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I luv Writing67 chapter 33 . 5/16
please update!
I love this story, I cannot wait to see how orihime saves him and I want to see how the battle between ulquiorra and arizen goes...

I await your next update
Guest chapter 33 . 5/7
Another great chap! \o/\o/ Wow, Ulqui's memories unlocked has turned him berserk, hope Hime can save him, and wow! He definitely went all "Battousai", hope Ichigo don't kill him though. Tsubaki seems like a combo of Tomoe & Kaoru.

The story of Tsubaki's death, it reminds me of how Tomoe died by Kenshin's sword. Very tragic, indeed. Sorry for the RK references, I just couldn't help but notice. :D

Good job but can't wait for an update! XD
Guest chapter 31 . 5/7
Omg, this chapter soo freakin reminds me of Samurai X! XD I swear, Ulqui's past life as a human must've been like Kenshin when he became Battousai! He even had a grumpy old teacher like Hiko! Wonder if his sensei was a womanizing drunk as well, lol.

Great chapter, I have a feeling you were inspired by the anime Samurai X (or Rurouni Kenshin) as well as the OVAs, which were pretty damn powerful, especially Trust & Betrayal.

Very intense was this chapter, that it was! I always felt that Ulquiorra was probably a Hollowfied reencarnation of Kenshin, who probably died while turning into Battousai.

Great story, I love the intensity of UlquiHime's relationship, and how down right diabolical can Aizen be. \o/\o/
Guest chapter 27 . 5/6
This chapter intrigued me, especially Ulquiorra's past human life. His past was sort of reminded me of Kenshin Himura aka Battousai (Samurai X), ne? Especially when he mentioned that he killed his lover... Could he have been the Battousai in his past life?

Great story, btw. Especially the smexy lemons! XD keep up the good work! ;)
XanafiedWerewolf14 chapter 33 . 4/29
Oh my goodness! I really need this story in my life! Please, continue it and update quickly. :)
Guest chapter 33 . 4/27
Please please please please please please please please please, don't leave me hanging. I just recently found this fanfic, the title had drawn me in and I've felt like I was Orihime, this story has gotten me to cry. Aizen is an absolute male donkey. (didn't wanna swear and sorry to all the male donkeys of the world, he's an insult to existence)
Kira Fantome chapter 33 . 4/18
I'm so happy this was updated! I can't wait to see the conclusion to this fantastic piece! Keep up the good work! _
ulquihime7980 chapter 33 . 4/3
go save ulquiorra orihime
Michele Azure chapter 33 . 4/3
Great chapter. I really wanna see Orihime step up and blow me away with her powers. It's something I have been hoping to see in canon. She's probably got THE most powerful gift and it's never been shown that way.
Hellsing's reaper chapter 33 . 4/2
Don't worry, this is so good ,I love it and waited for this since long ago ! But I want to destroy something because fanfiction did not notify me of the update !
LHisawesome4ever chapter 33 . 4/1
Just glad you came FINISH IT please please please please please.
Vidgealz C Valvatore chapter 33 . 4/1
Yes an update! Excellent chapter. Please update soon.
KitsuneSenpai18 chapter 33 . 4/1
I can't wait to see the ending since I love this story so much! I'm looking forward to seeing it and how everything will play out especially with one of my favorite ships! XD
TheUnknown101 chapter 32 . 3/25
ok this story is amazing can'y wait to see the next chapter!
TheUnknown101 chapter 25 . 3/23
Noooooooooooooooooo the build up the battle over Orihime was brilliant but there was no violent confrontation! damn I really wanted to see the fight play out with the extra variable :( just imagine when Ichigo becomes famed mad hollow form and starts mauling Ulquiorra who is busy trying to protect himself for Orihime but eventually dies (like the book hinted) . however what is someone who had the power to reject the wounds people and even reverse injuries (Orihime) and that said being who's dying has an insane healing factor (*cough*) and can even grow limbs back (*cough* Ulquiorra*cough*) well... that would work in conjunction to the rough hypothesis of the book? oh well still love the story so no point crying over spilt milk!
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