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mimi chapter 4 . 1/28/2016
This is so sweet and lovely! I have never read a 1st person written this well, it's brilliant. I know it was written 10 years ago, but do consider some kind of sequel... it's just too lovely 3
Tropicallight chapter 4 . 6/17/2015
This is awesome... I loved it... But you sure made Misty
Weak... But it is good... All AAML scenes are too cute...
Skykitty37 chapter 4 . 3/16/2015
So cute! I like how Misty was having such a good time just talking with Ash that she forgot all about her fear which was very cute
DiscoShoesDon'tMakeIt chapter 4 . 5/24/2014
Well, I'm about 10 years late to the party, but better late than never,

I didn't expect to like this fic. I thought it would be too lighthearted, too friendly, too "first-person POV" to be worth a read. However, when I did start it, I found those aspects of it to be very refreshing, and as the story unfolded, they worked well with the surprising twist partway through.

It's a fun little fic and definitely worth the read. Excellent shipping.
LeChick chapter 4 . 1/11/2014
Sweet and well written :)
LeChick chapter 1 . 1/11/2014
This is first person POV done right.
Cesar chapter 4 . 9/1/2013
Thank you for shareing the Story. Thank you.
Melody chapter 1 . 2/9/2012
I've enjoyed the first part. I'm now going for the next ones. Man, what Ash did was cruel! If I was Misty I would have already killed him! :)
Anthony1l chapter 4 . 8/27/2011
This story is hilarious, interesting, original, touching, and unique.
Harmonious Wolf chapter 4 . 7/26/2011
I love it! Describes Ash and Misty near perfectly (because nothings perfect). Ash's mini-backstory-majiggers were cute too. He's so clumsy, in an endearingly adorable way. 3 ~Har~
OneNight chapter 4 . 6/21/2011
Amazing story.

One thing I didn't get, why did they not use their pokemon to get out?
OneNight chapter 4 . 6/21/2011
Amazing story.

One thing I didn't get, why did they not use their pokemon to get out?
Singer of Time chapter 4 . 1/17/2011
I just found this story, and I must say it's absolutely -awesome-. I've been a Pokéshipper for ages and I haven't read one story that's half as perfectly in-character as this one. It's funny, heart-warming, and I could imagine everything playing out just perfectly like that. Even Team Rocket's part, ha! Very nice. :3
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 4 . 9/1/2010
I was originally saving this fic for Halloween, but I couldn’t wait any longer. A Pokeshippy misadventure about graveyards, spookiness, and Ash-antics is much, MUCH too delectable to pass up! .

Poor Misty. It’s strange to envision our fiery redhead act so vulnerable, not that I blame her here. Everybody’s afraid of something, even tough tomboy Misty. While I love seeing Misty’s hot-tempered side, I like seeing her softer sides, too, and this fic showed them perfectly! True, I’m more accustomed Ash getting the short end of the stick in fanfics, but this story is a little more Misty-torment, which was a cute spin. I really did feel bad for Misty, especially when Ash and Brock ganged up on her. As much fun as I had reading about Misty flipping out over Ash and Brock’s hilarious (though incredibly immature) antics, I couldn’t help but meep, “Oh! How mean!” Stupid boys. Misty needed a hug in this story (which I was thrilled to see she got come the ending…but I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?).

Ah, it’s always fun and games until someone gets hurt, neh? Typical kids. You always bring out the childlike charm of our twerp trio, particularly portraying them like siblings. Brock and Ash were like brothers teasing sister Misty, but when something bad happens to their “sister,” Brock and Ash don’t hesitate for a split second to aid/protect Misty. It somewhat reminds of the Orange Islands episode, “The Stunspore Detour,” albeit on the flip side with Misty being the one who needs medical help this time. So, I can absolutely envision a scenario such as this fic’s happening in the anime.

Misty’s POV was spot-on, and I could hear Rachel Lillis’ voice narrating this story. You captured Misty’s trademarks of her proud attitude, Ash-targeted sarcasm, and softer-spoken tenderness. More importantly, Misty’s POV was so empathetic. I felt her annoyance, fear, and no lying; there were times in this fic where I wanted to smack Ash, too. But when he melted Misty’s heart, my heart melted too. *.* I can honestly say my emotions mirrored Misty’s whilst reading this fanfic. And really, it’s been a while since I’ve read a first-person Pokemon narrative where I actually empathize with the speaker every step of the way, opposed to other POVs that just feel like a character blatantly retelling his/her story. While I always enjoy your top-notch character portrayals (particularly Ash’s), I have to say you made Misty’s character shine particularly bright in this fic. _

No surprise here: I’m pro-love-hate relationships (and who better than Ash/Misty?). As if getting tormented by two dumb boys and getting injured isn’t bad enough, Misty’s constantly struggling with conflicting feelings for Ash. “I have no idea how I could like such a face that just asked to be pounded so constantly.” - That’s the very *definition* of love-hate relationships as far as I’m concerned! The romance elements were fluffy but never nauseating, and never deterred from Ash and Misty’s teases and natural playfulness. Even come the ending, after everything was said and done, those crazy kids started teasing one another. Hehe, some things will never change.

Though I still believe Misty’s POV takes the cake here, I can’t deny that Ash was portrayed just the way I love him: immature, foolhardy, and undeniably the sweetest and most lovable little idiot on earth! . I absolutely, positively LOVED the hilarious misadventures of clumsy young Ash Ketchum! Little Ash flying out his window, jumping around on furniture…that MUST be canon! I can soo picture those Ash-accidents happening in his past (probably because I pulled the jumping-around-my-living-room-furniture-and-hitting-my-head stunt, myself. ;; I cracked up when Misty admitted she “pulled an Ash.” Hah! You me both, Misty!). But for all of Ash’s idiocy, he turns out to be remarkably mature, not just tending to Misty’s wounds but also keeping her company to tend to her anxieties. I really kudo Ash’s transformation here. Just like you brought out fiery Misty’s soft side, you also brought out dippy Ash’s mature side. He starts this fic on a brattish note, and ends on a responsible/kindhearted note.

And I just love it when Team Rocket helps the twerps! Ash was so cute (well, when ISN’T he? _~), defending Misty in wake of the so-called “villains,” protecting his girl until TR makes their good intentions known. And you had me squealing up a storm during Misty’s hospital visit; Ash holding her hand, soothing her worries the entire time, and their ending hug…ooh the squeee! *.* You made one Pokeshipper VERY happy today!

So, all in all, did I enjoy this fic? (Seriously, what do YOU think?). This is exactly the kind of story I needed to finish off my unpleasant summer. There’s nothing I love more than reading a fanfic that truly brings out the loveable charm of our favorite redhead girl (and her favorite dippy boy ). Don’t ever, EVER doubt your abilities, my friend! _~ Your talents never cease to amaze me.
kyannabrown chapter 4 . 8/21/2010
Aww, this story is sweet. But not in that rot-your-teeth too sugary sweet kinda way. It's just right and a great heart-warming story about Ash&Misty. A job well done is in order (:
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