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luv4jake chapter 29 . 6/29/2010
I'm really mad at . I copied and pasted my favorite parts and left this long ass review and when I went to click the submit button it made me login again. Fucking bastards so let me copy and paste some of the part because I don't have this mountain of available time anymore the hubby calls!

Sex. Lots of it. With Bella. Score. "I'm all for practicing," I replied. I wanted to simply attack this body of hers, starting with her ass. Jesus, she had a gorgeous ass coming out of those hips. It was about like I imagined it, not quite as full, but if she could only gain a little more weight... Yes, I was an ass man, I had to admit, and Bella was going to bring out a monster in me. I had to hold back, though. I kissed her ear to distract her for a moment as I took her breasts into my hands. They were perfect breasts, now- they were round and plump on the bottom and almost ski-jump shaped on top.

I'm going to ride you like no tomorrow," she promised, rubbing her own nipple for a moment, leaning her head on my shoulder. "Make up for lost time."

"Did you miss the boys?"

I gripped her butt cheeks- they were so full, firm... yesssss... I squeezed and made her moan, then squeezed again, feeling devilish.

"Oh, oh, oh!" she moaned, bouncing up and down on my lap. Her breasts were flopping up and down. Like they weren't hypnotic enough before... Her body was going to be the death of me. I'd never get out of this apartment.

Her shrieks were enough for me to come- we had stopped having her come- but then, she came, right on my dick with me, her walls convulsing. "Oh God, Bella, no..." I hissed as I emptied into her.

She smiled. "Oh no, it's okay," she said. "It's alright, really. Nothing's going to happen, I swear,"

She climbed out of the bathtub, I watched her ass from a new angle. Yeesh. I used to tease Emmett about his love of the ass. If he ever saw Bella's naked ass, I'd be in trouble. Normally, I was worn out after sex and normally fell asleep, but seeing her new naked body woke me right up. "It'll be okay," she said. "You'll make an honest woman out me soon enough," she said. I followed her out of the tub- I couldn't help it with an ass like that. There was probably a string of drool coming out of my mouth by now. She shrieked as I slapped her wet cheek softly with my open palm.

"'Love this," I muttered as the whelp began to turn red.

"You do?" she asked, rubbing her hip as I picked up a towel.

"Oh yeah," I moaned. I stroked the red area of her round butt where I had slapped it, soothing it. I had hit it a little harder than I meant to. I was just going to have to resort to pinching that amazing ass she now had.

"Does ass-worship help?" I asked, pinching a generous amount of her cheek.

My cock was already at half-mast already, despite the fact that I was no teenage boy anymore. There was too much water on the floor. Damn. One of us was going to fall, we were so careless tonight.

"Come on, this ass needs riding, doctor, this is a medical emergency!" she cried, smacking her butt with her hand, turning towards the door.

Morning breath be damned, I wrapped my arms around her, sliding her up my chest, and kissed her. She kissed me back, fiercely- yes, the wedding was the right thing to do. We were in love. We'd make it work.

The song Blackbird was playing in the chapel, in honor of my mother.

"You two are such cornballs, I can't imagine a better match. He better treat you right. Or, I might have to discharge that gun I've been keep in my nightstand for twenty-five years."

"Your mother's very proud right now," he said where nobody could hear it but me.

That's all Charlie had to say to me to get me to start crying- but they were happy tears- I was proud to be Renee and Charlie's daughter, especially right now. Renee was with me right now. I nodded to Charlie. He leaned over and kissed my cheek.

I saw Thea Nicky and Theo George standing on Edward's side, grinning at me. They both spit in my general direction when I passed.I couldn't help but smile while a few people were shocked. I knew what it meant.

I was so happy, tears were blurring my vision. They had insisted on bringing pasticcio, spanikopita, and around 600 dolmathes for the reception, despite the catering. Thea had even read coffee cups at my bachelorette party the night before.

"Who presents this woman in marriage?" Reverend Weber asked.

There was a pause, and I looked at Charlie. His lips were a thin line and tears were gathering in his eyes "I do," he said, almost inaudibly.

I looked at Edward, and in the corner of my eye, I saw Emmett wiping away tears. Sob sister. Of course, Emmett was crying. I loved Emmett- the big, tough guy with all the muscles was sobbing at our wedding. Wouldn't this be a story about our wedding day?

Then, he went straight to the vows. I heard a sniffling sound behind me.

Great. Everybody in the wedding party was crying except Jasper. I smiled.

"My baby," I realized the sniffling behind me had been coming from Charlie, and he was quietly sobbing in the front row.

There was a giggle in the audience.

We saw that Wendi had dumped out her basket of flower petals at Angela's feet. I saw Charlie, with actuals tears streaming down his face. Aw, Dad.

I think this was you best chapter ever. I had everything it was perfect I don't know how you are going to top it? I really enjoyed this chapter so much. You really have been shining it on these last few chapters bravo. You did good you really made be a believer with this chapter. Way to go! Until next time just the epilogue to go! Aw!
luv4jake chapter 28 . 6/29/2010
Omg I'm scared for Bella damn this shit is going down I didn't expect this toward the end you are really surprising me with this!
luv4jake chapter 27 . 6/29/2010
Omg I feel like I just cut some onions because my eyes are still watering from reading this chapter. I thought if she was going to have a miscarriage it would have been at the beginning but you made it realistic bravo. Doesn't mean it didn't hurt like hell to read. Poor Bella but at least she knows what those monsters have done to her. I hope Vicky never gets out and Jim should die in prison fucking asshole. I'm sorry you have this goodie bag of horrors to pull from I wouldn't wish this shit on my worst enemy. Until next time my lady keep up the good work. Omg we are heading towards the end already yikes!
luv4jake chapter 26 . 6/29/2010
Whoa! Until next time!
luv4jake chapter 25 . 6/29/2010
Another quick chapter. It is creepy when your dad starts dating again. Then they want to talk about well my dad does. Until next time I'm digging the progression and Charlie's demands lol!
luv4jake chapter 24 . 6/29/2010
Another quick read I got caught up them when I looked up it was over. They are getting somewhere yay!
luv4jake chapter 23 . 6/29/2010
This was a fast chapter to read but Rose has some legit concerns but maybe she could have spoken to Edward privately another time. I love How Jasper was like we out and Edward seconded it. Em is so cool only he has to pay dearly for blowing the pregnancy which was too funny!
luv4jake chapter 22 . 6/29/2010
"Can you two get any more gag-worthy?" Charlie asked. "Are you ready to go to La Bella Italia, Bella?" His idea of a joke.

"Step throat of the vagina!" Alice snickered. She was a little more smashed than I thought.

Until next time!
luv4jake chapter 21 . 6/29/2010
"I don't want to expose you to my morning breath," he said, getting out his toothbrush and toothpaste.

"Angela wasn't kidding," I said. "Can we try again tomorrow?"

He picked up my hair and kissed it. "If you're feeling better, I'd love to," he said.

Yay until next time!
luv4jake chapter 20 . 6/29/2010
"What kind of car is this?" I asked.

"A Bentley," Ted said.

"Why does that name sound familiar?"

"Because rappers like these cars a lot," Ted admitted. "I liked them before rappers did. This one was my present to myself when I retired."

"It's pretty."

"Bella doesn't know much about exotic cars," Edward explained.

"Hey, now!"

Edward and Ted laughed.

"Quaint? Yeah, there are no signs out," Edward admitted. "The city has an ordinance to keep large signs from being posted. You have to know where something is, you can't rely on seeing it from the car- aw man, the Arcade closed!"

"Have they threatened to break plates and yell 'Opa' yet?"

"You know it."

"Because everybody wants to be Greek," Ted and Edward said together in perfect Greek accents. I smiled.

Edward and Ted are talking about colonoscopies and blood sugar levels," I said.

"Oh, I know," she said. "Nothing is disgusting once you've been through medical school."

She's a laugh riot," Edward said. "She means well. She's crazy about Emmett."

"They're kindred spirits," Liz said.

"That's because they've both got ADD," Edward corrected.

OMG I don't like for my food to touch either! If I could just take one bite of each thing on my plate… the juice from the gravy was blending into the yams. The yams were ruined, now. My food couldn't touch if I was going to eat it.

This is some real talk: "No good can come through a mystery," Dad said.

Those were my favorite parts. Until next time!
luv4jake chapter 19 . 6/28/2010
"I'd rather have you throwing yourself at me."

"Good, you're doped up and don't have any clothes on, so I can have my way with you," he said. He was back in a good mood. I smiled, relieved.

She must have been molested that bastard. I was trying to hold out hope! Damn! Until next time.
luv4jake chapter 18 . 6/28/2010
"Please, Edward, don't hate me for this," I muttered.


How was I ever going to get my homework done, now, when I could do for myself? Why I had waited so long?

Oh Bella you breaking out of your box yay! Those were my favorite parts once again. Until next time.
luv4jake chapter 17 . 6/28/2010
"Wow!" he cried before saying anything else. "Is this really an Aston-Martin?"

"What's the big deal about an Aston-Martin?" I asked, getting out of the car before Edward could come around to let me out.

"Yes, it's an Aston-Martin," Edward said, helping me out the rest of the way. "My Dad collects cars, this was my graduation present when I got out of medical school and got an internship in Seattle."

"Whoa," Charlie muttered. "Hi, Bells."

"I was wondering when you were going to say hello to me," I said, smiling. He stopped and hugged and kissed me.

"You drive this around Seattle?" Charlie asked.

"Yes, I have to be careful," Edward admitted. "I usually keep it in my building's parking lot. Do you want to take it for a spin?"

"Would I?" Charlie cried. Edward held out the keys and there was a gleam in Charlie's eyes like a little kid.

"I think you just made a friend for life," I said as Charlie hopped into the car, zipping out of the driveway.

"I forgot to get our bags out."

"He'll be back… eventually," I said. "Come on, let's not stand out in the rain."

"Oh, that's okay, you're running on Jacob time."

"You're embarrassing the living hell out of me," I said. "Show me that trick with the banana."

Those were my favorite parts. I'm Team Charlie!
luv4jake chapter 16 . 6/28/2010
"Well…" the song Blackbird popped into my head. Renée's favorite song had been Blackbird. "Can you play the song Blackbird? The one by the Beatles?"

"That was my mother's favorite song," I said quietly, wiping my face with the back of one of my hands. "Play something else."

"I wrote it for you," he said. Something inside me broke, a little bit- but not in a bad way. I felt uplifted, like a hard outer shell was breaking and a newly healed, yet tender, pink center inside me was rising out. "About you."

"Hey, I'm just trying to get in your pants," Edward replied. I gasped. He began to laugh. "I'm just kidding, Bella. I just felt bad over your ruined camera."

He laughed. "I thought we were going to take this slow," he said. "You're actually pretty funny when you catch me off guard. It's cute."

We're not moving these books until you thumb through them," Jasper replied. "You can't seriously think you're going to coast through your first time without a little homework first, do you?"

"I'm a hands-on learner," I said proudly. What a quick, snappy comeback!

"Then you should get some batteries, Bella," Alice said entering from the bathroom, her hair wet, a wicked grin on her face. She snickered wickedly.

My favorite parts until next time!
luv4jake chapter 15 . 6/28/2010
I would have died if Charlie had tried to talk to me about sex.

"Well, yeah," Alice said. "How long did you and Jake wait?"

"Three years!" Angela cried. "How soon did you and Jasper wait?"

"The second date," Alice said. Angela gasped. "O-kay! We came here to talk to Bella about the shower she took with Edward last night."

"Slut!" Angela cried gleefully.

"It's pretty daring to shower together so early," Angela said. "Jake and I didn't shower together until we had been sleeping together for a year!"

"But don't try to have sex standing up in the shower," Alice said. "Unless you can take it bent over. It's already really slippery with all the soap and shampoo and conditioner."

Wendi began to cry. Angela got up to take Wendi back. "Well, once you get used to it, you'll want to," she said. She was talking about sex like it was recipe for baking cookies for Will's preschool class.

My friends were perverts!

"Alright," Alice said. "Let us know when you actually have taken the plunge. Until then, just take the vibrator back into your room and practice."

"I'm not going to use it," I said, defensively. The idea of masturbation seemed so ritualistically wrong to me.

"Sure," she said, smugly. "We'll see after a few more showers."

Omg I had a conversation with my friends last year the shit was so embarrassing but fun! Until the next time those were my favorite parts.
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