Reviews for Harry Potter and Future's Past
hagrid51 chapter 15 . 4/27
I must disagree with your A/N that says Dumbledore isn't evil in this story. Your description of him, is to me at least, the worst sort of evil. The kind that is wrapped up as concerned, controlling, and worst of all, in a place of power. Besides that, love the story
MMax chapter 6 . 4/26
I wonder if Ginny will be paired with Dean soon.
InvisibleIsMyName chapter 38 . 4/26
This story is utterly brilliant! I eagerly await more
Rafsolo chapter 20 . 4/25
Sirius is a real SOB huh? haha. I always thought his initials were funny
Nibiki chapter 38 . 4/23
Thank you so much for the update! I had actually forgotten about this story after so long without an update. I thoroughly enjoyed rereading it. I laughed when you said you were trying to write a contrite Albus. Good luck!
Congrats on the new home and I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Until then, keep up the wonderful writing. Ja!
DreamingKnight chapter 1 . 4/25
I've just started reading this (I'm at chapter 5). I'm loving it. I've even asked my friends to read it too. Thanks for writing it.
u888320 chapter 38 . 4/24
Hi. I've just been rereading your story and enjoying it. There were quite a few chapters added since I last read it. I like Miranda's attitude and look forward to seeing how the Dumbledore issues are handled. Its been a fun read; thanks for sharing it with us.

Shenandoah Valley is awesome. I've done some hiking on the Blue Ridge and participated in a few geology excursions there while a student at Maryland in the '70s. Cheers.
hawkswench chapter 38 . 4/23
I am enjoying your story that I happen to find by accident. I don't you can write a contrite Dd yet. Even though he has been told off by many people including the hat it will take an event I think to show him that he is wrong.
HP4L527 chapter 38 . 4/23
Really hoping you can eventually continue this story :(
MarkedPariah chapter 34 . 4/22
I think you did well coming up with the three traps that you explained in this chapter. I'm not sure if they are as devilish as something Voldemort would do, but I thought they were quite clever particularly the clearing.

Thank you.
C.Menard chapter 38 . 4/22
So glad you picked this back up! I'm so excited to read whatever you have next! Thank you!
lesa.blazer chapter 38 . 4/22
Please please please continue soon soon soon
hunzbookwyrm chapter 37 . 4/21
Just love story so far, Can't wait for the next update
rosiegirl chapter 38 . 4/21
Glad to see you working on this again! It will be hard to pull off a changed Dumbledore, but I know you can do it!
Marc the Unruly chapter 38 . 4/21
Great Story and I truly hope the muse is kind to you. It has made me smile, laugh and cry. You are truly a gifted writer.

My wife liked your comment at the start of Chapter 37 and agreed with it, but did add unlimited chauffeuring as well. :)
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