Reviews for YuYuGiDigiMoon: Dawn of Chaos
True Wielder of The Ultimatrix chapter 1 . 3/12
You are my fricking hero man.
LazerWulf chapter 57 . 1/23/2015
Lotta things happening this chapter...
LazerWulf chapter 56 . 1/21/2015
See... told ya it wouldn't take long. _
LazerWulf chapter 55 . 1/21/2015
Can't believe it took me over a year to finally get to this! Sorry for the wait, but I should be getting through the next 8 chapters fairly quickly... (Especially the next one, because I already beta-read it.)
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 63 . 1/2/2015
First things first, Happy New Years, K! Oh boy, this review has been a long time coming. Main reason why I've held off from doing a review for Dawn of Chaos' review: I don't really know what to say. It was really hard saying farewell to a season trilogy I've been following for as long as I can remember. I was entering my freshmen year of high school when I was reading the original Wrath of Pharaohmon's humble beginnings! Or, was it back in 8th grade? Man, where did all that time go? D: (

But, what's there to say that hasn't been said? You lived up to your vow and completed the trilogy you originally intended. That I can say you should be proud of! You have the gift to be a great author and write your own stories readers can cherish! :D

It was a wonderful journey following groups of anime heroes I never thought would crossover well. But, you made magic with this one. Who would've thought crossing over Yugioh, Sailor Moon, Yuyu Hakusho, and Digimon was a good idea? You did and you made it work. You made YuYuGiDigiMoon your own and continue building on it despite ending the trilogy.

Nearly everything came full circle and got resolved (except Cain... hope that thing gets resolved with the jerk, but I doubt it since he's stubborn...). The end of Dawn of Chaos and Paradais brings a whole new era for our heroes to look forward to. I loved the heroes gathering for another cosplay event, Minako's pregnancy... LOL (great stuff!), the wedding of the Minako/Rio, Makoto/Mako, and JP/Norn, the party stuff, the future crew going back home to see their world restored, Kotori interacting with the Senshi & planting the seeds of the Valkyrie fic, and the establishment of Legend HQ.

I was digging the lesbian love (Tyra/Helena & Kohana/Lien). Man, Daiki being all prophetic with all those future events (Guardian of the Galaxy, Attack on Titan, Disney buying Marvel, etc. LOL!)

Legend HQ was a nice touch, K. Now the heroes got their own Hall of Justice! Long overdue I say! XD

BTW, cute character corner with the YYGDM leads, Tai & Agumon and the Puella girls. :P

Reading this whole thing was admittedly arduous and long (maybe too drawn out, no offense, I had to spend days reading the last chapters, lol). I had to imagine it was hell writing most of these chapters. But, I can't fault too much. This was a gem of a crossover I never thought would work in the first place. It worked it in the end.

Survey time, Haruhi says:
Fave Male characters: Yusuke, Takato, Himura, Seto, Yugi, Yusei, Dimitri/Angemon X, Hiei, Kurama, Henry, Philipe, RJ, Adam, Masaru, Tai, Younger Toguro
Fave Female characters: Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Sedna, Sailor Orcus, Sailor Varuna, Kotori/Brunhilde, Rika, Lyn, Botan, Yui, Cammy, Nagah, Demona
Fave Digimon: Omegamon, Guilmon/Gallantmon/BlazeGallantmon, Renamon/Sakuyamon/StormSakuyamon, Inumon/YoukaiInumon/AuroraInumon, Athenamon, Madoudramon, DexInumon, Titaniamon, Valmarmon/Tartarus, ChaosGallantmon/Hazard Mode, Anubimon
Fave Duel Monster: Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, the 3 Egyptian Gods, Amazoness Swordswoman, the Spellcaster girls, Stardust Dragon, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Kuriboh
Fave Male/Female Villains: Madoudramon, Sailor Charon/Chaos, Prophet/Millenniummon, Arago, Gamera, Valmarmon, most of Taiyoukai demons, Nagah, Melancholia, Blitzkrieg, Lobo, ChaosGallantmon/Hazard Mode, Karasu, Rando, the Saint Beasts, Lilithmon,
Fave Villains Love to hate: KITOSS!, Long, Professor Frank, King Enma (...yeah no villain but loved seeing him get his), Barbamon, Toad, Vipris, Sailor Charon/Chaos (I love AND hate her), Necromon/Lichidramon, Igasu, Cain Bearer
Fave New characters: Lien, Kohana, a few of the Neo-Rajita (especially the transgender), the Neo Senshi/Detectives, Signers, Duel Academy gang
Fave Comical moments: Too many to pick. Minako crushing Rio's hand, Beelzebumon's eggplant guns, Ai & Demona's being all Ayeka & Ryoko all over Adam (XD), Varuna's rabbit partner, Lien & Kohana cute moments (PILLOWS!), Charon & Gamera's dark humor,
Fave Sad moment: Too many to pick. Janyuu's sacrifice, Rio and Kyo's deaths, Phillipe and Himura forced to fight Kotori, Kitoss abusing Helena, the Amazoness Sage's backstory, Inumon's past, the Senshi losing their powers
Fave Battles: Too many to count.
Fave Battles (Days 6 & 7): The whole thing.
Fave Unexpected twists: Chaos and Prophet's revelations, Arago slaying King Enma, Miho and Vivian as Sailor Makemake and Haumra, Prophet revealed as Millenniummon, heroes sent to all those dimensions (awesome!), Legend HQ, Himura meeting Hel, Kotori/Brunhilde revived
Fave Dimensions: Justice League, Dragonball Z, Inuyasha, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003), Inuyasha, Evangelion, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Spectacular Spider-Man, Gurren Lagann, Hellsing Ultimate, Bleach, Soul Eater, Tenchi Muyo, live action Sailor Moon, My-Hime & My-Otome, Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts, Madoka Magica, Guilty Crown, Toonami, Mortal Kombat
Overall thoughts up to now: Epic stuff, K. I speak for all of us but thank you (and your collab partners) for bringing to life a crossover series that exceeds expectations. Three seasons. 10 years. This season had a lot of great character, action, and sad moments. Despite some clusterness, it was a fun ride overall. I enjoyed it all.
Thoughts of future arcs: The season trilogy is done. But, the heroes story ain't done. Looks like the next stories will be shorter. That might be for the best. No more stress! Can't wait for the Neos fic, the Valkyrie saga, and now the crossovers with DFKai!

All right, there's my long overdue review! Was it worth it? Bet yer ass it was! Hats off to you and this wonderful series, YYGDM. The saga continues. Happy new year and here's to more stories based on this universe!

Take care, K! :D
Starlight AT chapter 63 . 9/9/2014
...*passes out from sheer exhaustion, soul flies out of the body*

Takara: *takes a stick, pokes the author* Wake up. You need to write!


Take: *Cracks knuckles*


Takara: Get off your lazy butt and get going with the review!

Ugh you see what I have to suffer through? Takara is now beating on my guilty conscious! Anyway here it is, the biggest review that covers ALL chapters of Dawn of Chaos! (Well not really)

Lets begin with the basic survey you provided!

Favorite Female character: Damn too many to list...So my top one has to go to...lovely Sailor Quaour for her wonderful payback to the bitch...hehehehehe...And Demona...XD

Favorite Male characters: Once again too many...But my top has to go to the father and man of the hour, Jannyu! Coming in close second...ATEM!

Favorite Digimon: ...Madoudramon, Anubimon, Gallantmon, Omnimon/Omegamon, Alphamon, Sakuyamon/Renamon, ShineGreymon!

Favorite Duel Monster: ...Dark Magician, Stardust Dragon, the 3 Egyptian gods, basically ANY monster from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Series., but especially the Kuriboh's...oh god the fluffball cuteness!

Favorite male/female villains: Charon and Prophet (Not saying whom he is to not do spoilers because that was one hell of a twist!) oh and Madoudramon (Honorable Demon you...)

Villains you love to hate: Meh...pretty much every main villain whom died a villain and stayed a villain.

Fav Sad moments: I have to...Janyuu's death...JUST WHY!

Fav Unexpected twist: The teams being sent to different worlds, I was ecstatic with several!

Fav dark moments: Uhm...the uh ...R word for Helena...Poor girl needed a hug after that...

Fav Comic moments: "Eggplants? EGGPLANTS!? These beautiful babies are named after EGGPLANTS!?" To summarize anyway! XD Oh and Demona's reveal in her true form.

Fav Battles: all of them, I mean ALL of them!

Fav dimensions: ANY Final Fantasy Dimension! Fairy Tail, Kingdom Hearts, Mai-Hime! ...Was Gurren Lagann in there also?!

Fav Music: Cannot choose! (Mostly me being lazy at this point)

Alright so then to begin with...the ONE fatal flaw of the series. Excruciatingly long. But that is because of the many characters involved. However, you got it to flow nicely and I really don't find any mistakes. So prompts to you for that! But yeah its just so long...I swear over 20,000 words each chapter O_O! How did you even manage to do it!?

Anyway there was a bit of arc fatigue in several chapters due to the length. Sometimes i would be like..."Okay when will this end? Its still interesting but I've grown tired of it. Next arc!" Then again that's because I am naturally impatient, and since I feel more attached to the duelists I want to follow their arcs above all else.

Now for the lovely good points of this fic! As stated before, you and LazerWulf have an amazing aptitude of editing because there are no errors that I can spot! Now this story is in my opinion, one of the most well written and exciting crossovers on this site. Why? Because the thought put into this is shown!

The way the battles are fought, the music placement, the animal partners of the Sailor Senshi (Though i have a beef to say about several), it all works out well.

There is one part that makes me cringe, and that is whem Sailor Moon says they will protect everyone. In truth no matter how powerful one person is they can't protect everyone, and so joins hands with people similar to her in a way. See i think she should have been a bit more modest and realistic. And instead of asking those with power to help them, ask the people she protects to also work with her towards a better future. Perhaps apologizing to the lost souls, and showing that she truly means what she says might have moved Cain's heart a bit. He already feels like they have failed him, but it wasn't their fault. But the words she spoke just might cause him to explode one day.

Well that is me and my own idealism and lack of experience.

XD Well that is my super long review. Good points: Amazing writing and plot! Bad points: Super long to read and it takes a while to read every chapter, up from hours to days. Some arc fatigue is also natural because of the length.

Hopefully this makes up for the many times i skipped out or forgot to review!

Final grade?

Story: B (Very nicely done but a lot going on, which is one of the main problems with crossovers, but each group has their own story which is spread apart nicely.)
Characters: B (Very enjoyable, though so many its hard ot follow each one, let alone remember what they look like.)
Plot: B- (Since there was so much going on at one time it does feel a bit wild unless you know the basic around each mini plot and such)
Overall: B
Generic Reviewer chapter 63 . 8/19/2014
Well. This was the longest mile and its finally complete. Power creep got a bit weird (Infinity Senshi of any old space rock with a Starseed/Jeri/Kotori being the worst offenders) but overall I enjoyed the ride.

And random questions wise:

1. Will Adventure 02 BlackWarGreymon get more development or he's doomed to be a more quiet Nail in Felinismon's had?

2. Will Rina Shinomiya be a thing or too new and conflicting?

3. Will Divine/Sayer be used in Neos Advent? He seems like a perfect candidate for the YGO villain because by then Team 5Ds defeated Z-ONE.

I should probably stop speculating. Thanks for the great stories! I'm actually re-reading your older fics to see if I missed details.
Charles Vaughn chapter 63 . 8/11/2014
Dear Kanius,
Great ending to your epic fan fiction. As you said, it wasn't easy finishing this thing but it's a credit to you as a great and dedicated writer. There're many stories (some good ones too) on this and other sites that aren't finished for some reason like the author gets writer's block. For example a story by your friend Ninetalesuk which is kind of like your first fic. As you also said, reviews are often one thing that keeps a story going. Sort of like with tv shows. However, if it's not ratings that end a show before it's time. The other main thing is money if you know what I mean. For example the original Battlestar Galactica.

I have been reading your series for years now. My brother introduced your first fic to me when I think you hadn't gotten to the buildup to the Shadow Tournament yet. Things have come along way since you started YuYuGiDigiMoon. Unfortunately, I can't exactly recall everything that I read happen in your series. One thing is all the characters it has had includeing all the original ones. Another is that it's lasted for over 10.5 years and is not close to being over yet as you have indicated. What I'm going to say next isn't a complaint but a multi story line can go on for so long that it becomes really hard to keep track off all that's happened. That sometimes might be the time to finally discontinue it like what happened with the DC and Marvel Universes.

It was great that the heroes finally got their own official headquarters like the Justice League which a few of them met. A name for their alliance might be something like the United Legion of Super Heroes of Japan. That would be more correct than the Multi Monster Force which is a name I came up with for the big team up in the story I mentioned above. The former name is a little long but you might only use it when referring to all of them together. Since their multiple teams of heroes. You probably would refer to them by their individual names on the smaller group occations unlike the Justice League if you know what I mean.

Inclusion, it's been great taking this long story journey with you! I'm quitting now but there's a possibility I might reread your series in the future.

Keep Imagining,
LaZella chapter 63 . 8/11/2014
Aw man it's over...well I look forward to seeing future stories though I do have a question. Are the future stories going to incorporate future incarnations of these franchises? Like how some of the digimon cast met Taiki from Xros Wars and I was half expecting for at least one Yugioh cast member to end up in Yugioh Zexal. Is there going to be a story that focuses on them kind of like the rise of the new generation? Or maybe some shorts where they're training them to prepare for anything.
JNaegi chapter 63 . 8/10/2014
YES! FINALLY FINISHED! 4 years have gone by and we were all wondering when it get to this point!

HELL YES, so much exposition and questions got answered I'm not sure where to begin? Life is moving on for all the characters along with new things in the horizon for the Dawn of Cosmos, which should last for 2 years (I'm kind of going by how long the Dawn of Heroes lasted in Marvel universe time).

YES; Minako got married to Rio! Along with a Makoto to Mako and Norn to Junpei! YESSS! Triple wedding at the Hino shrine! I kind of teared up for Mina, and her giving birth to Ai made my day! And Norn can sing! YEA, she's going to contribute to Christina! WOOOO!

In all honesty this is a free for all, do you know how many side stories this can get into? Just pick a character and expand on side plot outside the remaining stories!

Ummm, not that I'm thinking about that or anything! Not yet anyway.

So many characters got room to shine in this and I liked how you provided some tension with the Digi world's leaders and Rajita; that's an unsteady alliance so I think the latter will lean more to the Senshi. I wonder where Naga will make her kingdom?

Mako/Makoto and Minako/Rio are having a fun night! In particular Mina's domination of Rio was a ring to American Pie! "What's my name? SAY MY NAME BITCH!" XD

Go through some parts of the story and edit some words; I think you meant Keiko not Yukina understanding the whole "being a mother" scenario along with at the wedding when the nun said Norn marrying Rio and not Junpei.

Other than that EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME! That building is hip! Yeah, that's the word the teens are throwing out! I'm hip dammit! XD

NOW FOR MY SURVEY! Care to guess on some parts?

Favorite Female character: Sailor Venus (hell's yeah, she has to be top dog for me!) Lyn, Cammy, Kohana, Lien, Sailor Moon, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Mars, Demona, Helena, Tyra and Sailor Mercury.

Favorite Male characters: Takato, Henry, Kurama, Yusuke, RJ, Mamoru, Phillipe, Adam.

Favorite Digimon: Gallontmon, Sakuyamon, Titianamon, Athenamon, Marine Angemon, Angewomon/Ophanimon

Favorite Duel Monster: The spellcasters (students of Witchmon,) Swordswoman, Paladin.

Favorite male/female villains: The queen of mean Charon! Gamera, Argo.

Villains you love to hate: Kitoss, that necromancer dude that brought back the dead digimon, Long, Igasu.

Fav Sad moments: That's a lot. What sticks in my head is when Rio, Kyo "died" in their battle, Kotori fighting Himura and Phillipe, Paladin dying.

Fav Unexpected twist: The triple wedding, the start of the hero headquarters, the coming of Makemake and Haumea.

Fav dark moments: Gamera gaining control of the Romulas source and almost plunging the entire universe to chaos. That would have messed up all of time and space. Valramon showing in the human world and of course Chaos/Millenimomon fusing.

Fav Comic moments: Minako breaking Rio's hand! XD Ai and Demona fighting over Adam CONSTANTLLY, Ami pulling her teenager kids ears when she found out they inherited their fathers foul mouth! LOL! There is others but I can't think at this moment.

Fav dimensions: Kingdom Hearts, SM:LA, Bleach, My Hime, Tenchi Universe, Fairy Tail.

overall thoughts of the story now: What can I say dude, it's still going strong even after 4 years. Your writing has improved in general and using intriguing words for adjectives. Sure cluster fuck with all the battles and scenarios but you pushed through to get the ending you wanted! Much love for this story dude!

Thoughts of future arcs: I can feel it dude. Need to read it first but I'm feeling dude! I'm interested how you'll do them. Especially with Kotori's story given your on a Norse Mythos now! Nothing wrong with it since this should add a new perspective on this universe.

What else can I say Kainus; this story took us on a ride and even kind of influenced me to step up my own fan fic writing. The story will continue even after "Happily Ever After" because nothing truly stops.

You reached the goal Kainus so you can relax knowing this story has finished for you to move to other projects (maybe catch up on fan fics and the like?)

And I see what you did in the beginning about reviews our the life blood of a story! She'll be happy in seeing that!

Man, I can't believe this is my last review for this story. So I'll say this for my concluding sentence, Kainus.

And it goes on and on...
Belletiger BT chapter 63 . 8/10/2014
No doubt thats one of your longest chapters. I loved the ending. I never expected to see 3 wedding at once, especially between Jumpei and Noir. Btw, nice choice of the nickname, using the american name. And Ive noticed you cosplayed everyone from the world they had been before the final battle. and the competition between the tamers were cute and cool.
Now lets go to the Top list!

*Fav Male character- Yusuke, Himura, Takado, Masaro Blitzkrieg, Dimitri
* Fav female character- Kotori, Rika, Noir, Athenamon,
* Fav villains you love to hate: Long, Kitoss, and Necromon
*Fav sad moments: Henry's dad's sacrifice, Helena's rape, Amazoness Sage's story, Masaru being killed by Kotori whose still under Necromon's influence
* Fav twist moment: The heroes being sent to other dimensional world
* Fav dimensional worlds: Hellsing, Inuyasha, Saint seiya, Otome, Ronin warriors and Justice league

Final thoughts about the story: AWESOME! Sure the 3rd season is awesome and had a lot amazing battle scenes and happy and sad moments. I really enjoyed reading the story since the begining to its ending. I will miss the story and the characters. )
Ford1114 chapter 63 . 8/8/2014
Oh man, it finally ended! After nearly 4-5 years, we finally see this story’s conclusion. The Season Trilogy, we have made it. Congrats!

Nice of the character corner, the biggest Halloween party is in the works for these five magical girls.

All those scenes with the heroes settle down and celebrate after defeating their most powerful enemies to date. It its so long and detailed that I can’t even comprehend. I’ll just mention a few things. Like that the heroes cosplay as various characters, its all thanks to the dimensions they visited. But wait, there’s marriages and also the world congratulating the heroes. This is the point that a new decade has already been begun.
-There is less music for this final chapter since everything is now calm after the big climax.
-Alas, poor Cain. Seeing his wife’s spirit one last time is the last straw. He’s literally become bald, and will have his final vengeance in the last few years.
-Finally, Tyra and Helena kiss. And it taste so good. (Same goes for Kohana and Lien)
-Koenma becomes king of Spirit World. They are ready for the inevitable of Arago’s return in a few centuries.
-So Kaiba is planning to introduce the XYZ concept to dueling. Sounds like fun indeed.
-Ah, nice to see the Nine Realms of Norse Mythology reinforced. The awakening of the Valkyries is indeed coming.
-I’m intrigue to see the mentions of all the future events that will or might happen. Such as Guardians of the Galaxy that I saw and it was great. Attack on Titan, yeah it instantly became a hit worldwide. Nice parody of Pangean Kings, yay dinosaurs!
-Yeah, the final song of the story is Through Fire and the Flame in full circle. Same goes for the digimon card, it all started in 2003 when the first YYGDM story was made, Digimon Tamers does inspire complex stories when we look back.
-So Kotori’s new voice actor is the same as Ryuko Matoi, huh? Not bad.

The only cons I have for this story, just to be fair since I'm being realistic, is that this story is indeed too long and it gives a lot of stress (even sometimes not remember some scenes that I had to reread), but its simply a once in a lifetime experience to make this crossover epic. Another one is that Millenniummon has less screen time compare to his previous identities and Sailor Chaos (which she remains the main villain overall in the Season Trilogy), but we portray his character well in justice. That will change when Cross Generations comes.

Here’s my story evaluation!

-Fave Male Characters: Takato Matsuki, Angemon X, Yugi Muto, Yusuke Urameshi, Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara, Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo, Tai Kamiya, Matt Ishida, Davis Motomiya, TK Takaishi, Ryo Akiyama, Seto Kaiba, Chazz Princeton, Jack Atlas, Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor, Duke Devlin, Chuu, Rinku, Byakko (YYH), Younger Toguro, Koenma, Jorge, Raizen, Souketsu, Lobo
-Fave Female Characters: Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Sedna, Sailor Varuna, Sailor Orcus, Yui Tsubasa, Kotori Ayami/Valkyrie Brunhilde, Kari Kamiya, Lyn Stromberg, Yasha, Alexis Rhodes, Botan, Sasuga
-Fave Digimon: BlazeGallantmon, QuakeGallantmon, StormSakuyamon, Beelzebumon, AuroraInumon, GoldenRapidmon, Valmarmon/Tartarus Mode, Madoudramon/Titan Mode, HiSuzakumon/BlazeSuzakumon, Mephistomon/Gulfmon, NeoDevimon, DexInumon, Titaniamon, KingBasiliskmon, Najadramon, Omegamon, Omegamon X, Chiimons, KingEtemon, Daimaomon, Shogundramon, Doomsdramon, ChaosGallantmon/Hazard Mode, Examon, Diaboromon/Armageddemon
-Fave Duel Monsters: Blue Eyes White Dragon, Time Wizard, Dark Magician, Red Eyes Black Dragon, Dark Magician Girl, Dark Paladin, Magician’s Valkyria, Buster Blaser, Chaos Emperor Dragon, Egyptian God Cards/Horakhty, Earthbound Immortals, White Night Dragon, Stardust Dragon, Red Dragon Archfiend, Red Eyes Darkness Dragon, Zera the Mant, Gaia the Fierce Knight, Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Zeman the Ape King, Orichalcos Shunoros, Divine Serpent
-Fave Male/Female Villains: Sailor Charon/Chaos, Prophet/Millenniummon, Gamera, Black Panther, Karasu, Arago, Long, Kairen, Rando, Suzaku (YYH), Kuro Momotaro, Seiryuu (YYH), Loki Nekomata, Kiryu, Cecaelia, Relam, Ironclaw
-Fave Villains You Love to Hate: Kitoss, Barbamon, Leroy, King Enma (not a true villain, but being an asshole still counts), Dr. Ichigaki, Bakken (though I laugh of Mizuno defeating him), Vipris, Toad, Parasimon X, Nix
-Fave New Characters: Ditto. The characters I mention that first appear in the story.
-Fave Comical Moments: Syrus and Hassleberry cried out “THEY GOT GUNS!” that referene 4kids’ editing (Chapter 4), Ami’s reaction to her kids swearing (Chap 4), Kazu/Kenta’s remark on Mimi (Chap 5), Orcus’ Bat, Lien and Kohana’s big breasts :P, SkullSatamon & MarineDevimon, Beelzemon’s eggplants, Varuna spirit animal is a rabbit, Tsukyomi is a futa, Mizuno defeats Bakken, Loki Nekomata surrenders, Gamera’s black humor, Gamera’s monologues and Sailor Uranus tells him to shut up (Chap 59), Chapter 61 dimensions that make me laugh (such as Kazu/Kenta in Godzilla)
-Fave Sad Moments: Inumon’s past, Gabuhime’s involvement, Sedna questions her leadership, Sailor Mars destroying Ghidorah’s throne, Orcus misses home in Chapter 41, Janryu’s death (why!)
-Fave Battles: Heroes vs Villains (Chap 1 similar to Marvel comics), Heroes vs Paradais (Chap 2), Heroes vs Mephistomon/NeoDevimon, Sailor Pluto vs Charon, Beelzebumon vs Digi-Zombies, Spirit Detectives vs Demon Priests, Beast BioMergers vs Demon Beast Generals, Heaven vs Hell (Seraphimon vs NeoDevimon, Ophanimon and Mervamon vs Lilithmon, Cherubimon and Rapidmon vs Mephistomon)
-Fave Battles (Days 6 & 7): Kaiba/Chazz/Jack vs Professor Frank, Beast BioMergers vs Demon Beast Generals, Gallantmon Shining Mode vs ChaosGallantmon Hazard Mode, Planetary Senshi vs Gamera, Touya vs Seiryuu, Yusuke vs Rando/Suzaku, Toguro vs Kairen, Raizen vs Kiryu, Spirit Detectives vs OmegaLong, Tenyou/Spirit Detectives vs Arago, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (lol) vs Valmarmon, Heroes vs Charon/Millenniummon, Heroes vs ChaosMillenniummon, Heroes vs Sailor Chaos (Final Mode)
-Fave Unexpected Twists: Chapter 22’s Past History with Norse Mythology, The revelation of Chaos (Chap 48), Jeremiah as the Prophet (Chap 51), Siegfried is Himura’s ancestor (Chap 53), King Enma killed by Arago (Chap 55), Old YYH Villains appearing (Chap 57), The Taiyoukai returns (Chap 58), OmegaLong: 98 Arrows! (Chap 60), Valdurmon revealed to be Armadillomon and Hawkmon (Chap 60), Prophet reveals to be Millenniummon all along (not only that, but he’s also the same cloaked figure from the original Wrath of Pharaohmon), The other dimensions (Chap 61, the biggest plot twist ever), Sailor Moon meets Sailor Moon Crystal (only that its not real)
-Fave Darkest Moments: Paradais test their foes in the first chapters, Kaiba Manor being blown up, The painting in Chapter 18, Charon breaks Sedna’s spirit, The Meikai, Heroes trapped in the hive dimension in Chapter 32, The Mao Kings’ recruited, Helena tortured by Kitoss, Necromon’s zombie army, Karasu becomes Venom, Chaos kisses Cain as Mei, Arago transforms the spirit realm into a gothic hellsphere and freeing old YYH Villains/Taiyoukai, Valmarmon’s revival and giving dark power ups to his forces, Digital Hell’s Digi-Zombies, The revelation of Paradais’ gambit (Chap 61)
-Fave Music: Dragonforce – Through the Fire and Flame, Dissidia Final Fantasy – Opening, Dragon Quest 8 – Ruins of Darkness, Onimusha 3 – Demon Dimension, Independence Day – The Darkest Day, Mai Otome – Materialise, Dragon Rider – Two Steps From Hell, Digimon World Data Squad – Demon Lord, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Dueling the Basilisk, Grandia 2 – Valmar, YuYu Hakusho Unreleased – EP71 S3 Chapter Black, Matrix Reloaded – Zion – Fluke, Valkyrie Profile – All is Twilight, Mortal Kombat – Shao Kahn (Shinrei), Veridis Quo – Daft Punk, Egyptian God Cards Themes, Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah, Smile Precure – Precure Rainbow Burst!, YuYu Hakusho – Sensui’s End Track 9, Onimusha Dawn of Dreams – Fushimi Castle, Fantasia 2000 – Firebird, Onimusha Dawn of Dreams – Tenkai’s Theme, Onimusha Dawn of Dreams – Jubei Yaygu Red Theme, Onimusha 3 – Wicked Heart, Mortal Kombat 3 – The Pit 3, Kamehameha the Great - Morganstudios, Sailor Starlights Theme, Mortal Kombat Theme, Pfeifer Frankfort – Fuzeball, Okami – The Sun Rises, Sailor Moon – Moon Revenge, Kamen Rider Kiva – Fight for Justice, YYH Sensui’s End – Track 09, FFX HD Remaster – Decisive Battle, Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha – Brave Phoenix, Grandia 2 – FIGHT! Ver. 4 – The Final Battle, Isolated System – Muse, FMA Brotherhood – Ante Meridiem, Final Fantasy IX – Garland’s Theme, Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer – The Throne Room, Digimon Adventure: Anode & Cathode Tamer – Final Battle, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep – Dark Impetus, Final Fantasy VIII – Legendary Beast, Doctor Who (Series 5) – Epic Suite, Gurren Lagann – Libera Me From Hell, Attack on Titan – Attack on Titan, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – Courtyard Apocalypse, Home Made Kazoku – Come Back Home, Beautiful World – Utada Hikaru
-Fave Dimensions (Chap 61 & 62): Justice League, Thundercats (2011), Dragonball Z, Godzilla Final Wars, Kingdom Hearts, TMNT (2003), Spectacular Spider Man, Mortal Kombat, Transformers Prime, Toonami, Across Conventions, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Guilty Crown (Canon)
-Overall thoughts on series to now: That is an EPIC season to conclude the ‘Season Trilogy’ up to the point it’s your first (and only) story that reaches a million words. The first season focuses on Digimon and Yugioh, second season is Sailor Moon, Taiyoukai is YuYu Hakusho, all three cumulate to this story. I am speechless of how the details dwarf Digimon Fusion Kai/D-Reaper’s Fury and even Cross Generations. I remember back in original WoP that you once comment that FMA’s writing is magnificent in comparing YYGDM, now this fanfic franchise becomes FMA/Brotherhood’s equal.
-Thoughts on the future arcs: Who said I can’t wait
Chaosblazer chapter 63 . 8/8/2014
You really went all out with this didn't you, but since this is the ending that's to be expected.

The wedding portion was good, happy for those three dudes and their new lives, the heros deserve all that praise, let's hope it doesn't go downhill.

I enjoyed most of the fights, too many to really pic a favorite, the crossover moments with Accel Stream were nice as well_

You wrote one awesome story from start to finish you deserve a break, but hey keep on going if you want too.

the awesome work will continue, I have no doubt about that.
Starlight AT chapter 62 . 7/12/2014
Alright time for a review of chapter 62 like i promised! So now the only question i have about this...

When Cosmos appeared...i kept thinking of Cosmos from Final Fantasy and Sailor Cosmos and I was like-WHO IS WHO WHICH ONE SHOULD I THINK OF?!

And then you showed the worlds..i went fangirl when I saw FFVII and FXIII alongside KH and Mai-Hime I was like, YES! Happy endings!

And wow, longest chapter you have made indeed!

And everything comes to an end in the battles. Nice twist though with Prophet!

...i feel like I could say a lot more but nothing is coming up...XD
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 62 . 7/7/2014

Man, it took me a two days to actually read this 'cause some parts I had to reread just so I don't get lost. There was so much going on it got a little hard to follow, but just a minor nitpick. Kinda my own fault cause I was so distracted with all the crazy action. XD

This was an awesome chapter and so full of energy. Just seeing Sailor Moon meeting Cosmos and telling her she's not the crybaby anymore, she's definitely shown how much she's grown. The fact she's gotten inspiration to form her own Big 7 League (heh, that opening corner with the 7 characters gave a good hint to that) and I would love to see that! Her, Takato & Guilmon, Yusuke, Yugi, Sedna, Takuya, and Kotori? Kotori can aspire to learn from the other 6. :3

I never expected ya to put Chiimon! Definite nod to Chobits! I love CLAMP stuff. And cool they're Cosmos' aides.

Ahhh, Janyuu's really gone for good? That sucks. I am glad he's made peace with his kids and will be with them in spirit (and he actually contributes to Cosmos' struggle against Chaos).

All of those dimensions. I'm still in awe over all the dimensions that appeared. Wow, you even included TOM from Toonami, Transformers, Jojo... and was that Goddess Madoka I spy?! Still cool to see Sedna and Dimitri meeting the DBZ cast (I'd like Omega X to meet Goku one day!). Please let us see some YYGDM-JLU crossover sometime and a Pluto/KH sidestory. Ahh, Utena, My-Hime/Otome, FF XIII & VII, and Soul Eater!

And what's this?! YES! HELL YES! I'M IN THIS CHAPTER! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY TO SEE ME HERE! Oh, and cool that Yuki made it, too. BUT, YES! I CAMEO'D AND GOT TO CHAT WITH SEDNA'S CREW! (puts on shades) I'm so damn cool, aren't I? And you got my sassiness down, K. 8D

Yes, I think I should get more cameos. Deal? XD

Oh, cool you brought Aya back from that Arcadian Cross thing in Summer diaries. Been a while we last saw her.

Heh, and no one is going to miss DB DEvolution (yes that's intentional!). I'd wish that universe out on a whim if I wasn't lazy. :P

Yes, the final battle. A bit chaotic to follow at times, but other than that no complaints. Glad they put a beating to ChaosMillenniummon. Sailor Moon becoming Cosmos incarnate was epic. I just had to play the new SM Crystal OP 'Moon Pride' during that transformation!

Whoa, Millenniummon didn't forget about the dark spore he planted in Ken. Then, he makes a sword outta it for Chaos. That's wicked teamwork I must say!

When it came down to just Cosmos vs. Chaos, it got better and much easier to follow. I must say, though I loathe her, I gotta give it to Charon/Chaos for giving it her all. She HUNG on to the very end and was absolutely relentless. She knew she couldn't let Cosmos take any chances and fought her tooth & nail. The other Senshi, Tamers, Takuya, Duelist leaders, Spirit Detectives, Sedna, Dimitri, and Kotori got plenty involved in the final battle, which was great.

Hah, and Sedna and Dimitri's friend, Kensuke, got to slug that bitch! Well, at least in spirit, but whatever that was great! XD

And then the final blow! Man, Cosmos became the Light of Hope and used the Galaxy Cauldron to blow ChaosMillenniummon into oblivion! Epic finish to two baddies who deserved all the karma in the universe! Eat it, Charon! And Pluto letting go just shows she's ready to move on. All in all, an epic finish to the final bosses of the trilogy season! Whoo! Yeah, just how are ya gonna top this? Seems, nah not impossible. Just hard to do?

Interesting stuff with the crew meeting these mysterious Ora Guardians. Ah, I've gotta meet them sometime. That's on my to do list!

Awesome chapter, K, my man. Our heroes reunite and looks like some celebrating next chapter. Can't wait to see how this season ends. Looking forward to some hijinks and a farewell to the future crew who head back home. A Dawn of Cosmos indeed.

Almost five years you've stuck with this? Congrats. Now finish this! Just one more to go, bay-bee! XD
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