Reviews for Good Men
unusualcover chapter 1 . 3/22/2010
Wow, I usually hate all stories that have anything to do with history but this is very good. Keep going I'd love to continue reading this. I don't think there are any tips needing to be offered. Good Job!
ouja chapter 1 . 2/2/2010
It seems you wrote "he didn't answer me STRAIT away" rather than "he didn't answer me STRAIGHT away." Also, you wrote "tomorrows campaign," neglecting the necessary apostrophe in tomorrow. Just a heads up. Enough with the typo spotting (Hey, it happens to the best of us). Time to comment on the real meat of the story.

First off, I really loved the voice you gave John. He seemed appropriately young and the way he spoke seemed to fit the impression most people have of the way people spoke at the time.

I loved the wisdom of your Hancock. It's actually something I never really considered much myself, that the true horror war is not the death and destruction (although that is awful), it's the fact that perfectly good men are causing the deaths of equally good men. It's such a simple concept, really.

The story was also really sad because, as I'm sure you know, Hancock will never see his dear friend Lo. I know that much from a friend who loves Armistead, even though I'm quite the newbie to Civil War history (I'm just finishing reading my first book on the subject, on Antietam, to be precise. It's actually a children's book-around 100 pages-but it comes from a children's non-fiction author I really like called Jim Murphy so I've really enjoyed it). While it's unfortunate that some who don't know their story-I imagine it does appear in Killer Angels, but I haven't even read that book so I'm sure others might read your story like me-will miss this underlying thing, I think it's definitely best not to mention it because it might just get it the way. It's the kind of fun thing in books where if you catch it, it's fun and wonderful, but if you don't it won't damage your reading experience.

So I guess to conclude my review, which is getting to be fairly long (I like to be long winded with my reviews. I've found that authors like it quite a bit too.), thank you very much for the story. It was simple, but powerful. I think I'll add it to my community which is for fics that catch my eye-I haven't necessarily read them. This fic is going there because it not only caught my eye enough that I read it, but I loved what I read as well. Do keep writing! If there's one reason I give authors reviews it's so they know I read it and will keep writing (In the end it's a completely selfish affair. I do it in the hopes that I get more fun stuff to read.)