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Lindsay chapter 12 . 8/18/2010
I prefer that ending to the one on the show.

Never thought I'd want to punch Bobby Ewing. But I couldn't understand how either of the Angels could be attracted to him. Urghhh.

Really enjoyed reading this version. It made so much more sense to me.
dana.angelbliss chapter 12 . 7/1/2010
Love it! Especially the Blue Danube was such a beautiful chapter, I just went awwww.
me chapter 12 . 1/30/2010
That Story ROCKED! Seriously, I LOVED IT! I want a sequel now where Jill finds out they are together again and the three of them somehow work it out together. Your stories are AMAZING! KEEP IT UP!
ThePriceIsMeg chapter 12 . 1/29/2010
Yay! That was a really great last chapter. I love how you write. Up till the last chapter I have been moping around like "they have to get back together!"
kp1185 chapter 12 . 1/29/2010
great story...looking forward to the next one. you keep talking about naturally i am curious
quickstar989 chapter 12 . 1/29/2010
Oh my god, most romantic reunion ever. The song. The confessions. The rain! All the elements to create a beautiful chapter, and this certainly was magnificently beautiful. I played the song while I read this, and it only intensified my emotions as I read. I was teary eyed all the way through.

I got a good laugh out of Kelly thinking whoever was out in the rain was insane, and then she opens her door and it's Kris. LOL. That's hilarious. But then she tries to close the door on her. :( Yay for Kris following Tiff's advice and not allowing her to do that, and just starts letting her words flow free.

Kris' speech covered everything. It hit all the right emotions. She was angry, desperate, upset, and... again, desperate. I'm amazed Kelly didn't take her in her arms right away, with her out there pouring her heart out, soaked and cold due to the rain. But poor Kelly was rendered speechless, lol.

AW. AW TO EVERYTHING! Kris is an idiot, but Kelly is a bigger idiot for thinking Kris could be without her. That I will agree with, haha. Kelly is everything that means something to her, and she doesn't remember life before Kelly. *grabs tissue* This is seriously so so so so so awesome.

[Kelly tried to open her mouth, but Kris reached to her, put two wet fingers towards her lips.

“Quiet. Let me talk.”] - Aww. Touching. I missed their touchy moments, lol! I wonder what Kelly was going to say? Maybe if Kris had let her talk, she might've said "Come inside"? ;)

Hurray for Kris not caring what Jill thinks! It's about time. But then again, she never cared, only Kelly did. Thank God she got called out on this. Kelly chose Jill over *Kris*, which was wrong. That was amazing how she spoke, so blunt but not in a bad way. All of that needed to be said.

And then Kris ran away, and I just knew Kelly was going to follow her. I was SO happy when it got to this part:

[Suddenly someone grabbed her from behind and she turned around startled.

Kelly.] - OOH. OOH. Both soaked, crying, and then THEY KISSED! Yes, you've done killed me now. What an amazing kiss. The lyrics went SO FREAKING WELL with it. What an amazing visual this was to imagine. Kelly's awesome, she didn't even bother to get an umbrella or shoes or anything, she just wanted to get to Kris Kris. *hearts*

HAH. Kelly's happy to know she wasn't the only one playing Cord like a fiddle. Poor Bill - not. AWW, Kelly telling Kris she loved her and they confused each other. I'm grinning like a mad woman here!

KELLY WON! *bounces up and down* Loved that the end line tied in with the end of the last story and what was said by in this one about "winning". Yep, Kelly's the winner here, but then again, so is Kris. They both have each other again. :D

This story was so much fun. I didn't find it confusing a bit, if anything, it makes more sense than the actual episode. So this is what really happened. ;) LOVED IT, AGNES! Just fantastic! But now, I can't wait for AATW!
quickstar989 chapter 11 . 1/29/2010
Good. Kris needs to feel guilty for saying that one line. "That was for Bill." In the episode, I could have slapped her, but reading it here just makes me feel bad for her. Her reasons are a bit clearer, she's just an emotional wreck. While in the episode, she was just being a witch. I love that to get out what she feels, she writes the resignation letter. It's great that you kept in that part from the episode. I always wondered what those letters said...

[I don’t know if I should thank you or hate you for hiring me to the agency. You gave me the chance to meet Kelly, whom you know I love so much, to the point where my heart can’t take it anymore.] - AW. That was so very touching and sad at the same time. She can't figure out if it's good or bad that she met Kelly. When you love someone that much and they break your heart, I guess it's hard to figure out which one. :( But I loved the entire letter. Very true to Kris. That she goes back and mentions the Damien Roth case (where everything started) makes a lot of sense. Had Jill not had her heart broken, maybe she would have never turned on Kris and Kelly like that? And I agree with Kris completely, it's bull that time heals all wounds.

Oh boy, poor Kelly. She's been taken for a ride. She thought she was doing the right thing by moving on without Kris and it just made her life more hellish because it caused chaos she didn't expect. Not to mention having someone she thought was her father be murdered, thinking she was this different person then turning out she wasn't. My gosh, who do you feel worse for here? Kris or Kelly? Because I think they are both in equally bad spots in my book. It was sweet that the staff let her stay for a while, even though she wasn't a Barrows.

[Kelly couldn’t believe how twisted and turned around her life had been the last couple of days, the last couple of weeks, the last couple of months. Even the last couple of years.] - Ooh, foreshadowing of a darker Kelly, perhaps? I like the sound of it. ;)

Kelly's letter was so heartfelt, and even though Kris' was too, Kris' came off more angrier. Kelly's was more mature and regretful. I think that shows the difference between their personalities perfectly. There is so much pain between them. :( But how much they love each other is so clear, so I have no doubt about them coming together again.

Tiffany... just awesome. Why can't she always be this awesome? Now she knows what Kris and Kelly were both doing, so she can set it right!

[“Everything! I was going to spend my life miserable if she could be happy. Kris wasn’t supposed to fall in love with him. And I got mad at her, I… I don’t know what happened. I thought she used Bill but so did I and then she was so upset by the harbor and I was too and… oh everything is such a mess.”] - AW. Kelly. I love her so! Only she would do something so amazingly selfless, spend her life miserable so Kris could move on and be happy. What she didn't know is she's the only thing that makes Kris happy. :) And Kelly crying again - oh. That always makes me sniffle.

Okay seriously, the end of this chapter was awesome. Tiffany kicked butt. Kris needed someone to be firm with her and tell her the way it was. Yay, an explanation on why she was leaving! Her being a lawyer goes well with her character, but also I can see how K/K's drama drove her up a wall, lol!

[“It’s gonna rain.” Tiffany said.

“It’s been raining for months.” Kris answered quietly, not taking her eyes away from the ocean that was rumbling in over the beach.] - That was a wonderful line. I could actually hear Kris and the pain in her voice when I read it. But anyway, loved Tiffany. Absolutely LOVED Tiffany. Wow, was she serious. She got her point across well. And she's right, the two are much better together than they are apart. Time for Kris to trust Tiffany's words and spill her guts.

I can't believe this story is almost over. It's been a wild ride! Amazing chapter. :D
kp1185 chapter 11 . 1/28/2010
two chapters? excellent. am i the only one who finds it hilarious that kelly and kris hand in resignation letters and then tiffany is the one who walks?

im sure i am. betting they do more than hug and laugh at the end.
WelshCanuck chapter 11 . 1/28/2010
Listen to Tiff Kris. she knows what she is talking about. then smack some sense into your sister so you can be togeter with her blessing and all will be well. GO TALK TO HER.

you guys are doing a great job here and the characters are true to form.

Lillybeth1026 chapter 11 . 1/28/2010
Love, Love the letters to Charlie, so heart felt and so true to the characters. It is so sad how they have hurt each other so much, in the name of love. I like the way you have added Tiffany leaving into this. Better explanation and timing than the one on the show.

kp1185 chapter 10 . 1/28/2010
and...kill bill 3.

i want that scene where kelly does a total columbo and shows them that watercolor she found. go. give it to me.
Guest chapter 9 . 1/28/2010
All you have to do to put me in tears is use a Celine Dion song and have Kelly and Kris fight. Then I'm a mess. Making me a mess was clearly your intention when you wrote this. ;)

The raw emotion Kris and Kelly were feeling... oh man. Though Kris was keeping up her charade as much as possible, it was easy to tell it was crumbling when she saw how Kelly reacted. It was splendid the way you wrote out the entire reveal scene. Kelly's eyes spoke what she felt in the episode, and they also did here as well. Kris didn't need to hear how she felt, she could easily see it in her eyes.

[There was a few seconds of silence, before Bill took the word, backing away from Kelly. Kelly was staring at Kris, her eyes screaming at her What have you done?] - Yeah, I remember that look. It was gut wrenching, and totally aimed at Kris. She knew in that moment it was Kris' fault.

[“We’re in love.” Kris blurted out.] - I always got the impression, with the way she said this, that it was aimed to hurt Kelly more than anything else. She must've wanted Kelly to feel some kind of pain, and when it worked, she felt horribly guilty.

Oh yep, Kelly knew where to lay the blame. Though Bill shouldn't be let off the hook. I wanted him to shut up. "I love both of you" blah blah blah blah. He's so full of it, lol. Then he's a coward and takes off! At least Kris stayed and tried to face what she had done. Which didn't go so well... aww. Kelly thought she was a certain thing that rhymes with witch. :( If she had actually called her that, Kris wouldn't have taken it well. Oh goodness, Kris stood there and lied to Kelly (so of course it wouldn't go well) and Kelly said all the wrong things. *sniff*

Aww, Kris realizing how much she just screwed up. It happens. But she needs to keep on going with her plan. Kelly doesn't love him like Kris think she does. Hopefully she holds in there long enough to learn this.

Bill learning about it, having his heart stomped on due to Kris, then being killed? Awesome. YES AWESOME. I love that Kris just had to tell him. I think it was more for her just to see his reaction than to rid herself of guilt. Bill's reaction was priceless though. He was pretty upset... good. :D

["I’m giving up. You win."] - EH! KRIS. Don't say that! Ah, you're killing me here! She's echoing Kelly exactly from Fallen Angel. Aww, this is sad. :(

[The only miscalculation in the plan was that he did not think Glenn Staley would kill him.] - Hah! Serves him right. Ding dong Bill Cord is dead! Now the only thing standing in the way of Kelly and Kris getting back together is each other.

Again, another awesome chapter Agnes!
WelshCanuck chapter 10 . 1/28/2010
Oh man poor Kris she is racking herself over the coals. and hot ones at that...I'm curious to the ending you will come up with hurryhury..

quickstar989 chapter 8 . 1/27/2010
Hmm. You've peaked my interest big time. So Kelly's dream wasn't about not being able to stop her car, but something more sinister. Eh, I'm confused. Kelly's around two men and she... shoots the one? Or not? But then what's with Kris singing and sounding devastated in the dream? Oh, I got chills. What happens to Kris! What is this revenge this man speaks of?

[“I can’t stop.” Kelly says through clenched teeth. “Can’t stop.”] - Oh damn, someone does something to tick her off. Now it sounded like she was going to leave but the one dude couldn't keep his mouth shut. So I guess that's what he gets, lol. But WHY?

I ADORED the song. It gave this chapter such a dark atmosphere around it. It fit amazingly well with the darkness of the nightmare she was having. I'm glad Tiffany was there to help Kelly when she woke up, since Kris couldn't be. Too bad Bill had to show up.

[“I’m so lucky.” Kelly said, looking at Bill as they pulled apart from the hug. “There could never be anyone else for me.”

Kelly didn’t even believe her own words. But she had to forget Kris. She was starting a new life right here and now.] - You managed to break my heart. When Kelly said it in the episode, I thought it was disgusting and I even felt like she was lying, it came off as desperate on her part, her saying it here just made me sad. Yet, it still felt desperate. But for a whole different reason. She's trying to move on. OH Kelly has a sixth sense that he's seeing someone else? Bill is a sleaze. Tells Kris he loves her, runs and tells Kelly he loves her... bleh.

They said I love you. I knew it was coming but ew. But the way you wrote it... Kelly didn't mean it. Not a bit.

So Kris is keeping up her act in front of Bosley and Tiffany? So does Tiffany know *anything*? She kicked all kinds of butt in that episode, of course it ended up being her last. If she had been like that during the entire season, I never would have wanted her to leave, lol! Bosley I'm sure is oblivious to the whole thing, but Tiffany.. I don't know.

Oh my GOSH. The ending! LOVED IT. All the emotions hit Kris at once. Shock, anger, jealousy... and realization. Her plan didn't work as well as she wanted it to.

[Then Kris realized it.

Kelly didn’t know about her and Bill.

And someone would have to tell her.] - Oh that was GREAT. My heart sped up. Now I have to run to the next chapter and review! :D
quickstar989 chapter 7 . 1/27/2010
I love that you're keeping up with the theme of Kris staying with Kelly no matter what. Even if she's not there in physical form, she's staying with Kelly in spirit. It's so incredibly touching that Kelly sees her during her worst moments, like Kris is the only one who can help her. You caught Kelly's fear during the moments where she couldn't stop her car wonderfully. Kelly shouldn't have panicked though, she should know by now she can't die. ;)

Oh the picnic scene between Kris and Bill. Wow, she's a master manipulator. I didn't think the girl had it in her, but since she's desperate enough to win Kelly back, I shouldn't be so surprised. Bill's falling for every fake line she feeds him. I'd feel sorry for him but... no.

[“Do you really want to be rescued?” Bill said seductively.

Kris suppressed the urge to throw up on him.] - Hah! I know the feeling, Kris. She's awesome.

Haha, I was cracking up and Kris laughing at herself in her brain while she told Bill she was falling in love with him. This dude is seriously warped if he thinks he actually made someone fall in love with him after a week. Gr. This creep needs to die. Oh wait, he does. :D

[Kris was slightly pulled back by the comment. God, he really was that stupid, he really fell for this? Kris never thought it would be so easy to steal a man away from someone else, but Bill must be thinking with one body part only, and it was definitely not the brain.] - OH. I wonder what body part he's thinking with... hm. *thinks hard about this* Haha, I love the way you're writing Kris. Now I'll have to watch the episode again and love her during it, instead of being annoyed with her.

AW. Now who could Kelly's guardian angel be? ;) That was a very cute scene. It makes sense that Kris knew about Kelly's accident before hand, because when she was talking to Tiffany, she didn't seem overly concerned. But here you showed her true fear and REAL reaction to Kelly's accident. Nicely done.

[Kris had been holding her breath throughout the call and now she exhaled, and couldn’t help but to smile to herself.

“Yeah, she does. She does have an angel watching her.”] - AWW. I can't wait until my K/K are back together! *bounces*

Fantastic chapter! :D
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