Reviews for First: Do No Harm
Qwertzu chapter 4 . 1/1/2013
Please continue this fic, please, please, pretty pleeeease with an energon goodie on top?
Kittona chapter 4 . 12/19/2012
ooo this is most intriguing. I hope you get the chance to write more of this!
Sorcelle Dragonmoon chapter 4 . 12/4/2012
Clever and very well done... I adore this story! Cant wait for more... :)
Teddy chapter 4 . 11/21/2012
Great story such a shame it was never finished
Alathea2 chapter 4 . 10/5/2012
I just found this and it is wonderful. I can't believe I never caught the similarities between House and Ratchet before... at least the snarkiness. I do hope you will be able to update this story because this is a really, really mean place to leave it... *pleading puppy dog eyes*
TenaciouslyEnigmatic chapter 4 . 8/3/2012
This story...just... so much win.

Ratchet and House. A match made in heaven! Haha

Though, I feel bad for saying that when Bee is about to die.

Can't wait for the next chapter so update soon please! (this year por favor?)
imaginethat96 chapter 4 . 3/25/2012
You can do it Ratchet! Oh and House, do NOT be snarky to Prime! He needs more hugs, but I'm sure that you'll be an aft as always. I seriously love this! I think I'm going to have to show my mother this :3
SHIA LABEOUF'S WIFE chapter 4 . 3/17/2012
I love how you captured House in the story. It is totally how he would act in this sort of situation! You put these to shows together beautifully! I loved it!
TexasDreamer01 chapter 4 . 3/17/2012
House is utterly amusing when someone wants to rip his hed off. It's a good thing he knows too much. XD

That meeting between House and Optimus is going to be interesting, for sure.

TexasDreamer01 chapter 1 . 3/17/2012
House is about the only person I can see being excited to treat a zombie. :P
RintinDestiny chapter 4 . 3/7/2012
Jus randomly surfing hrough fanficion and found this...IT'S SO GOOD! Bu I'm guessing you don't plan to continue since the last time you updated was two years ago? But I mus say excellent job.
Grumpy Old Snake chapter 4 . 3/5/2012
Gaaaahhh, why must every good fic I find be one which has been left unfinished? D: Still, very well done. I've been enjoying myself immensely. :)
Eminnis chapter 4 . 2/29/2012
*pouts* And it was just getting good!

Please update!

GenkaiFan chapter 4 . 2/28/2012
I can see why Ratchet and house would not get along. They are too much alike in some ways. HOwever, I would take Ratchet's bedside manners over House any day of the week.

Please tell me that you haven't stopped writing this?

RintinDestiny chapter 2 . 1/1/2012
Oh my gosh this made me crack up! "Cuddy I can see you're uterus," Oh that was the best!
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