Reviews for Better to Die
birdhymn chapter 1 . 6/29/2010
Dark, and a little more than ominous... Wow. And a little aside... Chapter 104 is out! Early! Check www .mangareader 485-52573-1/claymore/chapter-104 .html. Copy and paste, remember to get rid of the spaces.
Viedyn chapter 1 . 1/16/2010
Hey, great story here. I loved the simplicity; it gave it more impact. Clare's naivety (or absolute trust in Teresa) is either very stupid or very heartwarming. Probably both. But I think you've captured her response well.

The last paragraph, with Teresa's perspective, is probably what I liked best. With the last bit in french, does it mean something along the lines of "I did it to protect you"? And is there a particularly reason it's in french and not english? (Not that I minded, just curious)


PS. Would you mind if, sometime in the future, I wrote a fic based on this idea? It's a big 'if', but would you mind if I did? I'd credit you and this story for giving me the idea, of course.