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celia azul chapter 18 . 2/14/2015
Sorry you lost your muse.
zilly-pill chapter 18 . 11/22/2014
I just finished re-reading this story, and it is more amazing than ever. It was one of my favorites from the first chapter, and I really hope that someday I get to revisit it and find out what happens.
Either way, thank you for an amazing reading experience.
acetwolf94 chapter 18 . 5/18/2014
my shangri-la chapter 18 . 4/10/2013
I really miss this story. It's a wonderful read. I wouldn't be opposed to you returning to it at some point. )
Redi chapter 18 . 6/8/2012

great fic, cool history,

not that too sweet thing that makes me sick.

Pliz, come back and finish,

I want know how things go between them,

maybe a good happy ending,

I don't know, just want to know...
Rae chapter 18 . 1/28/2012
Wow I believe it; you did a really good job.

I like what you did with it too, how you didn't tackle the ridiculously complicated problem of them staying together - I mean a compelling reason for Riddick not to leave her is hard enough, and to handle the dynamic of them actually living together with all the gruffness and the hero worship and how that develops and he manages not to kill her/leave her is even more so.

I like what you did with her too, how she isn't still waiting for him to save her(yet in some part of her mind she's very good at ignoring still kind of is), that some way she became tougher than he is (and yet not).

The only bit that didn't quite flow for me was the breakdown - yeh it was bound to happen eventually and would have been a snap moment after things were creeping up on her but, I don't know, it just didn't quite gel. Don't get me wrong it still works and is ok but for me it was missing that spark/originality that makes you read something with more attention than you normally do which had characterised a lot of the rest of it.

Hope inspiration's still there and life's not beating you up too much - I'd love to read more!
sharpestsatire chapter 18 . 1/24/2012
They didn't really... talk, did they? Omgosh. *pulls out hair* POST MORE, PLEASE!
pizzalover99 chapter 18 . 3/7/2011
Please update! i love this story and it's so well written!
Silver Dog Demon chapter 18 . 1/6/2011
Wow, unbelievable story! Absolutely loving it - you're writing is great and you have each of the original characters down perfectly and your own original characters have depth and definitely don't fall flat!

I'm so glad that I came back to this fandom and gotten to enjoy reading a truly excellent story. I usually try to figure out what's gonna happen or how things are going to play out, but I'm enjoying this ride so much I think I'll just let it play out. The meeting between Jack and Riddick was not at all what I was expecting, but it definitely fit the bill.

I absolutely love the dynamic between Jack and Riddick and you write it so well, I just love it!

I really can't wait to read more and see where this story goes, so please continue soon! Great, great story, thanks so much for sharing it with us!
undividable chapter 18 . 12/18/2010
awwww im still here and in love with you and ur writing abilities of awesomeness. You are def getting to the good stuff.! keep writing please. late is better than never
Poetic Misery chapter 18 . 11/1/2010
Great story keep up the good work.
Fima chapter 18 . 10/20/2010
I have to say wow. I read all chapters (18) in one set and I was really happy to see a new story about one of my favourite characters. It is so twisted and both of them are psychos, but who cares? I like it this way. Looking forward to read more and sending you my muses to write. :)
RaB's5 chapter 18 . 10/18/2010
Absolutely in love with this story, read all the chapters in right away, dying to read the continuation, such a great plot and such a diff. spin on the the Jack and Riddick story, cant wait till the next chaper, and for them to get closer.
Saismaat chapter 18 . 10/3/2010
“Riddick felt a brief, hot flash of anger, and washed it away with a shot of whiskey. He had questions, plenty, that he needed Jack to answer, but she had to be awake in order for that to happen.

"Fuck, Jack" he mumbled as he leaned his head on the glass encasement. "Time to wake up, little girl.” “

that’s great. Really sets a scene of a man creeping up on being responsible for his actions.

“He stood and walked away, not seeing the flicker of pale eyelids, the brief flash of green.”

That’s awesome. Nice symbolism with the green.



Riddick had chased her…caught her.

Tortured her.”

Yeah. Yeah. That’s a problem.

“This took the last of her meager energy. She felt her eyes grow heavy. Pushing the packs into the corner of the bed, she curled up on the bunk, facing the door, a rescued shiv gripped in her hand.

She slept.

Riddick had heard her first sluggish movements,”

Nice job with the transition.

“He felt a brief, irrational flash of anger and grasped the spark of it, nurturing it in preparation for their first real interaction in seven years. There was something wrong with her, wrong enough that she apparently had evolved into a completely different person somehow.”

Man. Something wrong with her. Oh, Riddick, that way leads domestic violence and unhealthy cycles.

Nice job with the dynamic between the two of them. I really felt it.

Well done! Hope life is sweeter now –
Rayne StarDust chapter 18 . 10/1/2010
I highly doubt you will have lost any readers. It's too good of a story. I'm glad you got your muse back, because this is definitely a favorite of mine!
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