally looked at how he got in a danger as result of following his orders is more so on Ashura's shoulders. Wouldn't imagine it really easy, but if it's anything like in end of Celes arc in TRC, Fai becomes strong and deals with what Ashura had done for him - good and bad/painful.

I admit, the final showdown with Seishirou was much shorter than I had expected. I pretty much warranted that he would want to talk; but for Fai to fight back with words was pretty classic and hardcore. Still, to see them fight together was welcoming and it always seem natural. That and it highlights that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. They became one - blood and soul - so they're really unstoppable.
Zelinxia chapter 17 . 9/5/2011
The image of spring and the splendorous area they landed in is such a huge and nice change from all the other settings the chapters had been set in - which had been either cold, cold winter, or dark, terror-infused settings like the tunnel or the dungeons of the sick Master of Demons. (And no, the illusion before Kurogane gets captured doesn't count at all of course). Therefore, I think it's perfect how it's spring when they were able to escape and are able to confess their love to each other!

Oh man, reading about Fai's eye injury was horrible. I have no sympathy for Seishirou whatsoever.

I like how - especially since of the feeding their souls have become more connected - that they are getting more comfortable with each other again. Plus, it's a lot of reversal where Fai takes care of Kurogane, and even feeds him, which really means a lot. Then of course he will help Kurogane learn the basics of magic. I love how their relationship has developed in the story. And the discussion about debt was really spot on and now Fai had come to learn that what love Kurogane has to offer is different from the love Ashura had provided.

Lastly, much as how in the last chapter it was extremely powerful Fai used Kurogane's ki magic to free them, it was powerful how Kurogane and Fai both communicated with Tomoyo. That whole part was really something. The two of them are really in this together now!
Zelinxia chapter 16 . 9/5/2011
I swore that if Fai had to go through more torture that I would continue shaking my fist.

But I was happily wrong. Wow - what an unique and powerful way for them to connect through the oni and prey blood and soul chain thing. Now that Kurogane had gotten to reach into the most vulnerable aspect of Fai and telling him he won't hurt him, I'm happy Fai will start to get better.

And I love how Fai uses Kurogane's untapped magic powers to free them. That was quite epic!
Zelinxia chapter 12 . 9/5/2011
Oh matter which AU I read, you always seem to have so much traumas you came from. :( Now it makes sense what "king" Fai!Yuui was talking about in his state of delirium...he meant his the King of Valeria.

I am fascinated with King Ashura's characterization. I never read RG Veda before and of course, not a lot is known about him in his TRC incarnation, so in a way, I can see that's how he would be like: balancing caring for his subjects as well as doing what he thinks is best for his kingdom, no matter how cold and calculated he may have to use Fai and other people for his and his kingdom's purposes. You know, I actually enjoy his and Kurogane's interactions in this and the last chapter.

Also love the demon hunter's interaction with Princess Sakura. Also something I was fond of in canon - their father/daughter relationship.

"That you two are friends. If two such very different men can become such good friends, then maybe there's a way for Ceres and Nihon to live in peace, after all."

- Sakura's pretty much the voice of meta, eh?
Zelinxia chapter 11 . 9/5/2011
Lovely, fleshed out descriptions of Ceres and how it was heavily compared and contrasted with Nihon and its four seasons. I can vividly imagine a wintry, mountainous kingdom.

I was actually surprised that Fai was actually using his powers to keep the place from collapsing on them. Ouch, he really was sapping his life away. :(

Hah, I knew Yukito was NOT Fai's boss and that it was the other way around. But still, for all of this to come to Kurogane is a lot for him.

Now I'm curious to see what Ashura would do with Kurogane.

Also, I forgot to mention this in my review for Chapter 10, but something that truly touched me was when Kurogane was examining how frozen Fai's lips was and he seriously considered kissing him without any "No, what the hell am I thinking?" or any reaction like that. To do so implies he wanted to do more than express some affection; he wanted to do whatever it took to help Fai live. And that, really, speaks on a lot of volumes.
Zelinxia chapter 10 . 9/5/2011
Although the nightmare was not what literally happened somewhere in his past, I could see why Fai is so averse to eating (and maybe it's connected to how Ceres face harsh famine over the years because of the glaciers?)

It's scenes where characters are stuck and cannot do much where they would come to realize many things. To reveal more about Fai's past and for Kurogane to come to grips /how/ much Fai matters to him when they're trapped in the cave was appropriate indeed.

Oh man, (and forgive me for making guesses when story's already complete - it's more of me rambling on my thoughts as I read along), so I'm supposing back then Fai and his brother (the real Fai) had tried to escape through this tunnel before but his brother died getting trapped? That's a horrible thought...
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