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Hija de la Tempestad chapter 75 . 8/16
When will you continue with this absolutely amazing story, Arc Ascendant? I think it is a shame that this will never be finished just when you had come this far with the plot and Phaedra's story.
I am not criticising nothing, I, most than anyone, know what Real Life issues and lack of inspiration can do with a fanfic.
You also must know that I'm beginning a Neverwinter Nights 2 fanfic partially based on your fabulous descriptions of the game world. When I run out of ideas in matters of description or I need a motivation to continue my also long winded chapters, I usually come to "Child of Light" and reread it.
I come here not just for leaving the out-of-timed review, but to try to encourage you to continue this or... at least tell your readers how have you planned this to end.
You know, if you had planned Phaedra to survive the catastrophe and meet with Safiya, Gann and the others from MotB... or die fighting with the King of Shadows... or surviving permanently psychologically marred because of the deaths of her allies and friends.
And I want to know how the relationship with Ammon Jerro will evolve, if he will accept her and she will accept who and what he is to her... And I want to know that if she finally will succumb to Bishop's charms (?) (she's clearly in love with him or tremendously attracted to him, Casavir is nothing but a crush of the past) or that she will bed Casavir just for doing what she thinks is the correct answer to her heart and a salve to her wounds.
And I want to know what will become of her soul-trapped mother (a femme fatale she is, if you ask me)... And I want to know if Elanee will succumb to her madness and her unilateral love for Casavir and will betray Phaedra leaving her.
And I want to know the point of view of Daeghun in the middle of this mess and the loneliness of his foster daughter.
And I... I WANT TO KNOW SO MANY THINGS UNRESOLVED, SO MANY FEELINGS HALFWAY EXPLAINED (like Bishop's feelings, because it is clear that he is obssessed with her and he doesn't want to be controlled for his obsession over a girl).
That's it, sorry for misspelling some things or verbal tenses messing, English it's not my native language.
Cheers, many hugs and thanks for this jewel! 3
Dr. X - Raven chapter 12 . 6/4
(OoC: Phaedra really needs to meet my KC. Unlike her, he's very much hardened and wouldn't mind spitting on Vallis' corpse, despite being part paladin)
windsongspringheart chapter 75 . 3/13
Yay! I finally caught up and really hope there'll be an update on this soon. I'm still voting for Casavir, too. Just anxiously awaiting to see what happens next! :)
windsongspringheart chapter 50 . 2/11
The first part of this chapter was making me giggle quite a bit. Certainly brings back the times when we were young and had fun. If you want my opinion, though, I do agree with Elanee. She's young and can have her fun but Bishop is definitely not keeper material and Casavir is. Unfortunately, I know that one from experience. But anyway, I found the end of this chapter extremely fascinating because I almost always prefer playing a sorceress and to find that she's more powerful than she realized is so awesome!
windsongspringheart chapter 36 . 2/5
I just wanted to comment on this chapter as I move ahead with catching up on the rest of it. I was thinking as I was reading your description of the shard taking over her with such raw power how awesome it would be if after you've completed this one you go on to keep writing about the sequel to the original campaign since it's a direct plot on that. I'd find it amazing that she's all drunk with power on this, but then it getting taken from her like that would be too cool. I do hope that you have that planned down the line :)
windsongspringheart chapter 24 . 1/28
I'll admit to being sad Qara won't be in this story, but so relieved you didn't include Grobnar. He's useless and not funny like I think they were trying to intend. Really enjoying the story so far and can't wait to finish catching up to what's already been published :)
Winged twlight chapter 75 . 11/20/2014
Hello there. I've been reading this story for the past few months and I have to say your an amazing writer. I really enjoyed reading this story. That being said their are a few things I have to get off my chest. There are two things that made be turned off by this fan fiction. For one you made Bishop a terrible man slut. It really was to much. Second I loved the characters in the beginning but as the story went on they became very angst and all their personalities changed. I ended up not liking any of the characters. But that being said you are an amazing writer that's so talented. I was hooked on the story for months. Thank you for writing it.
Wingedtwilight chapter 45 . 10/3/2014
Oh my gosh! I loved this chapter so much! It's so amazing your amazing WOW
Winged Twilight chapter 27 . 9/17/2014
I absolutely loved Bishop's part in this chapter I can't wait for more!
WingedTwilight chapter 15 . 9/4/2014
I love your story! I've been reading a little every day and just enjoying it immensely! Thank you!
veritasargent chapter 75 . 8/10/2014
I'm still reading, and glad to have another post after so long. :)

If my vote counts for anything I want her to love them both but choose Casavir in the end.
Ann6022 chapter 75 . 7/9/2014
I didn't notice right away that you'd updated the story, but I'm sure happy you're returning to it! It would have been such a shame to leave the story hanging! ;)

The chapter started nicely with showcasing the transformation in Phaedra throughout the fic, which is just really remarkable. I've expressed this before, but her transition from innocent idealism to coldly practical rationality, when faced with the harshness of commanding a force going to war, has been so very believable and heart-wrenching. As a theme carrying through the story, that development has gradually gained momentum, and really makes the story better the further it goes. The large scale of the story helps give the proper feel of magnitude to all of that, and Phaedra's is a story that has definitely touched me - you can be sure that I'm excited to see how her story will go on!

I liked how you included some of the companions to the trip to Neverwinter, and Karnwyr's presence was a nice way to include Bishop in the chapter... since I definitely find his relationship with Phaedra very interesting, and am waiting to see where it goes! Also, the reference to Karnwyr's being a softie was such a nice flash back to the 'old Phaedra'. I like how the old and new her seem separate, in a way, but still the same - throughout everything, she's still fundamentally the same and there are some clearer flashes to how she's still the 'old her'.

I kind of felt the development with Casavir was slightly rushed: seeing how long the relationship between him and Phaedra has stagnated, it felt like the sudden bound was huge and a bit too quickly brought by. On another note, I really loved the flow in your description of the initial battle in Castle Never, and Aribeth's cameo was so nice! It'll be nice to see how these developments affect Phaedra. Great job with the story, I'm definitely waiting for continuation!

((One comment about the writing though - I feel like it would be easier to read the story if you chopped up some of the sentences a bit. It's nothing serious, but limiting slightly the number of clauses you're joining together could enhance the overall experience ;) ))
emeraldwarhorse chapter 1 . 7/4/2014
600 hundred thousand words... holy hell
Gaspode chapter 75 . 6/30/2014
This is such a bizarre episode in the game. The KC is desperately trying to ready the keep for the coming invasion and therefore also for the defence of Neverwinter. Yet Nasher calls her to the city for a spot of ceremony. To top it off they go on about the defence of Neverwinter and how important it is. I can't help feeling they are sending out mixed signals here.

I'm so glad you let Phaedra bring some companions. That was another very strange plot point.

As you have written it, this really is a story about alienation, how duty can make you lose touch with who you are and even life itself. We may know in our hearts that it is our friends and family that makes us strong yet for many of us, withdrawing from them is the first thing we do when the pressure of duty becomes too great.

I'm not convinced that Casavir would be good for Phaedra, he's wrestling with too many ghosts himself and his image of her is unrealistic. He is all about the spiritual when Phaedra really seems to need a dose of 'down to earth'. That said I think she spurned him for the wrong reasons and I doubt Shandra would have wanted it that way. I feel so sad for both her and Casavir. A nice piece of tragedy.

Aribeth was another nice touch. Her presence is entirely logical and neatly bypasses the dungeon crawl of the game. Perhaps thanks to her, Phaedra might get some hope. Also is it me or does she seem to view her friends in a slightly new light a the end of the chapter?

I can't speak for the others but I'm with you to the end, even if it takes another few years. ;-)
Anchev chapter 75 . 6/28/2014
Nice to see that the story is not dead. I read it a long time ago (before I wrote any reviews at all), so I don't remember all the details, but I liked it. The background with Esmerelle and Garius is interesting, it makes the whole trouble a lot more personal to Phaedra.

At first it bothered me a bit that she is only 16 years old, because I can't imagine that any person this age is capable of handling so much, but it fits to the character. Phaedra seems very human, with her weaknesses and doubts, especially that she is so dependent on her companions. But relying on Bishop of all people? Damn, that girl is in trouble, and the King of Shadows might not be her biggest problem.

I'm looking forward to read more.
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