Reviews for Blackbird Fly
Bell 1 chapter 30 . 3/13/2011
I really enjoyed this story. It felt very real...the things she was going through. The things Edward was going through.

She was sooooo very lucky to have soooooo many friends and family there for her, supporting her, taking care of her, etc. Even though she didn't see or feel it.

I wish we all had people in our lives that supportive and "true". It's a rare find these days to not find people who are nothing but judgmental, controlling, or cruel in the "ways" to 'be there for you' and only when they want to or have time to rather than being there for someone regularly. They don't seem to understand those ways only make things worse, not better.

To have people like that in your life is a true blessing and honor.
cdotnoelle chapter 30 . 3/6/2011
i loved it! (oml] it was one of thee bestestest story's eva!
TwilightFan999 chapter 30 . 2/2/2011
Great story.
mouse555 chapter 30 . 2/2/2011
I have just read this top to bottom in 2 days. I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I was blown away by the raw emotion it brought forth in me.

The style of writing and the way you mapped out the story completely entranced me from the very beginning.

I would suggest getting it beta'd as there were some minor spelling mistakes, but as they didn't detract me from the messages in the story, this is just a suggestion on my part.

From some of your ANs, I gathered that a lot of this story came from personal history. For that I applaud you in getting it out there.

Wonderful story.

i'm in the looney bin chapter 30 . 1/31/2011
aww i love it

so sweet and i love the reunion :) x
Maddy chapter 27 . 1/8/2011
I totally get what you mean by people kissing ass and overrated stories... but yours are none to write home about either. I don't know why you're so offended that no one is pimping yours
Edward-Jacob4ever01 chapter 30 . 1/5/2011
DrawnToTheNight chapter 30 . 12/16/2010
this story was amazing.

i was crying, laughing, crying again.

they ending was heart warming.

keep writing

colla-popin chapter 30 . 10/31/2010
cool ending
B.Swan712 chapter 1 . 10/3/2010
I absolutely loved this fic. I'm impressed by the depth of feelings that you portray... by far one of the best fics I've read!

Everyone to whom I talked about Blackbird Fly, wanted to read this story...unfortunately the language was a problem. I'm Brazilian and also these people. I'm very interested in translating Blackbird Fly, and was wondering if you would give your permission for me to do it? Please answer me by PM or email. ( .uk)
NannaRahRah chapter 1 . 9/30/2010
love it
Dani267 chapter 30 . 9/9/2010
loved it.

Read444 chapter 30 . 8/24/2010
Thanks for sharing your talents; I enjoyed reading your story!
wsxokn chapter 30 . 7/15/2010
This story is a beautiful web of the tangle of lies we tell ourselves and the terrible things we do to ourselves, but the wonder that can come from the ashes.

I myself have severe suicidal depression, minor OCD tendencies, major self-esteem issues, and some temperamental problems. I grew up very skinny because I was never hungry, but now I'm fifteen, and I'm starting to worry about the other end of the weight- even though I'm 120 lbs, and 5'4". I can't go into a bra shop without feeling like crying, and Victoria Secret is sheer hell. Life is not easy, but it's tales like these, with true emotions and true issues blended in, that tell me I have no right to be insecure about myself. I may not be pretty, but at least I have a family that loves me. I may not be smart, but I have talents that help me. I may not be everything I want to be, I have everything that I need: love, hope, and time.

This story has become a great hope to be over the last day and a half, and it has shown me that there is a greater need out there.

This story has brought me to tears, laughter, and hope. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and the top of my soul, for sharing this tale of love, lies, and humanity.
missyheaven3 chapter 30 . 7/8/2010
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