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Shawna chapter 1 . 4/4
Great one-shot about Bella and Alec. I've read this story a hundred times and I love it! It never gets old. Also, I know I mentioned this in another review of this story a while ago, but could you maybe rewrite this story from Jane's POV? I would LOVE to see what Jane's thoughts are about Bella living with them and how she feels about Alec's fascination with and developing love for Bella. You could have Jane confront Alec about this and ask him why he has such a fondness for that stupid human and have Alec respond however.

I think it would also be cool if you added a scene where Jane and Alec go into Bella's room one night and sit down with her and tell her about their past and that they were in a situation similar to hers, but much worse. And before they start their story, Jane could ask Bella what she thinks of them and Bella could say that she thinks they're all evil, heartless, power-hungry monsters and she hates every single one of them.

Jane could say she can understand why she would think that about them but it's not true and then when Bella replies with something like 'Yes you are, everyone knows it,' Jane could say that they're not evil, they just enforce the law and if people break law then there has to be consequences.

After this, Jane could tell Bella that she and Alec went through a situation similar to hers and they start their story about how they were accused of being witches by the church, forcefully taken from their family and burned at the stake, until Aro rescued them and turned them into vampires. you could have them say that after they were turned, they were angry with Aro for what he turned them into and they tried to escape at least a hundred times in different ways, but each time one of guards caught them and brought them back to Aro and they would be punished for trying to escape.

At one point during their conversation Bella asks them why they're always so evil and Jane or Alec could tell her that they're not evil, they just enforce the law and punish people who break the law. After their conversation, you could have Jane tell Bella that she wants her to think really hard about what they told her and Bella says she will.

Again, this whole story would be in Jane's POV. And because of that, maybe you could switch it around and have Jane be Bella's guard instead of Alec? How would things turn out? This would be quite interesting because Jane apparently hates Bella more than Alec, so it could add a lot more tension to the story. So anyway, please consider writing it in Jane's POV? I would really appreciate it! Thanks! chapter 1 . 3/18
Wow! great story!
Shawna chapter 1 . 2/20
Great one-shot about Bella and Alec. So cool to see how Bella and Alec go from hating each other and being complete enemies to falling in love and becoming friends and lovers. Do you think you could re-write this story from Jane's pov? I know she's not in it that often, but I'd still like to see her thoughts on having Bella stay with them and more importantly, how she feels about her brother falling in love with a human. Maybe you could even have a scene where, before Bella and Alec become friends, Jane goes into Bella's room and she has a conversation with Bella about hers and Alec's life before the Volturi, when they were human, being burned at the stake, and when Aro finally rescued them and turned them into vampires.

You could have Jane and Alec tell Bella that when Aro first brought them to the Volturi, they didn't like it either, they tried to escape several times, but always got caught and they finally realized that the Volturi really weren't that bad, once they got to know them. They hope that Bella will come to realize this as well.

So anyway, could you please consider re-writing this story from Jane's pov? I'd LOVE to see her thoughts and feelings about all this! Keep up the good work!
Shawna chapter 1 . 1/2
Great story. I love Where Your True Destiny Lies. It's so beautifully written, the words just pull you into the story and keep you there. I've lost track of how many times I've read this story, but I never get tired of it! I really love how at first, Bella and Alec don't get along very well and how through out the story, Bella slowly goes from being terrified of and hateful toward Alec to slowly dropping her defenses. She becomes less and less scared of him, and starts to trust him more. I would've liked to have seen Jane in it a bit more, though. She is Alec's sister, after all.

Keep up the good work and would you consider ever doing a sequel? Maybe you could re-write the story from Jane's POV? How is Jane feeling about Bella staying with them? What dose she think about her brother's growing feelings toward a human? Dose she confront her brother about his growing attraction to Bella and tell him how she feels about it? She could tell him that him being that close to a human is dangerous and he needs to put more distance between her. After all, he was supposed to "guard" her, not fall in love with her, right?

What if Alec then tries to get Jane to see Bella in a different light? That she's more than just "food." What if he told her that Bella's predicament was similar to their past when they were being burned at the stake? Forcefully taken from their home and family to be burned at the stake for crimes they never committed and then rescued and turned by Aro?

When he brings this up, you could have Jane say that that was the most terrifying moment of their lives. Jane could remember missing their parents greatly and they were horrified at the thought of never seeing their family again. Alec could then tell her that that's how Bella feels. He tells Jane that Bella's predicament is similar to theirs.

At first Jane doesn't believe him, but as the days or weeks pass, she could think about her and her brother's conversation and starts to compare their past with Bella's recent predicament and decides, of her own free-will, to talk to Bella and tell her about their past. Alec agrees.

They go to Bella's room and together, they tell Bella their past. Because this story would be in Jane's POV, Jane should tell the majority of their past to Bella, but Alec can throw in a word here or there, too. After they finish telling Bella their story, Jane could tell her that she wants her to give some serious thought to what they've told her.

I would also maybe, at one point, have Bella try to escape, but of course, Jane and Alec always catch her and stop her and maybe punish her for escape attempts.

Anyway, these are just some ideas for a possible sequel. So will you please, please, PLEASE consider a sequel in Jane's POV? It would really make my day! Keep up the good work and happy writing!
Shawna chapter 1 . 11/19/2014
Great story. I love this story, I've read it several times already and it's my favorite Bella/Alec story so far! Keep up the good work!
Shawna chapter 1 . 11/14/2014
Great story. I loved it. Keep up the good work.
Shawna chapter 1 . 11/13/2014
Great one-shot. I love this story. This is my second time reading it and I love every single word! Keep up the good work!
Shawna chapter 1 . 11/12/2014
Another great chapter. It's nice to finally see that Bella anf Alec have true feelings for each other. Keep up the good work!
silversimon chapter 1 . 10/3/2014
This was a fun lemony treat!
Matharose111612 chapter 1 . 3/18/2014
THAT WAS SO SWEET! I probably said 'Awe' about ten times reading your story! It's sooo cute, amazing, and soo good! I don't know if your posting a chapter but if you are I CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT!
Guest chapter 1 . 1/24/2014
I would love it if you could continue this story! I REALLY want to know how this works out. If Alec changes her and if Bella becomes one of the guard. I love the idea of Alec and Bella together! You're in my favorite authors and I would love to see what you could do with this! Thanks so much for the consideration! :)
Moonlight Cosmic Angel chapter 1 . 12/20/2013
i loved it
Fullofpassion09 chapter 1 . 12/5/2013
Holy crap loved it and loved the pairing! : )
Deeplove chapter 1 . 9/29/2013
I loved reading this fanfic! Absolutely adored it.
jaspersmate81 chapter 1 . 8/14/2013
Very cute story. Not my favorite pairing, I love my Major with Bella. I loved your story, and thought you did a very good job writing this cute pairing. Alec was so loving towards the end, very adorable. I wished that you had continued writing through her change though. I would have loved to read that, and the upcoming conversation with Aro. I would have loved to have found out the other guards reactions to their mating union. I can just imagine the jokes and teasing that Jane, Demetri, and Felix would have time noted them with, for comic relief. I hope that you decide to continue this story past its one-shot status. This story would have mad a great beginning to a to a full length story. I could just imagine Doucheward trying to come back and "rescue her, and try to save her soul, from becoming like them," only to find her so in love with Alec, that she all but forgot about poor Eddie. Then I imagine that he tries to kidnap her before she's turned, drag her to Carlise and try to undo the apparent "brainwashing" Bella went through, because in Edward's mind, she is his mate and could only ever love
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