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RCPMione chapter 36 . 3/21
Nice chapter, now what is going to happen to Ginny, look forward to the next update!
AngelGoneDevil69 chapter 36 . 3/20
Utterly incredible. I hope Ginny gets help. I'm glad Ron is finally beginning to see the error of his ways even if I still don't like him. I wonder what Miranda has in store for him. Please update asap!
Runecutter chapter 36 . 3/18
Isn't that exactly what Dumbledore always preaches? A million chances for those that do not learn there lessons from the first few dozen failures? And who always escalate the bets until it's more than they can backup when they lose the wager?

I hope they get her some plumber for the warped tubing she calls a mental state of health... And whoever they choose will give Albus a big piece of their own mind about how irresponsible it was to keep the poor girl away from competent help. Will she be ever able to overcome this damage? Will she ever have a normal life and know true, undemented love? Mind me, i'm not a fan of the redhead menace, i've been too annoyed with JKRs policy to force her upon us and Harry, but she's still largely a good person on the right side and while the Weasleys may have shady sides (the squib cousin nobody mentions) they stand on the right side in this battle. And it would hurt those Weasleys that have never done anything bad towards our heroes... like Bill

Well I'm curious what's now up with Ron's "reward"... on one hand it seems like he is pretty honest about regretting his behavior and involvement in the nasty plans... on the other he was a miserable friend and took a long time to do the right thing... A bit humiliation on the way to become a better man would be appropriate... and if that now means a fling with Lavender, flirting with Pansy or being head over heels in love with Seamus for some time... i can't wait to see what the long coming hints ultimately will mean.

As for the Fightnight... wonderful interlude, action, suspence, betraial and a surprising ride of the cavalry to the rescue... Sad that it claimed some lives on the side of the defenders, but then it was a widely arranged and good planned ambush and it would not have seemed right if not some of the assaults would have had dire consequences... TBH, i will not miss Fletcher and while Hestia Jones or Dedalus Diggle didn't do anything overtly wrong, they were not really present enough to cry hot tears of loss after them. McGonagall, Remus or Sirius would have been far worse from the emotional impact.
And if it gets Snape into trouble or on the receiving end of the Elder Wand... it might have been worth the sacrifice. And the fool proof indications for all of Dumbledore's badly reasoned decisions stack up until a small wind will tipp the mass over and crush on Albus... Maybe he should take a break from searching for Riddle's soul (as Harry and Hermione are much further anyways) and look a bit for his own soul instead. It might still be early enough to repent and recognize that it's time to really show trust and open up to the young couple like he dishonestly has claimed so often in the last few months.
Or he will harvest what he has sown... mistrust, secrecy, animosity and ugly accusations, just like he throws around all the time when it seems to help his cause... Only that the only reason for HIS animosity is that he feels disrespected because he just CANNOT be wrong, despite being proven such time and again.
Anybody who opposes a leader so noble and selfless that he would oversee a lifelong conditioning of an orphaned child to give his life away, anybody opposing the GREAT Albus Dumbledore must be evil, dark, a monster in making! In other words: he bases everything on his own delusions of adequacy, while the hostility he earns is simply based on the facts of his actions and thus way more justified. If only he could see it so clearly... maybe the Pensieve might have helped? :D (btw couldn't Sirius donate whatever payments for the Order of Merlin and his wrongful imprisonment and nearly murder by the hands of the ministry he might have received and have them acquire another Pensieve just for Law Enforcement and Wizengamot trials? Even if they're rare, they must be for sale or how would Dumbledore have gotten his? I think that Harry and Hermione should try to find one for themselves too, so they could use Dumbledore's to make amends if he ever shows progress that should be rewarded... and that way he wouldn't know they still have access to one ;))
Deathday Party Planner chapter 36 . 3/18
Just had a chance to read your latest update, it was terrific as always! Thank you for sharing! I've never read a story where Harry consciously possesses the three Hollows ... and wants to use them. They may not be the Master of Death but It would be great if HHr could wield what ever power they do confur in this story to at least bump Albus back and maybe solve the scar soul piece issue. I think you coould do a wonderful job of weaving them into this great story. Again, thanks for the update.
RikudoNaruto1 chapter 36 . 3/16
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Ju Ju chapter 28 . 3/14
Man, that last part! I am *still* giggling about it. Well, on to the next chappie! Onward march! (Today is pi day! Im so excited bc it means my math class HAS to listen to me recite 119 digits of pi!)
harrypottergurl10 chapter 36 . 3/15
Love this story. Keep up the great work. Loves!
TheDarkPlume chapter 36 . 3/14
And I thank you for finishing up "the Ginny thing". Scared the hell out of me doing it though. Love this story. Update soon please.
devils-momma chapter 36 . 3/12
I just found this story and love it so far. I hope you will pick it back up and finish it. Keep smiling.
Sithslayer69 chapter 36 . 3/10
yay! Great chapter!
Beyondthesea16 chapter 36 . 3/10
nice update, snape hits rock bottom from both masters (yeah), ginny finally get the HELP she needs, glad to see ron to his head out his arse to assist, waiting for more
TheWickedTruth89 chapter 36 . 3/10
Great chapter, can't wait for more.
scooper chapter 36 . 3/7
Your ginny scenes seem to have lost something.. but anyway it would have been cool to see snape "help" her in some way...
BenRG chapter 36 . 3/9
I think that Ginny will be spending most of her adult life in a do-up-the-back shirt with no wrist-holes in the sleeves.

I've always been partial to the theory that the Diary Horacrux corrupted Ginny's mind and turned her into something not unlike Bella in many ways - capable of doing anything if she believes her 'master' (Harry) wants it, irrespective of whether he actually does want it or has asked for it.
Banana Girl chapter 36 . 3/7
The Best Harry Potter Book EVER.
My favourite pairings and bashings.
Could you put Luna or Neville in the next chapter.
And do you do any Percy Jackson fic's.
This story ids almost as awesome as BANAN's
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