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Zoommerfish chapter 12 . 5/13
See great and rare cross-over story
good grammar, good idea
heart and soul of the writer put in
Last Updated: Oct 28, 2016


Seriously this is so cool and I was jsut getting hyped up for the Alabasta arc.
Guest chapter 12 . 6/25/2017
good continu
Unkn0wn-User chapter 1 . 6/18/2017
Grammatical Horror Story
Shade chapter 12 . 3/26/2017
I can't wait for more chapters and good work.
luz nocturna chapter 12 . 3/14/2017
Hola como estas recién acabo de terminar de leer tu historia y me encanta seguíla siiíiiiíiiiiii mientras no la dejes te hago el aguante si la continuas y no lo abandonas y para ser sincera me gustaría mucho que katara se quedará con luffy hacen linda pareja, mucho no me cae bien aang dale si
Vanessa Masters chapter 12 . 12/24/2016
Oh, need help writing the next chapter? I so want to see more of the. Extra chapter.

The chopper meerting.

Maybe a star learns to bend liquid medicine to increase her chances of healing people.

Or just helping with her own healing, and just loving the cutie.

On drum island, she'll be at a great advantage with her bending. It once in alabasta, she'll be sorely pressed for water.
Vanessa Masters chapter 11 . 12/24/2016
Oh, I love this! More please, more!

I can't wait to see chapter 13, I wanna help speed it along.
Vanessa Masters chapter 10 . 12/24/2016
Oh wow, the fight against Mr. 3 5 and miss valentine and goldenweek was epic!
Vanessa Masters chapter 9 . 12/24/2016
Intense! And emotional the bit with the giants.


"This girl is not normal." started Mr. 5. "From what we saw, she's able to control not just water, but any kind of liquid."

This got Mr. 3's attention as he turned his head away from his tea cup to the agents. "Elaborate. Describe her powers for me, with detail."

Ms. Valentine frowned, thinking as her eyes were downcast. "Her movements control liquid. We were hit by alcohol that she gathered from around the town. She was able to freeze us to stone walls in seconds. Mr. 5 had to blow up to break us free."

Mr. 3 closed his eyes, thinking. "From what you said, she has to gather water or liquid. That means she is not a logia type devil fruit, otherwise she would have created water without needed to gather from around her. But does that mean is it a different devil fruit or is it another special ability?"

"Well, they're here in the Little Garden, so we'll find out as we take her out." Mr. 5 simply said.

Mr. 3 shook his head. "No, we cannot eliminate her. Her powers are too important for us." Seeing Mr. 5 and Ms. Valentines confused looks, he sighed and went on, "She has the power over water, which means she can control the sea. Not to mention that water is everywhere. You cannot go to an island without finding even a little somewhere. Imagine what we can do with that power."


Me. 3 is right, she's not a logia, or she'd be making water. But even without that she's dangerous, abuse of the ocean. And water being everywhere.
Vanessa Masters chapter 8 . 12/24/2016
Brilliant! All of it, especially the fight with katara against five and valentine.

Uh-oh. It seems there's no chi in luffy, or the people in this world. So, Mataram can only half heal them.


"That was an interesting trick you pulled, girl. However, it wasn't enough for my Boom Boom Fruit." explained Mr. 5. Katara couldn't believe that these powers were also a result of one of those mysterious devil's fruits. "I don't know what you ate to have such abilities, but all who stand in the way of our organization die." Here he removed and flicked another booger(which raised a disgusted eyebrow), this time aimed towards the unarmed Katara, only for Zoro to have stepped in and manage to slice the mucus with his sword vertically. The booger divided made small explosions on each side of Katara, Zoro, Vivi, and Carue.

"Boogers. Of all things, he makes me cut boogers." He grumbled as he inspected his sword for any lingering trace of the dirt.


XD yeah, gross.

And robin is right, kataras powers in a world mostly ocean has the potential to make her a huuuuuuuge target.
Vanessa Masters chapter 7 . 12/24/2016
Pretty wicked fight!

Katara blushing cause of Zoro carrying her around and holding her close to keep her safe. Lol

And the mention of Sooka being a swordsman, makes work happy to hear of another swordsman.

Oh no, Valentines and Mr five!


Katara silently cursed to herself, as she was planning on heading towards the open body of water at the docks. She quickly glanced up at the sky to see a half crescent moon. 'It's not much, but it'll do.' She really hoped Yue could help her here in this world and in this dire situation.

"I'll get her!" said a hunter, readying his gun.

"I don't think you won't," said a voice behind him.

"Huh?!" the bounty hunter turned around to see a smirking Zoro.

"It's Zoro! Get him!" one of the hunters yelled, as they aimed their guns at him.

"NO YOU FOOLS, FORGET HIM FOR NOW! GET THE GIRL!" Mr. 9 yelled to them frantically.


Love it, he just popped out nowhere.
Vanessa Masters chapter 6 . 12/24/2016
Poor katana, one mug and she passes out.

Yep, considering Mr eights reaction to Katara, it makes sense. To any devil fruit user she's a deadly threat, as we know what happens with water and devil fruit users.

More so, crocodile wouldn't care for her much.
Vanessa Masters chapter 5 . 12/24/2016
Intense. The others realize katara is gone, and worry. And what could this dragon have planned.
XD Sanji, getting angry seeing katara hammering. It she's soon distracted by the juice he got her.
Vanessa Masters chapter 4 . 12/24/2016
"Because she's a girl trying to find her way home." Crocus said.

Nami blinked. "What? What do you mean?" she said a little puzzled.

"You saw her powers didn't you? How she controlled the acid to her will?" Nami nodded. "Well, her powers can reach farther than that, I presume. Water, any type of liquid, she'll bend it."


Yep super useful on the open sea. Lol.

Luffy thinking she's a alien from the moon...well, she does draw her power from the moon. So, not a odd assumption.
Vanessa Masters chapter 3 . 12/24/2016


Laboon desperately rammed the underwater rock wall again and again. He didn't care what it takes; he has to see them again! He doesn't care! He has to reunite with them again! They promised him that they will come back! They promised!


Laboon kept ramming the wall, not showing signs to stop anytime soon. He was about to ram it again, when…

'Please don't be sad!'

…Laboon's whale eyes widened. In his whale mind, he remembered Katara's words.

'I don't know much about your friends, but...' Laboon could image the sadden look on her face. '…but, it's not worth getting yourself killed!

'You saw me! I wanted to go home so badly to see my friends! I almost caused harm to myself!

'I don't want you to harm yourself either like I almost did!

'You have Crocus to look after you! And if…if you die, Crocus will be sad.

'I'LL be sad too if you died!'

Laboon heard those words. He has never seen a human girl before. And she was a pretty human girl. She has a sweet face and a sweet voice. And Laboon later knew that she has a big, sweet heart. It made him happy to see the human girl smile. Her smile glowed like the ocean at night. It made him…forget about things. Not a lot though, he still wants to reunite with his friends…but…

'Just…please don't be sad…and don't die…'


Her words and beauty made him stop. Awwwwww~
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