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wryter501 chapter 83 . 11/27/2015
wow. what can i say.
i do see her point. which makes it hard to argue, but.
i am firmly in the camp that has a healthy fear of power. too much power in one person's hands makes for a dictator, however benevolent. a person who /wants/ power, is someone to be careful of. the man who /doesn't/ want to rule, who feels the weight of that responsibility, is the man for the job.
and merlin. all that power, was given to the right guy. the guy who hesitates, who second-guesses, who thinks and thinks again and is /cautious/ above all, about the use of that power. b/c of unforeseen consequences, you can't fix some things after they're broken, magic doesn't solve everything. shaking the world endangers more than just arthur... it's not that powerful magic gives him the responsibility to use it, so much as it give him /responsibility/. (butterfly effect, anyone?)
and here, yet again. merlin is not part of her decision to get pregnant, will not be part of the life of the child /she/ wants. again, she's /taking/, without thought for how that will affect merlin, or the child.
wryter501 chapter 87 . 11/26/2015
i should be happy, but i'm not really. arthur (and merlin too, really) expect to have their women stand by their sides, supporting and helping. and i have a feeling, it's already not that way.
you know, no one is perfect. no one would have been the perfect, once and future king (or any king at all, much less a husband or lover). no one would have 'brought magic back' smoothly and completely, without any argument from other kingdoms, without any innocent bloodshed whatsoever. and b/c they (morgana and morgause) think arthur hasn't done a good enough job, they think their strong magic puts them in a position to judge his efforts, they're going to decide that something else should be put in place.
that reminds me a good bit of the disir, actually. whom i despise. letting uther go for decades, and then judging arthur after only a few years - quick, do everything all at once, and perfectly, or you're out!
wryter501 chapter 81 . 11/26/2015
yes, but... family is a choice, too. not in childhood, but afterwards - you make your own family.
wryter501 chapter 79 . 11/26/2015
okay, but in all morgana's determination not to be manipulated, she never once said, what's the /right/ thing to do. no matter what the cost to me or mine, what is /right/. no, she always just thinks about what she wants, and how to get it... you know, it occurs to me that she doesn't trust merlin. not really. i mean, she knows him and can guess what he'll do and how he'll react and what he'll choose... but she doesn't /trust/ him.
wryter501 chapter 78 . 11/26/2015
oh, goodness. at least she recognizes the attempt to manipulate, but still - she hasn't told merlin thing 1 about this woman, and feels that it's okay simply to walk into the enemy camp to chat? ambush, anyone? she totally trusts morgause to have the talk and let her go?...
so morgana will rule, and they'll just... force everyone to peace with violence through magic? or at least the threat of it? allies/enemies, doesn't matter if camelot is clearly the most powerful? geez, sounds like an albion i want to live in...
'he tolerates too much'... idk. i suppose if you believe that having strong magic gives you the right to direct or meddle in the affairs of kings, if they really do see themselves as above the rulers - but i don't think merlin sees himself like that. i think he thinks of himself as arthur's servant, his magic given him to support and defend the legitimate reign of a prophesied king, not to place arthur on the throne how and when he chooses, and then tell him how to run the land. and he totally would never passively accept a coup, even if it kept arthur save, even if it meant 'magic can come back'... it's far more complicated that morgause wants it to be. just like uther, she wants to force the issue - my way or the highway. with arthur, it's genuine and lasting persuasion...

you know, same deal the dragon offered morgana. for his life, how far would you be willing to go against his wishes and beliefs. how far would you betray him, to save him. b/c morgause already showed she could hurt him significantly. i think merlin would rather morgana let him die, than ally with their enemies...
(why am i thinking now of young anakin skywalker, agreeing to apprentice to palpatine, in order to learn how to save his wife's life? and then ends up being the cause of her death...)
oh, for goodness sake, morgana. take your own advice! i loved that little speech when she's refusing them, and then... good gosh.
wryter501 chapter 77 . 11/26/2015
merlin tells morgana everything... and she doesn't return the favor... :( that's not a very good relationship, no matter how ordinary (and they're not!)...
wryter501 chapter 24 . 11/26/2015
i love the excalibur part of the legend, but i confess i rather prefer arthur uniting the kingdoms by his own wisdom and character and destiny, and not b/c they bow and surrender to a symbol that they're /meant/ to... i guess it's that destiny/free-will argument, isn't it?
wryter501 chapter 73 . 11/26/2015
ah, gwen. (a bit selfish, here, too? doesn't think about how arthur's probably blaming himself as well? and merlin? lancelot wasn't hers to lose...)
wryter501 chapter 82 . 11/26/2015
anyone who says 'i am a great man', probably isn't.
i think, if you're proud of your birth and family and education, then you act like it, you behave in the best way you can to honor that. but that's not restricted to the so-called 'noble' classes...
wryter501 chapter 44 . 11/26/2015
yay! :D this was sorely needed, in-series! (although i wonder, how much did arthur's knowledge and acceptance of merlin and his magic and his position give merlin the confidence to do this and be this man, here...)
wryter501 chapter 57 . 11/26/2015
i like caradoc, too. far more sensible than tristan - or even lancelot - when it came to the question of love...
ah, geez. lancelot died nobly, but arthur&gwen are still wrecked?...
wryter501 chapter 53 . 11/26/2015
oh, interesting again! merlin's met his father before now, but he won't leave his cave - not for hunith in ealdor, not for merlin his son or arthur who he knows is a good man...
wryter501 chapter 52 . 11/26/2015
i like this one, though. i like merlin standing up to arthur and saying, no i won't tell you /everything/. i like merlin having told kilgarrah exactly /when/ he'd make good on the promise to let him go, i like him recognizing that the dragon's desire to be free wasn't just about flying far away...
wryter501 chapter 51 . 11/26/2015
oh, interesting. so morgana finally set the dragon free... and merlin already knows about his father - and arthur will meet balinor already knowing about merlin's magic... !
wryter501 chapter 50 . 11/26/2015
lordy, girl, it's still me, me, me. she wants to help - not for the people, but for her own pride and easement of conscience. she blames uther and merlin (passively) for controlling her rebelliousness like its repression to subdue wild and hurtful and unhelpful urges. /i/ thought i might have merlin forever. isn't it too bad that /i/ have to marry some northern prince. geez-oh-frickin'-pete, doesn't it occur to her that hunith never got to marry the man she loved, or even have him for the luxury of four years? why does morgana always feel like life and the people around her /owe/ her so much?! what makes her so special and different that reality shouldn't apply to her? b/c she has magic or a noble birth? she is just as arrogant - maybe even more so - than arthur! there is no 'big picture' with her, it's all 'morgana-morgana-morgana'!
a'righty, rant over. ;)
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