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maryomafy0tu406 chapter 1 . 19h
Hi! it's me your ever loyal friend maryomafyotu406 and I am here to review your fic :) Here we go! Top 10 Critics for this Fic:

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DiagonAli chapter 81 . 10/11
this was the first time reading a triad with Harry/Hermione/fleur, and I admit that I was more than a little skeptical. but the masses of reviews couldnt be wrong, so I dug in.
I am so glad I did! unlike so many stories of this genre, Harry was not excessively powerful or intelligent, he wasn't Merlin reincarnated, he was simply a teenaged boy, but in this version, gifted with the guidance of proper adult support and encouragement. it was refreshing to read a mature 15 year old Harry, not a 50 year old man in a teenaged body.
I thoroughly enjoyed your version of Dumbledore. the books are not favorable to him, and he really does become manipulative to maintain his greater good. having sirius and jean-Sebastian beside him to council Harry tempered his need to keep all his cards close to his chest, and you can see how it was nothing but good. no silly horcrux hunts in the woods, no need for snape to kill him ... honesty was the best policy here.
another refreshing aspect was the lack of smut in the story. it could have very easily fit in3 teenagers in a relationship?! hormones galore! but rather than detracting from the story, you alluded to the possibility but never made it the focus. it made the meat and potatoes of the story that much more satisfying, I think, instead of having it be all fluff and sex scenes.
I really, really enjoy your characterizations of each character, your story telling, your details (without getting lost in minutiae) and how the story just flowed so easily. im grateful I found it. i hope you have much success writing your fictions in the real world as you have had writing for fan fiction.
harleygirl40 chapter 31 . 10/10
Runadaemon chapter 33 . 10/7
I’ve been plodding steadily through this story for the last day or so. I must say, your verbage is quite loquacious. It requires a bit of extra effort as a reader. You also tend toward introspection, which is not my favorite type of writing. As a result, your dialogue tends to be surprisingly simple with far less communicated than the introspections would suggest. It’s something I hope to see improve over the course of the story. That said, thank you for writing. It’s still an interesting story.
maryomafyotu4o6 chapter 1 . 10/6
It was another fine and normal day at NERV. There were birds singing. Shinji was in one of the many bathrooms jerking off to gay porn. Askua was somewhere else being a bitch. Kaji was fucking somebody who wasn’t Misato. Lilith was hanging around. Get it? Hanging around? Man I’m funny. But anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. Minor characters whom only otaku remember* were doing there stupid ass stuff. Maya was being gay, Ritsuko was testing something, Keel Lorenz had fallen and couldn’t get up.
*I don’t know em! I don’t! I… dammit! Fine! I’m an otaku okay? Sue me!
And Gendo’s skullfucking Rei again. Wait, what? OH DEAR GOD!
Nope. I wish I was on drugs, but I’m not. He is. Gendo’s in his religiously significant office, with his pants around his ankles. Rei’s on her knees. Now you figure, “hey, classic blow job situation!” And that would be okay. Sure she’s underage, but she’s hot! And she is sorta his wife. Or daughter, or... something. But noooooo… Mr. Fucked up here has his dick in her fucking eye socket! It’s very good you can’t see this people! There’s lots of blood and mucus and tears here! Cause he’s fucking her eye, if you just turned in! Sweet Jesus, stop this!
Yet there is no stopping. Rei’s just sitting there. Blinking with tears, and that damn facial expression of her’s. She’s in her plug suit. Gendo you are a perverted FUCKHEAD! Dieeeee. Just dieeeeeeeeee.
But apparently I don’t mean jack shit. Because he’s still skull fucking her. Forget the Eva unit 1 experiment, I think we know now how Yui really disappeared. She’s probably in some damn dumpster somewhere because her husband SKULLFUCKED HER! Why does this happen? I’m gonna be sick!
Still going! He’s moaning and groaning and sweating and his balls are slapping against her nose and he’s all sweaty and he has a gut he must have been sucking in all this time. Yep. He’s riding that socket like a little bitch. His mouth is groaning but his hips are like “Who’s your daddy? WHO’S YOUR DADDY!” Rei’s taking it like a whore on heroin that needs the cash for her next high and can’t feel a damn thing. Hell, maybe she is. That’d explain a hell of a lot wouldn’t it? If ever a man deserved to burn in hell, it’d be this guy. Gendo is a pimp of the damned!
Oh look. Maya just walked in the office. Finally somebody is doing something to stop this insanity, you worthless shitlickers.
“Sir, you… OH SWEET JESUS!” Maya screamed out. “Is that your penis in her eye-socket?!” Gendo shrugged. Maya is vomiting, instead of jacking off like the rest of you fuckheads. Rei’s just staring with her good eye. Oh Christ. Did I just say that? Now I’m gonna be sick! Ugh. I just was sick.
“Relax Maya.” Ritsuko says. Oh she’s here too. And she doesn’t seem to be surprised. Oh lovely. Well, she’s fucking Gendo, we know she’s messed up. Oh look, her hands are in her pants. She’s masturbating. Why not? My mind is already destroyed. Now life is after my soul.
“Relax?” Maya’s blurting. “He’s fucking her eye! He’s plugging in the socket! Stuffing the brain turkey! Why not just squick* her while your at it, you sick bastard!”
*for those of you who haven’t read horrible doujin or are horrible people, that’s making an orfrice in the head with a drill or whatnot. It is disgusting. You freak.
“Aww… but it’s turning me on! I like watching Rei die. And it’s not like we can’t just get another.” Ritsuko shrugged.
“Ahh, cool down Maya. Tell you what. qgegqeegqgl give you sweet dickgirl love.”
Maya raises an eyebrow “You’re a dickgirl?”
Ritsuko shrugs. “It’s an anime fanfic based on evil doujin. I can be a dickgirl if I want.”
“You mean like how I now have breasts that’d keep a farmhouse in business and sever my spinal cord?”
And sgeqo, Maya got some sweet dickgirl loving with her big cow udders and Gendo is still putting the raging cock in Rei's eye. You people are sick fuckers. Eat shit and die. I’m gonna go eat things. That aren't shit.
W1tch0nParad3 chapter 81 . 10/5
Great story! Thanks for keeping the Delacor name alive
LockDown chapter 68 . 9/22
I've been reading this and enjoying it a lot but one thing bothers me through out the fic. Everyone gets to be mad at Harry, Harry has to apologize all the time, and Harry never gets his wishes or feelings or situation considered at all. Though you say on your author's page you don't like Harry just being a plot device, it feels like he is just a plot device since no one cares about Harry the person.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/7
MMadrid chapter 1 . 8/31
I usually don’t review which is unbelievably hypocritical of me, but his first chapter really impressed me as a writer. It’s artfully written really makes the reader feel for Sirius and beautifully flows from one topic to another making the story very believable. I look forward to reading more.
Puldoh chapter 81 . 8/28
Bravo, Bravo, well done, this is my new favorite Harry Potter Fanfiction, loved it. You had me crying tears of joy, pain, anguish and heartache but also anger and frustration at times throughout. Well done! I loved it
Qarz chapter 3 . 8/27
From what I read so far I can say that your writing is good but the amount of unneeded inner monologue is just too much.
Valteric chapter 2 . 8/26
Besides the never-ending wall of text, this story has a lot of great detail and the conversations seem to flow naturally.
Guest chapter 80 . 8/22
So bloody good. Great fanfic.
tyrannicpuppy chapter 52 . 8/20
I get that Draco is an idiot, but after five years of having his ass handed to him by Harry time and again he really should understand you aren't jumped up if you can back it up. Shame the little fool won't see the inside of Azkaban for a month or two first as I was hoping after the talk with Snape.
tyrannicpuppy chapter 51 . 8/18
It is very late here now, but I could not rest tonight until I saw her conscious. That was all very intense, but oh good to read. Magnificent.
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