Reviews for Harry Potter and Future's Past
Francis chapter 38 . 7/24
Hey really liking ur stories, both this & the price of noble. I really hope u can update both soon n can complete both da stories. Am really eager to know the end n hopefully a happy ending.
Aaran St. Vines chapter 38 . 7/24
That confrontation between Dumbledore and the Hat was one of the best examples of attempting to talk sense to the man. Let's see if you write it as working,
Guest chapter 38 . 7/21
Even though you haven't finished this story, chapter 38 feels very satisfying, and I appreciate you writing it so I can leave the story here at a good place. With Ginny and Dumbledore possibly being less obsessive in the future, now Harry can focus on Voldemort (and Snape).

You have done a terrific job with this fic. I've been reading fanfic for 20 years, and this is one of the best stories I've read.

I am curious about your age, which I'd guess to be maybe 30 or 35 from your personal comments. In the early days, twenty years ago, I was convinced that all the best writers were over 40, but I've seen a lot of younger talent lately. I do wonder what all those previously 40 year olds are writing now at 60! Seems like everyone changes their names when they get embarrassed about their earliest work (i.e. Buffy the Vampire Slayer), so it's difficult to follow people as they mature, unless they get brave enough to list all their pseudonyms on Archive of Our Own.
Guest chapter 37 . 7/21
Good chapter. It's nice to see Harry and Hermione as adults, too.
reaper1901 chapter 17 . 7/23
actually I think if hermione did ask Harry to write a essay on how to touch a woman he would probably gladly do it. lol
Guest chapter 35 . 7/20
You kept Sirius in character. Wasting time and talking like a jackass when he was supposed to be fighting. I just noticed that this is a WIP, and it's breaking my heart. Like the other thousands other WIPs I've read, I'll either never know when you finish it, or in 5 years when I run across it again I'll wonder where I stopped reading and whether I should start at the beginning (another 5 days of my life) or try to just skim through to find out where I left off and read the ending with no context. I used to keep bookmarks of recs and also of WIPs with the latest chapter, so I'd know where to start, but after 30,000 bookmarks, my Firefox browser started getting slow. I started sending the links to myself in email, but I never found the time to go back and look at WIPs (95% of which were never finished, even years later. As much as I've been enjoying this fic, I am truly sad that it wasn't complete before it was posted, because I know I will never ever see the end of it.
Guest chapter 34 . 7/20
Good chapter!
Bigstik10 chapter 20 . 7/22
Well, I'm out. This story is just...bad. The authors profile page claims Ron never tries to better himself which of course is wrong. We see him practice in secret to try to make the quidditch team, we see him join the DA, we see him study for OWLS (and he does as well as Harry), we see him steup up to fight. It's fine to not like a character but when you need to either lie about said charcter or simply ignore truths about them you as a writer can't be taken seriously. It's clear a lot of supposed HP fans are okay with dishonest characterizations which does make sad for the fandom.
Guest chapter 33 . 7/20
This gentleman author is a Harry Potter scholar. I appreciate the precision.
Guest chapter 31 . 7/20
You have done such a wonderful job with this, that even rehashing old stuff [when telling the Grangers, Sirius, and Amelia] is interesting in the way you present it, because their reactions are the focus of the review.
Guest chapter 29 . 7/20
Poor dopey Tonks is always a favorite of mine, but she is as flaky as Luna sometimes. After Tonks let Albus and Harry chase her out of guarding Harry at the ministry, her boss Amelia tells her to take orders only from Amelia, not from Dumbledore or Harry, but Tonks just can't seem to remember. Tonks has orders to deliver Harry to court, but Dumbledore says no, he'll do it, and Harry says, sure, let Dumbledore do it, and sweet, submissive, earnest Tonks, who has a backbone made out of Silly Putty, once again says, OK. This can't be good!
DarkShura chapter 38 . 7/22
Thanks for writing. We wait next chapters.
Hornbugv chapter 38 . 7/21
Thank you for continuing H P and Future's Past. It is truly a wonderful and thought provoking story.
The two insights you gave in this chapter are incredibly pointed, both the sorting hats question to Albus and the statement at the beginning of this chapter concerning the Art of Seduction. The philosophy involved makes at least me stop to think.
As for The Shenandoah Valley and Skyline Drive both are stunning and breathe taking. I know, as driving from Richmond to the Mountains and valley's of Virginia is beyond peaceful. Again THANK YOU
Guest chapter 24 . 7/19
Albus said he'd done a half-ass job of warding the Grangers' property, and then Hermione leaves the garage door open, where the vanishing cabinet is. I wonder who is going to wander into Grimauld Place. Albus specifically had said that the Grangers' wards would not keep Voldemort away. LOL
Guest chapter 22 . 7/19
It's sort of disturbing that Ginny is equal to Voldemort in the amount of villainy, and time spent trying to think up ways to foil her evil plans. She shouldn't be such a problem, if people only had the guts to confront her in the beginning, announce that she's an evil bitch, and if anything unfortunate should happen to Harry or Hermione, the world will know that Ginny is Suspect Number One, and Voldemort is Suspect Number Two.
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