Reviews for Immobilized
WWTGGD chapter 21 . 3/18/2012
this is an awesome story
Filzah Y chapter 21 . 2/20/2012
Nice and great story.. it was worth to read :)
hsudaihkl chapter 6 . 6/24/2011
Sooo..after reading "The Quiet Scream" I just had to read this story. :)

And i'm loving it so far! Sam doesn't seem OOC to me, not at all. I hope I don't bore you with this but I actually do know a person in real life that reminds me a lot of Sam. That girl had to go through a lot of stuff with her family, she always acted tough, like nothing could hurt her or bring her down. This spring (2011) her mom left town..leaving her behind with NOTHING. She stayed with me for a while and that was when I saw that she IS vulnerable and sensitive, that she's not always strong and not always okay and I'd like to think Sam is similar and if something really bad happens(like in your story Freddie being paralyzed) she WOULD show that she cared and cry and freak out..seems completely realistic to me! People can't always control their emotions!

I also loved the "Would you rather be dead? Because that can be arranged!" part, I lol'd ;) I can totally picture her saying that.

Oh and even if you wrote that about a year ago..I find it funny you love Sirius Black..he has always been my favorite HP character. Maybe you'll write a fic about young SB? I'd love that, haha.

Keep up the great work and don't be surprised I don't reply to you, I still have this 24h waiting period for PM's. :)
Roadmaster chapter 12 . 2/19/2011
LOL you are the car.
JakesWolf54 chapter 21 . 7/26/2010
this is an amazing story that really shows REAL things and problems. It is really a touching story and if it happened in real life the whole world would cry. It is romantic and they worry about true life things like when freddie almost dies and when sam thinks he cheated, molly herself really and freddie not wanting to get better to show her that she wasn't alone. I seriously love this story and I cannot think of anything that could improvise it, great job and I hope you write more.
MythScavenger chapter 21 . 6/26/2010
I never really took the time to read this - but I was bored so I decided to. And lemme just say, I'm glad I did! This was an amazing Seddie story. To be truthful, I think there wasn't THAT much angst in it. Like, sure, it was at the beginning but then it lessened up some...

...Or maybe that's just me. :p And I'm happy that it doesn't have a sequel 'cause it's perfect the way you ended it. Please keep writing! And I can't wait for the next update on The Quiet Scream!

DESTINY chapter 3 . 6/14/2010
Bookity chapter 12 . 5/24/2010
Ok, if I read an already complete fic I wait till the end of the fic to review... But I couldn't resist the Princess Bride [Wesley is the best "Prince Charming" out there!] reference.

So here's a look at what I think of it so far. This is great and I don't think that Sam was OOC in the first chapters, I really like how this is written, my mom's in a wheelchair, for a very different reason but I think this is a very good portrayal of how those three might react :) Good job
Kpfan72491 chapter 21 . 5/15/2010
Great story. I loved it. Good job :D
jtb2008 chapter 21 . 5/9/2010
Wow. I got a mention in your author note. Thanks. I liked the ending. Nice and simple. I can't wait to see what your next story is about. I'm curious, and part of me wants to pm you, but the other part says, 'no, you can wait'. I'd like to leave it unknown too. Theres nothing like reading the summary in that email telling you an author published a new story...
the Stafflord chapter 21 . 5/9/2010
it feels sad to say goodbye and thanks for putting the name there but truly the honor is all mine.
the Stafflord chapter 20 . 5/9/2010
this is an amazing story i don't even think you realize how much.

absolutely perfect.
Fiddlegirl chapter 21 . 5/9/2010
awww...i can't believe it's over! Are you going to write another seddie story? please tell me if you are. i love the ending! so special! thanks for the GREAT story!
HeCalledHerCass chapter 21 . 5/9/2010
i WILL NOT CRY! I can't believe it's over! If this is what finishing reading your story, imagine what it will feel like a grad at the end of the year for us!

heheheh BLUEEEEE
HeCalledHerCass chapter 20 . 5/9/2010
I will stalk you on twitter NOW! HAHAHAHA you used the Surf board thing XD :D that made me laugh! If someone called Flair123987 just HAPPENS to stalk you on twitter by some sort of COINCEDENCE you need to know...its me XD
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