Reviews for Harry Potter and the Year of Change
Kemet's Queen chapter 2 . 6/9
Harry should keep Hermione has one of his true friends.
Quibbler78 chapter 6 . 2/18
I know this fic is done and the voting is over, but I had to put in my vote over who Snape should be with. I've always thought it would be very interesting to ship him with the Twins!
a) It would be completely hilarious.
b) I can see them getting together over a mutual love of potions (since most of their products are potions based). I always imagined the twins getting advanced potions lessons disguised as detentions. With the twins 'paying' by allowing Snape to nominate prank victims...

Just an idea. Feel free to ignore it or run with it :-)
QueenLyssa chapter 22 . 1/24
can I help you? I love this story and would love to see it continue, I don't have any stories under my belt cause I simply can't get stories, only scenes, that only make sense in a story, but I would love to help you if I could...*puppy eyes*
littlesprout chapter 22 . 1/24
Please pm if someone updates the story.
Drarry4eva chapter 22 . 1/23
I really enjoyed this, it sucks that you won't be continuing it.
PrinzessTinkerbell29 chapter 22 . 1/23
May I plus have it? I would like it.
Shadow Fey chapter 21 . 1/22
I had to post here there is a one per chapter rule. if anyone does contine this for you I would also like a pm if it's not too much trouble. Thank you and i look forward to more of your stories
Shadow Fey chapter 22 . 1/22
If someone contacts about taking over will you post a link so we can follow. A lot of author don't.
Pikachu79 chapter 22 . 1/22
I am sorry that you lost your muse for this story. If someone does adopt/continue this story please pm me. Good luck with your other story.
nightwing27 chapter 22 . 1/22
yeap I knew it another failure
PHEONIX39 chapter 21 . 1/17
Well, I hope you will continue this story as i really like it. I found it when looking for another story but this peaked my interest. Sorry it took so long to find. CHEERS!
LandlessLord chapter 21 . 12/3/2014
Hope you'll update soon!
Guest chapter 21 . 10/20/2014
Please update soon!
Guest chapter 21 . 10/15/2014
Please update soon
Drarry4eva chapter 4 . 10/9/2014
This is good so far, usually I hate the whole timeline change but whatever. I do, however, have problems with the name change. Harry isn't short for anything, why change it to Hadrian? that name is as old as dirt, it's ancient. I just don't like it. Your story is good, don't get me wrong, it's just the name. I've looked through the books and wikipedia for Harry Potter and nowhere does it state that Harry is short for Hadrian, it's like when people change it to Harold. I just don't get why. I usually won't read stories where people change a character's name like that, but I want to continue reading this. So, I'm going to.
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