Reviews for The Challenge Of Lady Kitsune
Loyal DC Fan chapter 12 . 11/11/2014
haha... Not bad...
Deep Serenity chapter 12 . 4/5/2010
As always I love your writing, your stories are always interesting and make me think even if I don't agree with the outcome LOL

I actually enjoy the girls regular life (stories, i.e growing up) more then the Sailor Moon plot

LOL you know How I feel about Rini by now, but I love the stuff about her regular life

And I really enjoy the other girls lives too,

Keep up the great work, though I look forward to the day Rini is not constantly jealous of her mother, I still think with age she should have changed, I'd like to see them closer, she should be learning from her not fighting her (just my opinion)
PriestessHelene chapter 12 . 4/4/2010
Aww, that was so sweet but funny.
Ducks-Go-Aflack chapter 12 . 4/4/2010
Meh. Cliche ending. With all the twists thus far; I expected some resolution perhaps a bit more intricate.

On another note; now there is a yet another female character in this already unbalanced anime/fanfic. Perhaps next time introduce a new male character? (Yes, I know there was Carlton, but I'm not really counting him cause he's a jerk and has had such a small part).

Lastly, I would like to see more action. There was like three, small, fight scenes in this fic, and I would have enjoyed more or extended fights.

Other than that, keep up the good work.


Counterfeit Lord chapter 12 . 4/3/2010
Hi there. I've put this review off for far too long (the better part of about 3-4 years now) and realised that I really shouldn't have. Sorry about that.

Just thought I'd say I love your work; it's awesome to see some expanded universe stuff that stays true to the style of the original piece. I've always loved your characterisation and your descriptive writing is spot on as well. I also love your episodic work, and the way that you always seem to have a 12-chapter piece done every 3 months or so. It's nice to have something regular to look forward to.

I sincerely hope your muse never stops harassing you.
AngelMoon Girl chapter 12 . 4/3/2010
You can't imagine my excitement when I saw there was finally a conclusion to this story. And what a wonderful way to end it, wow! Usa's regained faith in her self, the fox spirit has her happy ending... *happy sigh*. I love the little moments that show just how much the royals care for each other, and this chapter was overflowing with that genuine emotion. Cool added touch with Usa's fear response power, too! It brought a wonderfully suspenseful edge to Usa's decision.

I just ADORE your unique plotlines and have invested so much of myself into your likable characters that I truly hope you continue to upload more and more. Selfish of me, yes, but you are too good an author to truly stop :)


AngelMoon Girl
Prometheus FireBringer chapter 1 . 4/3/2010
What time period is this story set relative to the anime?
AngelMoon Girl chapter 11 . 3/29/2010
Noo! Such an evil, evil cliffhanger! Gah, you've left me in such breathless suspense over here, I'm *begging* you for chapter 12 before coronary strikes! What an awesome chapter, full of action, suspense, and a delicious ladeling of panic from the Senshi barred entry. Call me crazy, but I simply adore scenarios like these *cough*. Update soon? *offers cake*
AngelMoon Girl chapter 10 . 3/29/2010
*Jumps up and down* Omigod! Omigod! I have to keep reading! So, just wanted to mention that I'm glad you have the Elder/Asteroid dynamic in this chapter; I love when the old and new combine forces :) Plus, Minako was hysterical- as always- and the plot unsuspecting (as always ;P). Never would have imagined a "fox spirit" as the Lady Kitsune stalking Usa, but your mind is a strange and wonderfully creative place :D. Please don't ever stop!
AngelMoon Girl chapter 9 . 3/29/2010
Ooh, bit of excitement this chapter! So it's back to square one, hehe. Can't wait to see how this story concludes and to find out just WHO is Lady Kitsune ;P

AngelMoon Girl
AngelMoon Girl chapter 8 . 3/29/2010
Why do I have a sneaking suspicion the kindly black-haired woman so enamored with Usagi has something to do with this? Ack, then again, I was way off on Minako... Gosh I've been away from this story for too long! I'm so glad to be back! Every little interaction has me second guessing, haha. That's the beauty of a carefully woven mystery!
sf chapter 10 . 3/20/2010
Minako's theatrics are always amusing :) I particularly like the sweet little exchange between Pallas and Ves
PriestessHelene chapter 9 . 3/15/2010
lol my baby wants to type tyoo. I sense something but I'll keep my mouth shut abt it.
AZ chapter 1 . 3/13/2010
Thanks so much for updating!
sf chapter 8 . 3/9/2010
Uh-oh, what timing... what a cliffie!
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