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PrideLander chapter 7 . 1/13/2013
I liked it.
jess chapter 7 . 9/26/2012
wow this was such an amazing story i love diego
i hope you write more stories like thiswell done
KaylaDestroyer chapter 7 . 6/4/2011
Aww, this has such a good ending!
KaylaDestroyer chapter 2 . 7/9/2010
Sorry, forget what I just sent you. I forgot i've read this before.
KaylaDestroyer chapter 1 . 7/9/2010
Hey, debit13,

I really like this story, and I was wondering if maybe you would make a chapter two possibly.
Xion the Author chapter 7 . 3/21/2010
Ack! You guys are all done with your stories! I've gotta catch up myself!

Beautiful ending! I find it cute that Peaches likes to look at the water. I also remember when Manny called Diego ubertracker in the first movie .

It's great to see Diego belonging in the herd. He's the only predator in the herd, so it kinda looks hard to belong in.
FABCHICKXO chapter 7 . 3/20/2010
Ugh! I'm so sorry that I haven't reviewed earlier, but I was very busy :((

Haha! But, moving on to the story...

I knew from the beginning that I was going to love this story. You incorporated every single idea that you had for the story so well. That is something that I absolutely loved about this story. And just the way that you showed Diego struggling with all of this inner conflict... I knew that this was one of the strongest stories Ice Age stories on the site.

(Can't believe that this was your FIRST fanfic!)

And I just loved all of the angst that you showed Diego to have. I really got a sense of how Diego was... feeling in some weird way. But that just shows how strong of a writer you are. Awesome for that!

I literally checked the site repeatedly to see if you added another chapter. lol!

And can I say this? YOUR CHARACTERIZATION WAS PERFECT! Which, especially since Diego's my fav. character, I think is actually the most important part of any fanfic!

Another thing, how did you even think to add the part where Diego jumped off of the cliff into the water to feel the long missed adventure? That was the most kick ass idea ever! (Hope you don't mind my French ;) ) This story was stellar! My favorite part, I think was the part where Diego almost drowns. You show his conflict that he has with himself so much, and how Diego refused to give up!

Then, the part where Soto comes to the story? Where did that come from? LOVE IT! And I STILL applaud you for making them brothers, I love when a story has Diego and Soto brothers, because, that's exactly how I see it! ) And I also loved the parts where Diego felt liberated to stand up to Soto for once! And the part where Manny was telling Ellie about all of the things that Diego had done for the herd, I loved that part. It seemed to show that no matter how mad Manny could have been at Diego, he always cared about him. That really makes me a happy camper! o) lol! Then how Diego ended up letting go of Soto to save Oscar... surprise twist there! Loved that.

Not to mention, the grammar and spelling was great too. But more importantly to me than that is word choice... YOUR STORY COULDN'T BE BORING IF YOU TRIED! Your word choice! Omg! PREFECT!

And at the end. I thought it was very interesting how Diego and Ellie got to talk to each other. Just those two together... I haven't seen that in any other fanfic before. That's what you do that I love, you take something so simple,yet, never used and make it so big and great with just your writing talents, and just make it your own!

I loved the bittersweet ending ;]

Great last chapter!

Great story!

Deserving of every review that you got :-)

I'd give this story a solid 10/10! No question about it! Words cannot even describe how much I enjoyed reading this... Stellar job! LOVED THIS!

~Kelli :) :) :D

DiegoRedeemedLover chapter 7 . 3/18/2010
Hey, debit13, sorry I'm reviewing so late on this final chapter. I'm so glad you're sticking around and writing more fanfiction for Ice Age; I really loved how your story focused on Manny and Diego's friendship and how it plays a major plot point. I am so fed up with their friendship being ignored here and in the films (urg) but you delivered! :)

You write like a novelist!

I love all the attention to detail in this story - this chapter was so lyrical and well-written, it was an absolute joy to read. :)

I also must agree with the points kaktusic made, since they were so great, as always.

And I also mention how I liked that Ellie stepped in first to right things with Diego, since the third movie implied that they didn't have that much interaction until the emergency - possibly miracle ? birth of Peaches in the the World Beneath, and even then I sensed a bond between the two, and am theorizing that since he took over the role of a father briefly, that affected his relationship with Peaches, so much so that he is like a "second father" to her.

Obviously, I don't think ol' Sid qualifies as "favorite uncle", though I did like how you had him babysit Little Ellie in this chapter (and have Manny even agree to it!) was really cute. I was wondering what you'd do about Peaches' name in this Alternate Universe. :)

I loved your portrayal of Diego in his discussion with Ellie; best illustrated with this passage:

- ["Diego, I'm not going to sit here and say that I haven't heard about your past."

Unlike the first mention of his past, Diego remained motionless as he viewed the beauty of the horizon in its entirety, again preparing himself for yet another mouthful about his past mistakes.

"I know you planned on having Manny killed, at first. But..."

"...that wasn't the plan!" A loud roar canceled out the silence around them. Ellie's head went away from Diego's and back out to the river; for the first time, she felt threatened by him. Diego lifted himself up and began to hastily walk back and forth.

Ellie began to follow Diego's body back and forth as he paced a small area repeatedly.

"I never wanted to kill Manny. Even before he saved my life, I could not think normally knowing that I was getting closer and closer to where I was forced to go. I didn't even want to pick up that scrawny little infant knowing that it would get mutilated by...never mind."

"By who? You don't have to stop for me, it's not like I know your past, hun." She was aware that the past would not entirely release and reveal itself unless it was forced out.

"I just...alright. My leader, Soto. He told me that if I didn't get that baby, I'd be offering myself up as a replacement. What was I supposed to do?"]

I loved it because you portrayed Diego how I always thought of him: coerced into bringing back a baby that might not even be alive, and if he doesn't, he'll be killed, so he selfishly attempts to save his own life - Soto is the master of Sadistic Choices - all the while as his conscience racks him over his decision. You can see that clearly in his expression after he has told Zeke and Oscar about how he'll bring a mammoth!

Ah, Diego, the complexity of your character is why we adore you and love to write fanfiction about you... ops. (Diego and Manny are my favorite characters... I like to sort of 'drool' over them. Oh no, fangirl in vicinity! Ha. I just satirized myself.)

Onto THE REVIEW, again. I absolutely LOVED how you made Manny speak to Diego at the end after Diego roars everyone into silence (how was so wanting to do that during the Mellie (Manny Ellie smooshed-together name, my invention) fight near the end of The Meltdown.

But as I was saying, I loved how Manny took the time to talk to Diego and how both their fears caused the result of Diego leaving, as you have Manny say, "I mean, I was angry because I can't let go. It's one of the reasons I was reluctant to let anyone follow me when we first met. I couldn't get rid of Sid, and quite frankly, I'm glad that I couldn't, because look at him now."

And Manny's commendation of his best friend: "Diego, we're lucky to have someone as strong as you here. The past few days haven't sat well with any of us. We all want you back, and it seems like to care for us enough to save our lives again. I'm not going to sit here and act like I know what goes through your head anymore, though. (finally Manny is accepting that he can not do EVERYTHING) Do you want to come back?"

Which is appropriate; Manny was the one who caused Diego, his best friend, the most pain, so it's only right that he makes amends between them. THANK THANK THANK YOU FOR EMPLOYING THE FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN THOSE TWO BEST FRIENDS - I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR IT SO LONG IN FANFICS!

I also liked how Diego's "I'm not leaving. Life of adventure, is right here," was incorporated into this deviation from DAWN. Mainly because it's so true within your universe and it fits. :)

This is one of the truest-to-movies-verse AUs within-the-movies-verse I've ever read. Kudos to you!

["He was finally going home.

I missed you guys.]

I adored those closing lines. They're so perfect - and I can easily imagine Diego thinking that.

Whew, REALLY long review you must be thinking.

If it's too long, I sincerely apologize ... I believe I mainly write such long reviews to compensate for not having um, things that allow me to actually speak to other authors, aka an account.

Until your next fanfic, me :)

( I can't wait! I hope your writer's block breaks anon! I know, I've experienced writer's block - it is such a PILL. I eagerly await more stories from you!)

DiegoRedeemedLover aka DRL
thelonemongrel chapter 7 . 3/17/2010
I just found this story...

i read it from beginning to end in one sitting - this is some truly amazing work. I love how you have delved into the minds of the characters and have really explored them! This is...actually really impressive work!

congratulations on a great story!
kaktusic chapter 7 . 3/16/2010
Good ending for an equally good story! I like how Ellie and Diego got to share a bond here; it's a nice alternative to the third film's interaction of theirs while she's in labor. And I like how she called him 'tough guy' here, too; coming to think about it, it might easily be her nickname for Diego she uses not-so-rarely. Nice touch :-) Also, I'm glad you had them engaged in a rather serious and heated argument before you gave them a happy ending; after everything they've gone through, all the doubts and suspicions, it would be quite unrealistic if the herd - Manny in particular, being the obsessive, touchy paranoiac that he is - had just embraced Diego back without more detailed information about the possible implications of it all.

Diego roaring them all back into silence was a great one, too! I loved that moment! :D

Only one thing I didn't get (sorry if this is a stupid question): that gazelle- was it dead before Diego got there, but he didn't notice it until he woke up, or the pack had passed him by and left the kill at his side, guessing he'd follow their track?

Finally, it was a great rounding of events that Diego was at last reconciled with his herd at the same place where he faced and defeated his greatest fear (did I get it right?):-)

In all, that was one good, emotional and deep story with a couple of unexpected twists that made us all waiting for more from one chapter to another! I hope your writer's block dissipates soon and we have the pleasure of reading more of your fanfictions. Keep on rolling! :D:-):-):D
goldenpuon chapter 7 . 3/15/2010
Nice ending. Very descriptive. I am surprised just how much power Diego got. Maybe a little to much to be totally in character but not bad considering the fanfics where he is so soft.

Nice alternative to Ice Age 3 by the way. Instead of Diego becoming evn MORE soft like he did in the third movie, he became stronger. I like it. XD
FABCHICKXO chapter 6 . 3/10/2010
no need to apologize :) I hate writer's block!

But I love this chapter! ) I love how you described everything going on during the scene where Soto was hanging from Diego's paw. You really understand the concept of show, don't tell, which is one of the reasons why I love your writing!The scenes that you set all become so real for me, I can truly envision everything that is going on during this story! And it came as a big shock to me that Diego let go of Soto, but saved Oscar. This story is really unpredictable, and that is a really good thing! ;) I'm in love with the scenes that you reveal Diego's inner struggle. And I thought it was interesting that Diego and Oscar were more brotherly toward each other! Very nice job with this chapter! It was definitely worth the wait! I'm sad that it is almost over though, this story has literally been a joy to read! Please update soon, because I love this story so much! ]
Megan937 chapter 6 . 3/6/2010
Only one more chapter? Awuh man :( Love the story though!
Xion the Author chapter 6 . 3/5/2010
gr... it's almost gonna end? ACK!

Don't feel frustrated. It goes naturally. I have never made second or third drafts of what I've written cause I just edit some words in the first draft and voila! It's done!

If you ever feel like you don't know what to write, step away from the keyboard and calm down. I would stop writing for a while, got out on the porch and look at the moon (I write at night). I get inspired when it's really bright.

I hope the next chapter won't end your fanfic writing... I only get to wish that I could write the way you can.

~been here before~

Xion the Author

P.S. Really awesome STORY. Someone had probably mentioned that before here but I'll mention again anyways! .
RemmyBlack chapter 6 . 3/5/2010
this is great ) really ) you shouldnt doubt yourself so much, its not healthy for ya.
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