Reviews for Five Times Kate Providence Danced with Danny
Sachiel Angelo chapter 1 . 11/15/2011
ah a happy ending. Lovely. I hope you will write more for this. Just loved the show. Before i watch up to episode 8, the part after Nisha's wedding where they were all dancing was my favorite. I just love seeing those two dancing together. Well since they ended up together here, what will happen to Kate? Really have me wondering. Kate will age and Danny will not. That is unless they somehow allow her to gain immortality too.
blackberriesandhoney chapter 1 . 2/24/2011
So, when this show was actually on, I saw the reruns of the first couple episode after it was cancelled. I didn't think of it again, until last week, I promptly found the episodes and finished "God Only Knows" this was the first fic I found when I searched on google. This was beautiful. I loved it.
AyLee Cambell chapter 1 . 1/30/2010
I absolutly loved and adored this! I was so sad when the show was cancelled and hoped to find some fanfic with the two of them but never could. I'm glad to see you've written some, and like I said, I absolutly love it!
JDPhoenix chapter 1 . 1/16/2010
I adore this story! It's a wonderful look into Danny and Kate, plus it gives them the ending we'll never see. Thank you so much for sharing this, every bit of it was perfect and I smiled the whole way through. This is definitely being favorited.