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Suezanne chapter 3 . 9/8/2013
I admit reading this makes me want to be Clair it's a bit funny because I'm a psych major too after this semester I only need 36 more credits to graduate
jay121 chapter 15 . 5/6/2013
great story definatly worth a read :)
gabermuffins chapter 15 . 9/11/2012
I would give this 20 stars out of 5 this was amazing! But honestly I was pissed that you put Mimi in a place where Sora should have been but I'm not going to say this story sucks just because of that. You should make a story of when they are older and taking care of this children. Or just another Taito story. You should also make a Daiken story, in other words this story is amazing, Soras a slut, and you should make a new story. Hope your work becomes more successful(not that it isn't)
Psycho Weasel chapter 15 . 1/20/2012
Wow oh wow oh wow!

Ok...hang on...I need to let it digest a little more before I can give a non-fangirl like review.


...Well that failed. Ahem...anyways.

This story was written so incredibly well! You sure put me through one hell of a ride while reading this...I mean, there were countless times where I would be laughing my head off, so close to crying, shaking my computer monitor in a small fit of rage, and I was always on the edge of my seat.

I absolutely loved the cast of characters you have created and I love even more how well you were able to keep them true to their personalities and what not. You did a great job at making these characters likeable enough to feel for them when we needed to, and hate their freaking guts when it was necessary. These characters made reading this incredible story even more richer.

I really liked what you did with Tai and Matt's relationship in this story. They were still very cute and fun to read, but when you had Tai and Matt take a break...Man, that was like you hit the nail on the head. That gave their relationship a more realistic like stance and it made their make up even more sweeter. I actually recall giving out a sigh of relief when they finally got back together.

I sort of went through and read some of your past reviews (heh heh, nosy much? _; ). I see that quite a few people are upset about the Mimi being a bitch thing, which I guess I understand...but what I don't understand is deciding your story suck just because of how you portrayed Mimi. O_o I guess this would be considered the constructive criticism part of this review: Both Mimi and Veronica's sudden change of character seemed rather unexpected. They didn't bother the hell out of me or anything, but it was just sort of like "Whoa...what?...Ok." In the future, I guess I would advise you to maybe add a little more hints if a character is soon about to change...if that makes any sense at all. _;

This story had a lot of things that were planted in the beginning and then payed off beautifully at the end. I loved how emotionally attached I became with each character, and how creative this story line was. And even though Veronica's court trail didn't turn out the way we hoped, I'm glad that you didn't. You kept this story pretty real and down to earth. It was not too "happy-fairy-tale-land" and also not too "I'm-going-emo-life-sucks." It had a great mixture of both sides.

I am really sad to see that there are only two stories from you. :( You do write incredibly well and your stories are so rich and original. Thank you so much for writing these two incredible stories and for taking me out of my crazy life to enjoy these stories. I hope to read some more of your work in the future. Much love and great work!
JJBSPYROBOY chapter 15 . 8/6/2011
Well I've read every chapter from both stories. It's very well written and I've enjoyed all of it except the way you made Mimi out to be in the end. Sora is a bit of a wet blanket and I hate how in most things the boring characters that are of course morally higher than the more interesting and fun characters always have everything work out in the end. Mimi was no where near the bitch you made her out to be in digimon, if anything I always thought Sora was a depressive attention seeker, that is just my opinion though. Otherwise good story, but the Mimi hate canno be ignored.
xXDaniel AlexanderXx chapter 15 . 3/9/2011
Omg I LOVED! This story I'm soooooo sad it ended :'( well u should keep writeing ur very good at it
Stand bi me chapter 15 . 2/8/2011
Duudeee! Why is this making me fckn cry? I have grown so damn attached to all of the characters...

I hate to see this end :( yo, this story was EPIC. Your plot was so complex and creative and original and fckn ingenius.

I'm gonna miss reading this, yo. U were GOOD.

U brought veronica back soo nicely, u made me shed a tear for mimi (I loved seeing her in bed lol ;), u got me all nostalgic with ur epilogue with Matt writing in his journal...

I also love how everyone helped tai's dad, I liked that joe liked sora's pictures lol (I no I would have) and I like how it didn't have a fairy tale happy ending.

Only thing I would have like would have been a little more erotic action between tai and matt.

So, as I bid this story adue, good sir, I must commend u greatly on your talents. Always try to get better.

Awesome story buddy ;-)
Stand bi me chapter 12 . 2/6/2011
Ok... Uh, fckng AMAZING chapter!

I loveeeeeee mimi naked omggg but she is sooo evil!

And u wrote fckn EVERYTHING sooo well here.

I hate that tai took it soo serious with matt :( though that IS some brilliant drama, and I wanna see what's gonna happen yo!

I cannot wait! And veronica's court scene is gonna be scary...

Wow... Just, wow... :D damn good u are, mannn
Stand bi me chapter 11 . 2/6/2011
Holy shit... That did NOT just happen... Tai is taking a "break"? Woah...

Poor matt :'(

But yo, omg I can't believe mimi suggested friends with benefits! That's fckn HOT dude!

Make gwen say yes, ok? (Even though I no u can't change anything now lol)

But mannn, this is a good story. I have to give it to you bro.

And I wanna hear more about TK lol just a random thought. The things u make him do are damn cute lol
Stand bi me chapter 8 . 2/3/2011
Sorry, I had to reveiw again! Lol

This is going great. I know I'm reading it really slowly, but I don't always have time is all.

But yeah, I love what you are doin with gwen and mimi! :)

And omg poor Tai... I had just assumed a happy ending with his dad. Way to bring it around hit me, BAM!

Lol I can't wait to see how things turn out!
Stand bi me chapter 7 . 2/1/2011
Yo! This is awesome dude!

I love the drama, extrememly original plot, too. It's fantastic.

But I hate that Matt is so girly and that Tai always reminds him of it... It annoys me..

I don't like to hear about Matt like that :(

Also, u should use more contractions in your dialogue so it flows more easily and the speech can sound more realistic.

But seriously man, what an entertaining read! I'm DYING to see what else you have coming...

I have sooo many favourite parts but I'm too eager to continue reading so I forget to reveiw.

Oh, I love both blowjob scenes (in the bush ans in the dressing room). Lol genius

And I am hoping to get some hot gwen and mimi action soon *wink

And yoooo, one more thing, I am not really a fan of OCs but you pulled all of yours off BRILLIANTLY!

I really feel with gwen and veronica. I don't know, like I'm already in sinc with them. U did good :)

And Brian seems like he can be sooo cool. I wish he was one of the good guys :)

Omg and joe and soraaaa haha can't wait!
Luke Wolfpack chapter 15 . 1/23/2011
Hey Everyone. I just wanted to thank everyone again who has kept up with this story. Thanks for all the positve comments, with the exception of that crazy person who got mad at me for how I wrote Mimi. Lol. I was thinking of writing another story, but I think I might take a break for awhile, or write some original stories. Thanks to all my fans again. :)
Takato the dreamer chapter 15 . 1/20/2011
Sorry It took me so long to read... Very good ending :) I like how not everything is perfect but good enough :).

PS Ignore idiots who bash you for how you write a character... that's why it's called FAN-FICTION! XD. He better stay away from my fics, if Mimi's ever mentioned its not good XDD
Gryphon's wing chapter 14 . 1/19/2011
How dare you do that to Mimi. And to describe Sora 'I'm a slut who will bed anyone' Takenouchi as sweet is despicable. Mimi is nothing like you portrayed her. If anything, Sora should've been put in that frame! Mimi's by far the best girl character in Digimon. Sora's a slut who hurt the one she was meant to be with, Kari Kamiya is a slutty player. Glad she doesn't end up with the two guys she messed with. Yolei's weird but lovelyu, but Mimi will always be my favourite. To have seen how this ended really sucked and had I known you'd do that to Mimi I would NOT have read anymore, even if Taito is one of my fave pairings!

Mimi is my fave character so I've changed my mind on this sucky story. It WAS good, but it was shit at the end and I REFUSE to read the epilogue as you'll probably bash Mimi more.

Do me a favour. Next time you write a story and it has Mimi bashing in it and Sora worshipping in it, warn me so I can pass by it. Because seeing Sora put as a goody goody when she's the only slutty female to have gone off with a guy in the anime, is disgusting! DOWN WITH TAKENOUCHI!
Gryphon's wing chapter 12 . 1/19/2011
Ok, I like the story but I think you got Sora and Mimi's roles reversed. In the anime Sora was the only one who forgot the meaning of her Crest and hurt Tai by going off with his best mate. That was so wrong. Mimi was a sweet and siincere girl who was a lovely friend. I'm discturbed by the way you've put Sora in a goody goody light and Mimi in a total bitch light. She was never a bitch. Sora was the majorly bitch slut in the series.

Also there's incest. I love the Taito pairing but why do people put takari in those stories as well. Taito is popular, but takari should NOT be put in there as well. It's incest. If Tai and Matt are already happily together then silly little TK and Kari shouldn't destroy that with their incestuous ways!

All in all, I love the story. Taito and Daiken are darling. But I hate the way you've put Sora and Mimi. Especially since Sora was the only one in the series to start flirting round with her love's best friend. She's a slutty little bitch and I hope Mimi gets her good! But I still maintain that Mimi is the sweetheart and sincere! Sora's a BITCH! Not a virtuous soul at all. Just a hateful, slutty, whore!
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