Reviews for Heart and Soul
crazydavey chapter 6 . 22h
Hopefully a more confident and assertive Harry, as well as J.S. Delacour, will insist on a more proactive Order of the Phoenix than what Dumbles would like to run. Also, I wonder if Sirius ever got that accounting he insisted he'd get from Dumbledore? No mention has been made of the prophesy yet, and Sirius will be going to get treated, so I'm doubtful. They need to insist that the secretive meddler shares why Harry is so important in the fight.

At least with Sirius getting treatment in France, it's very unlikely the battle in the department of mysteries will even happen, let alone get Sirius killed.
crazydavey chapter 5 . 23h
It's funny that Dumbledore states (last chapter) that Fudge was a passable peacetime minister. Considering that Fudge basically got in office because he made it quietly well known he was for sale to the highest bidder, and his willingness to murder a possible innocent man in order to cover up a possible mistake by the ministry, a mistake made when he wasn't even in charge (wanting to have Sirius immediately kissed by Dementors in 3rd year), it just goes to show what a low standard there is in Wizarding Britain for a "passable peacetime minister" lmao. It's rather sad. That's not even getting into the changes in laws that Fudge helped pass (after his hefty bribes) that helped the pureblood agenda or did things like persecute groups like werewolves. Fudge was ALWAYS a terrible minister.
falconcoderspam chapter 18 . 10/6
I’m sorry but they are horrible people right now
ABadRomCom chapter 9 . 10/3
Why is harry a background character, dude speaks like three sentences. Than someone else starts defending him so Harry sits there like he forgot what the fuck english words are! Hopefully this isn't the case going forward.
Jemma Blackwell chapter 3 . 9/27
I got this far but I am quitting now. You talked about what a hard life Harry has had. Then you make it worse by dumping a marriage contract on his head. Perperpated by his two fathers, no less, who he thinks loves him, to a complete stranger who is a veela three years older than him? F* that. If I was Harry I would be leaving right now and it wouldn't be to France.
ASD Fictions chapter 1 . 9/21
Sirius' mother's only standard is for that person to not be breathing in any way shape or form
RyMalice chapter 67 . 9/3
I've reread this story multiple times as it's an amazing story, but this chapter always leaves a bad taste in my mouth...and I can't remember if I made this point before, but while yes Harry was being extremely short sighted and selfish, so were the others except for Fleur. Of all the people in that inquisition, only Fleur didn't have any hint of hypocrisy in chewing him out.

Sirius: the biggest hypocrite of them all, as he had to spend 12 years in prison for doing something even worse than what Harry did. He went after Wormtail alone, forsaking his sworn duty to protect Harry and take care of him to get revenge. Even when he escaped from Azkaban, it wasn't to 'protect Harry' as he claimed. His actions show that he was only interested in claiming revenge against Wormtail. Not to mention that Sirius chewing him out for "disregarding the rules" is ridiculous as you had Harry throw back in his face. He'd be dead if not for Harry breaking the rules.

Dumbledore: His selfishness was in believing he knew best and placing Harry with an abusive family and never checking up on him, not to mention placing the education of his students second to preparing for the eventual return of Voldemort, and keeping vital info to himself as again he feels that only he knows best, though he has gotten better at that, reluctantly though.

Hermione: this one is tougher and yet simpler. She has shown many times that she thinks she knows better than Harry and has done things behind his back. The firebolt for one, and also she listened to Dumbledore to not reveal anything to Harry over the summer between 4th and 5th years, keeping him in the dark. She essentially chose loyalty to Dumbledore over Harry.

So yeah, Harry messed up, and he needed to have his eyes opened up, but at the same time, if a society that was founded to combat the darkest of magic didn't have any indication of a chance to counter the horcrux, then I would have acted similarly myself. Until Hermione's sudden burst of inspiration, there was no hope for him except a fools hope. And that happened at the exact same time as his misadventure. So, they really can't hold that against him. If she had revealed her idea and he still did this, then they would have been fully justified in castrating him verbally.
trevan.richards chapter 67 . 8/13
Literally no one cares how Harry feels
trevan.richards chapter 56 . 8/11
I hate how every fic make men pushovers
Mutt N. Feathers chapter 6 . 7/29
What a sweet start for Fleur and Harry. I love the hero worship of his sister. Hopefully she's not another Ginny. Harry doesn't need that. MNF
Mutt N. Feathers chapter 4 . 7/28
Your dismantling of Fudge was exceptional. Bravo, MNF
Mutt N. Feathers chapter 3 . 7/28
Brilliant courtroom scene and your original character is quite believable. Excellent beginning. MNF
Seud chapter 57 . 7/12
Jesus you simply refuse to have any angst at all. They seem more like fits than anything, which doesn’t match with the seriousness of what he’s going through. I’d like to see some more believable drama here man.

With all the crap going on around Harry and their own personal experiences, Hermione and Fleur should not be so easily able to come out of their funk. A few tears and then three short paragraphs later they’re making witty jokes. This has been repeated so many times that I simply can’t put any weight into the drama-there is no suspense when you write these issues out.

I’m not left wondering over Harry’s relationship with Fleur and Hermione, questions like, ‘Is he going to push the others away?' or 'Will he have a breakdown and become singularly focused on trumping Voldemort to the point he is going to lose them?’, and no matter how I know that the chances of him losing either Fleur or Hermione is low, you at least have to put in the effort to make it seem like he might. Otherwise it’s a pretty unrealistic relationship.

No matter how much people wish otherwise, you simply can’t remain strong and composed like Harry, Hermione, and Fleur when confronted with things like this all the time. If you’d extend Harry’s angst over this issue no one would have issues, it would actually be the proper response. Instead by the end of the chapter this started he’s already almost out of his funk. Get some angst sauce in here god damnit!
ngaothien7531 chapter 7 . 7/12
I have to postpone reading here cause it not make sense to me the way Harry acting. 4 year relationship with Hermione just go out the window in 1 day. Harry supposed to be a teenage boy who raised in muggle way, the way he reacted to the bethode make me wonder who is that Harry. And finally ITS NOT FAIR FOR HERMIONE FOR MERLIN'S SAKE. HOW ON EARTH YOU THROW A BETHODED CONTRACT IN A 4 YEARS RELATIONSHIP WITH ALL PASSION AND ROYAL. HARRY ONLY KNOW FLEUR FOR 1 DAY. ITS SO FRUSTRATED!
Seud chapter 6 . 7/10
The one issue I’m having is the first name for Fleur’s father, Jean-Sebastian. It’s stupid. Even if you were to give him two first names, is it really necessary to pronounce the whole thing? Not to mention how you even shorten it at some points with just the initials 'J.S.’

If it’s so annoying to write out fully, why did you make the name so long? If you have Jean-Sebastian telling Harry to be informal with him since Harry is betrothed to his daughter, why doesn’t Harry just choose one of the two first names to use? It just doesn’t make sense.

I’ve never been more confused or have seen such an annoying mouthful of a name actually be used for such an important character that will be mentioned frequently. I have to ask, what the hell were you thinking?
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