Reviews for Two Sides of the Same Coin
Guest chapter 22 . 4/19
This is just beautiful.
Guest chapter 22 . 4/15
lOVE this story! I spent the past five hours reading this when I should have been studying,but I have zero regret! Thank you for sharing with us!
Guest chapter 22 . 4/5
I just spent my entire Easter reading this Fic. I love this SOOO much. it's totally believable. like J.K. Rowling couldn't of even done better. thank you for making my day.
EmberWolfe1717 chapter 22 . 4/4
I have never fan girled so hard over a fanfiction in my life. You have a beautiful way with words and your writing style is so captivating. Loved this story
When-Words-Fail chapter 1 . 3/30
Can't fathom *gasps* the amazingness *chokes* of this story *dramatically dies* so beautiful. Words cannot describe... Just... Oh my gosh. Definitely a new favorite.
steff chapter 22 . 3/26
This is incredible I couldn't put it down :) I had to finish it
Drarry chapter 22 . 3/22
laura chapter 22 . 3/21
NTENSE SCREAMING. literally perfect. I have no words to describe this master piece and I now have been procrastinating an essay and you're to blame. thanks. SIMPLY AMAZING
Robotboy chapter 22 . 3/16
this is the best epilogue i ever read. i was so scared it would be a sad ending for so long. thanks for writing this beautiful story 3
Robotboy chapter 17 . 3/15
that fucker...i thought ron was really funny in this one up until now :(.. im kinda shocked, and disgusted to see this side of him but i can actually imagine it.
Robotboy chapter 15 . 3/15
about the grim.. please dont :'
Robotboy chapter 10 . 3/15
oh. it was such a cute moment but i expected it would be ruined. but atleast it could certanly have gone worse.
Robotboy chapter 9 . 3/15
loved this chapter. especially the part with the frog eyes lol. and the last scene was great too.
Robotboy chapter 4 . 3/15
the unbreakable vow? really now? thats only a little bit dramatic.
Robotboy chapter 1 . 3/15
i love your version of this moment :) cant wait to read your story
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