Reviews for Heart and Soul
jhsilver123 chapter 3 . 10/27
Albus Dumbledore held the position of Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot in the 20th century, except during the period of July 1995 to June 1996
I know this old and has been mention by others but I just had to. The first sentence I copied and pasted right from the wiki.
Also, you should note that Dumbledore was present during the Death Eater trials a place where he has no place unless he had a seat in the Wizengamot
suziq968 chapter 54 . 10/26
Weird. I'm wondering if there was a huge break between last chapter and this one because the two ends of the fight are completely different. Last chapter the door held and the minister and company all walked out, this chapter, big fighting and injuries occurred.
Rashio chapter 31 . 10/26
Oh Feck off! As if magical people would be this religious. A sort of spiritual thing I'd buy, a way for them to explain their magic, but the Christian god? Nah. They can do all those things Jesus did to prove he was God's son so why wouldn't they just think he was a bragging wizard? The whole thing about celebrating christmas...why not just say that Christmas itself isn't very Christian. The date was taken from pagan traditions, the tree was taken from pagan traditions and most of the celebrations including Santa was taken from pagan traditions. It is sooo easily explained without your bullsh*t.
jimmy.oz chapter 50 . 10/10
Wont lie even though i knew she would live it still had me in tears at the end lol. this was a great chapter though and hopefully draco and the others get what they deserve.
Rashio chapter 26 . 9/30
I do find it very annoying that whenever he does something 'wrong' he has to repent and work on it but whenever Hermione or Fleur does something they get by with a "sorry" and that's it. It was the same by the end here. Harry explained exactly how he felt but she didn't have to do anything. He had to get it out there and risk it all but she didn't have to say anything even after he had already done so.. It really puts me off this fic..
thisdarkpassenger chapter 64 . 9/26
where is the smut?
bode chapter 9 . 9/26
Harry cant possibly have met Luna yet, he hasn't started his 4th year

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Lordlexx chapter 60 . 9/25
Fluer can't be used for polyjuice. She can use it but someone else can't use it to become her because she is a Veela.
lila chapter 28 . 9/15
I really liked this story but if I can't imagine Harry or Fleur laughing at the term poof. I can concervoir that some are homophobic but not all whereas it is very accepted in the wizarding world. And it's not in their character between them.
Guest chapter 10 . 9/15
I am now in chapter 10 but a series of assasination is needed by Dumbledore to level the playing field
Baby Huey chapter 66 . 9/10
I know that this story is long since complete, but I want to point out that Dumbledore was informed about the map when Harry saved Hermione in the passage to Honeydukes.
Baby Huey chapter 33 . 9/8
I just had an idea that I thought I would share here. I do not know if it has ever been used, and anyone reading this is free to use it. The idea is since wizards have the ability to track magic use in monitored areas, and apparently with enough detail to specify what spell was used (COSOP), maybe this can be combined with something like the marauders map. add a recording function and you now have a record of who cast a spell and all others present. This would not be a country wide map, it would only work for an area no larger than Hogwarts or a small village. This could be part of a warding scheme for wealthy homes and public facilities.
Baby Huey chapter 31 . 9/8
I generally do not like having the Christian religion in the Harry Potter stories that I read. This due to my knowledge about history. Most Christian holidays, including Christmas have pagan origins. The Church set Dec 25 as Christmas to convert competing religions to Christianity. It was a case of, "You celebrate the winter solstice? So do we!" and, "Your savior was born on Dec 25? So was ours!" Yule and the Yule log are holdovers from Germanic paganism, and are closely linked to the Wild Hunt, the god Odin/Wodin, and Modranicht. I do, however, think that you did an exceptional job incorpating Christianty into your story, and giving a plausible explanation for why religion is not represented in British Wizarding culture.
Baby Huey chapter 7 . 9/6
It is amazing how everyone interprets "smartest witch of your age" to mean either smartest witch alive or smatest witch of her generation. It most likely meant smartest 13 year old witch that Lupin had ever met.
ArturiusRex8 chapter 47 . 8/21
Unless the questioning behind the scenes was more thorough, I have to say they wasted a golden opportunity to get reasonable authority to question other Death Eaters! "Who do you know or have good reason to suspect is a Death Eater?"
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