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TwiHard4Lyff chapter 56 . 2/19
Firstly... Finished reading your version
'Jake n Renes's story' 'untouchable' an hr ago~
Toatz killer Sik azZz spin off story..
LuvvD it with a passion ..
Ssoo hookD n wanting mmmore..

I don't have a PC n my Lappy is ancient n don't wanna replace it. I'm happy with my tablet but reading from it kinda does my head in as the screen is too bright for my eyes when I read for long periods of time bbut ..
I endure.. It's taken me awhile to read all chapters as I ddoo have a life ) ..
This site, these fanfic continued spin off stories from the originals and wonderful story tellers as yourself, in my opinion have left me verrry satisfied content but wanting more sso much more.. I appreciate your extended stories of the twilight saga coz honestly now.. You have nnoo idea how much I've cravved wanting n knowing more ..
After the twilight saga (SM Author) had ended.. I was left with the unknown idea of needing n wanting to know more about Bella n Edward. I don't know what more I needed to know I just knew I wanted something more from twilight.. Just not much of the wolf pack Jacob etc..but..I needed moooore nnd I was left up satisfied for along time.. I know this soundz over the top, well to me it does, but I felt I became addicted lolz.. I read everything SM wrote anything that related to the T'saga..
I was n am Totally hooked like a Junkie ..
Ok I'm babbling on now but, 9yrs ago I learned about the Twilight book from one of my teenaged girls, I laughed at the book thinking n flicking thru reading what the heck, vamps predictable love what's this rubbish mocking it hard out.. After reading the first novel, I was hookD lolz amshayZ on me.. Then the movie came out..nn I bought the rest of the books when they came out, watched all the movies at a time when featured on the big screens, so yeh kinda a dy hard now .. Hah.. But yet left unsatisfied.. Don't get me wrong.. twilight saga I know n feel is one the gr8z in this world.. Luv it with a Passion!
S.M is da man soo to speak !

Then years L8r ! I found this site... I've stumbled across over the years but I don't think I was ready for anyone's else's views input version of Twilight ~
till I read your spin off version of 'Seth's n Regans' version..da luvD it..
Then 'Jacob n Renes's' story..
N this where I flippD da Script n converted from
Team Vamp ' Bella n Edward ' to now
Team Werewolf 'Jake n Renes' ..
I'm such a dy Hard for the wolfs now..

I could go on but I'm sure I've said wway too much but I just need to let you know
I've grown to luv n appreciate all your efforts in these stories and Have only read two of them
(will read more when I can) and tho I've noticed statements n phrases from novels are used in your stories,
I am ssoo very moved by your version of the story n are very satisfied right now.. But still wanting to more from jake n renes's children .. Ah.. Just need more is all I'm trying to say..

I hope I didn't blo up your comments too much lolz..
Just saying..

Thank you.. I hope there is more on untouchable n JNz kids.. Pllss...

Ps. Just needed to ask b4 I jet outtiez..
J n Nz oldest - Caden.. Had he imprinted on Tanya n if yes.. Why? Isn't Tanya a Vamp ?
I hope I hear back from you thanks..

Huge Fan here!
Luv from
Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie! Oi oi oi !

Soz bout the TypoZ.. Tablet ain't happening, eyes blurring lol!
TwiHard4Lyff chapter 15 . 2/11
Twi-Hard fan here.. Loving the stories..

I feel these stories are ssoo gr8 ! I want more, can't stop reading.. Thank you..

I just wish they were on movies..
Loving the story line.. Easy to follow for me.. The characters are awesome..
Tho Jacob is the man/wolf for ness )

Enjoyed the seth n regan ..
Jacob n ness..
Killer crazy stories luv luv 'em..

Thank you again..
soyjackswastedlife chapter 1 . 12/19/2016
This is an amazing story and I cannot get over how perfect it is!
Guest chapter 45 . 5/20/2016
Its not a story . Its a boring looooooooooong crap with no plot oh well maybe it has a plot and its when jake going to bang that girl
Guest chapter 20 . 3/18/2016
This story make no sense and jacob dont know what he wants renesme is a horny brat and imprinting is totally diffrent . Imprinting mean he will be anything she needs andnothing can stop a wolf tell her object of imprint about all the story not even a promise to her dad he even can get angry at her anyway renesme saw her mother and jacob fight over imprinting at first place and have a total clear vamp memory .anyway if the whole imprinting is a brain wash .if you like to have a love triangle story you could atleast change original plots . You write good but wrong
akes88 chapter 22 . 1/21/2016
Quil's relationship advice is not only golden, but adorable and hilarious when paired with Jake's attitude. please put Ness and Jake out of their misery soon!
Guest chapter 47 . 11/10/2015
Good job. Really realistic, I can't stand those fics when the first time it's all pleasure and isn't realistic. So well done!
Everafter4 chapter 56 . 9/25/2015
Well done! :)
Everafter4 chapter 25 . 9/19/2015
I like seeing things from Jake's POV. Just feels right.
Everafter4 chapter 14 . 9/18/2015
Damon's presence in the story has me concerned and curious... Let's see what he's up to!
Everafter4 chapter 5 . 9/17/2015
I'm really enjoying reading this. I like to see how you've 'fleshed' out all of the weird mind-reading, and the imprinting, and the vamp/werewolf stuff. I'm sure it poses problems, especially with Ness. It's super intriguing. Good work!
Guest chapter 21 . 9/9/2015
Ugh! Why Jake, why?! I really hope they both wait for each other instead of having flings.
Debbie Hicks chapter 56 . 4/13/2015
Epliouge two: the Attack of Reneesme Black/resurrerction/Birth
that it Happened the Phoenix coven Attacked Nessie very too Hardest by dontating the vnom from as to our Eight kids with myself Transforming myself into a official the Cullens placed my wife Carlisle she will be a newborn vampire officially then it Happened her own heart died with my own but with each in the third day resurrected with the bitten and Drained but herself screamed of the finalist stages then with themselves suddenly Crashing then fell freee with the tri-hybrids with as all of them then the bodies vanished to their hall but reawakened differently Nessie oh my god she was so iciest cold so do I still hot then her eyes snapped open but lost the Ablity to have more kids eight was plenty then the Seer noticed how different but herself was going bonkers who was stuck as a teenage wife and mother at only 17 years old our kids had far too much many more of the vampire Venom then who look about her own age after birth it happened a witness fled to and reported to the Volturi about more hybrids as all of them then they have kids from each three and the Senior Volturi guard killed them for more Immortal children here comes the Accused Masters we bring you these rouge Vampires and Lycans what the charge GULITY EXECUTE THEM ALL NOW! Their Screams came later then reawakened as the same people but I still phase but I never got old at all but Nessie gotten frightened was so terrified Alice what they done to them then a letter arrived to our humbled dead hearts that Reneesme Black is a full Vampire slayer is unable to have kids we punished you for having a alliance with the Intergalactic Lycans had them as all of them killed and destroying as very all if you attend or have jobs you are detain from your families she Broken the law of having hybrids of Vampire/Lycan you and the Allies are Extinct and with as all banished friends killed but destroyed you will not seed again we are Coming to America! Via Warp Speed They are looking for us and them who are seeking for her who Volturi have Sentenced us/the friends's bodies to die it was too late we Attended and held careers it happened crashing down but from as all of the Creature bodies then dropped them deceased but killed as all of them had Sentenced the all of them to death then were all of them as all of the drainage and blodetting then Removing as all of the Prizes then declared tri-races dead as all of them suddenly causing as all of women of Itallian families infected but with them but exploding But they all of them had as All of Prizes destroying themselves with more of them followed then bound them to the Volturi now deceased we set out to find more both witnesses stopped they are Coming who Volturi then as all of them very much many more as all of moved to Washing then Exploding then destroyed right here with more than all the senior Volturi guard took them away but ourselves reappeared but with our things and places then Crashing with the families aboard with friends and loved ones the tribes it happened Smashed but it was no more ourselves witnessed but it was too late took as all of them before crashed onto Vulcan our new planet and world then it caused with as all of the bodies all of them taken but Vampires took away the Earth killed as all humans but as all of the Humans saved and kept from very far way too much of it Explodffing then Shattering as all of it but it caused a hugest chain reaction then with it then it happened destroying as all but saved then became Immortal but causing us/as all of them to be cloaked but it deactivated but losing our chances but had our lastest but finalist kids all of the sudden aged but grown but very far way the as All of them then Crashing of very last humans then it was too late it was destroyed then it was Smashed But stranded on the planet Vulcan but it was gone from space then CRUNCH! But gaining as all of it was Immortality but with as all more stranded with sided with Extraterrestrials it was all of it then KER-BLAST! That we became all Immortal but declaring a battle a War you guessed Vampires then it happened losing the bodies stored in but ourselves were far more ancient but unable to die then it came too late they could not see and hear us that it did happened Nessie's Mother did a Xena Warrior princess's war cry with Nessie was a very fiercest Amazonian princess then all of us Cracked outside then lost the corpses but all of them dead but it happened right into the hall but destroyed as all of them but it was too late declared Earth was theirs ourselves were undying by now but it caused as all of both stored were all used for study then it was no more of them,
marizpe chapter 56 . 4/3/2015
Beautiful story! Thank you for share it!
HalleyJoe chapter 56 . 7/28/2014
Loved this story sad to see it end :( quick questions did Caden imprint on Tanya? And have you thought about doing a fanfic on aria's life in forks
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