Reviews for Dead To My World
TeamEricNSookie chapter 59 . 3/22

I love this story, in especially because Sookie was not a brain dead twit.

Generally speaking I like my stories with a little LEMON ZEST but considering you age, OMG I am totally impressed, I can understand it and appreciate it and you for keeping it on the up and up. Very proud of you... congratulations I can’t wait to read more of your stories!
campyrs chapter 59 . 11/20/2018
This story was great! Thank you SOOO much! I liked every chapter. I always like Eric & Sookie stories that don't have a lot of Bill in them.
lbot1979 chapter 18 . 10/31/2018
Jesus... .Sookie is beyond PATHETIC! I wish Eric would have just killed the little country bumpkin hick. Who is so beyond naive it is ridiculous. I have seen Sookie written quite a few different way, but this by far is the most pathetic Sookie I have ever read. I hope she dies in this fanfic.
lzdiva4 chapter 59 . 8/21/2018
Really enjoyed this story! Now on to see what else you have written.
marilyn81459 chapter 2 . 6/14/2018
Poor Eric .
marilyn81459 chapter 1 . 6/13/2018
Wow I like this better than the movie
MsNorthman chapter 59 . 6/8/2018
Loooved this story so much!
MsNorthman chapter 22 . 6/3/2018
I can’t believe you were only in high school when you first started this story. Your writing is so good for someone so young! Love this story!
HartleySkarsgard chapter 59 . 1/3/2018
This was a pleasure to read. I hope that one day you come back and knock out a sequel but thanks all the same :)
celajwhitney chapter 23 . 12/12/2017
clancy didn't die in the witch war, he dies in the war with the fairies. chow was killed in the witch war.
celajwhitney chapter 19 . 12/12/2017
sookie should have bitch slapped him the way she did sam. didn't pam tell him she didn't want fifty grand to keep him hidden?
celajwhitney chapter 5 . 12/11/2017
eric is so sweet in this chapter.
bluebird397 chapter 38 . 12/9/2017
How could someone not get Eeyore?
jupimako chapter 59 . 9/4/2017
I loved your story! Thank you so much for sharing.
4everfictional chapter 1 . 5/28/2017
I'm intrigued. ;)
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