Reviews for Harry Potter and Future's Past
DaftDruid chapter 30 . 9/27
Heck yeah! I'd vote for her!
DaftDruid chapter 29 . 9/27
They're so beautiful together agh
DaftDruid chapter 1 . 9/26
Okay so I'm not on capter one but using my laptop so review in general for nearly chapter 30. I love this story, it's really ingenious and all of the major plot points are based around legitimate plot-holes and questions that could be asked that you have come up with very interesting answers to. I appreciate the simple observations that most don't even second-guess in the series, and the obvious (or maybe not for you) amount of research that has gone into this. Its outright my favourite fanfiction around and I really hope you update soon!
DaftDruid chapter 26 . 9/26
DaftDruid chapter 22 . 9/26
DaftDruid chapter 19 . 9/26
Was talking to a fellow HP fan about all the plot-holes and explanations in your story! Just love this man, legit one of the best fanfics around.
DaftDruid chapter 15 . 9/25
Your arguments and points are so legit. I love that this could actually happen, you're awesome and well-researched!
DaftDruid chapter 14 . 9/25
I really live when Dumbledore gets put in his bloody place
Also: your attention to detail is great
Hud mis Hydref chapter 37 . 9/25
I have greatly enjoyed this story so far. I really hope you finish it in the near future so we can all see what happens with everything going on. Keep up the good work.
DaftDruid chapter 11 . 9/25
Like, I mean, confidence goals, but it seems a little more out-of-character than usual, I'd be pretty freaking nervous in all honesty
DaftDruid chapter 10 . 9/25
This just gets better and better
miloradowicz chapter 2 . 9/24
Sorry, this comment applies to the previous chapter, but I've already posted one, and have failed to figure out how to edit the one posted earlier.
Now, well, how do you explain that Amortentia smelt to Harry just exactly like ginny? If my memory serves me, Amortentia smells like something delightful to a person. Though, of course the redhead hore could just pick up the same perfume Hermione used; then again, why Harry didn't recognize the scent? Hermione was under his very nose the whole bloody year!
And I would also like to know how could they spend weeks and weeks alone in that cold tent lost in a lonely, lonely forest in the middle of nowhere and never come to so much as a kiss. No, forget that, I would like to know why the bloody Goddess never tried to push them towards each other while they were so vulnerable, so close and in so much need of each other, and there were no red-head setback to doze them jealous potion. I think an explanation (from Miranda's POV) would be a good thing.
DaftDruid chapter 3 . 9/24
Woah there jeez
miloradowicz chapter 1 . 9/24
Goddess of Love? You mean there's another goddess besides The Goddess of Death and Sorrow, Broken Hearts and Shattered Skulls JKR?
A lovely story, love it so far. Keep it up!
Guest chapter 33 . 9/20
You really DIDN'T plan on Rich!Harry huh...I mean it went from 800 million (or 400 million) to 25 million to 22 million. Which I'm sure is still a lot. I'm imagining a 400 million galleon richer Harry and Hermione and...somewhere along the Potter line with that money it's possible they would become like the Malfoys...
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