Reviews for Rosemary for Remembrance
Guest chapter 1 . 2/25
tanithlipsky chapter 1 . 7/19/2015
nice oneshot
terri chapter 1 . 11/19/2013
a single stich on a gaping wound

and the most that had ever veen offered, that too

Thanks for this fiction.
JJayGurl chapter 1 . 9/6/2013
Heartbreaking, what Sirius did to them. I wonder how he got Remus to forgive him after the fiasco...
MuggleCreator chapter 1 . 5/20/2013
Great stuff. Nice to imagine...
yay chapter 1 . 11/14/2012
"Sirius Black would have made his friend a murderer as well as Severus himself a victim. Oh, Black would not have meant it but that would have meant little to himself being dead and his best friend who would have faced a life inAzkaban or collared and caged. Words could not erase it, no, an apology was paltry compared to the danger to his life but..."
People usually ignore the effect on Remus, making Snape the sole victim. This acknoldgement/bonding was interesting.
Snarky64 chapter 1 . 5/28/2012
This is such a well-written piece, emotional and emotive. I enjoyed the insights you give into an emotionally damaged Snape that are very credible.

I noticed one of your reviewers said your story had been "canonshafted" (charming) but, of course, she's wrong. There's is nothing in canon to say this could not have happened. It is Lupin who continues to trust Snape (because Dumbledore has vouched for him, even though Sirius does not) right up until Snape kills Dumbledore and then that belief in Snape is no longer tenable. It is Lupin who tries to convince Harry that Christmas in HBP that what Harry feels towards Snape is "an old prejudice" and to trust him.

Saying all the above, I think, focuses more sharply on the really very well drawn introspection you have given Snape. Thoroughly enjoyable. Excellent.
HeyI'mTalkingToYou chapter 1 . 11/27/2011
All of your stories just blow me away. Thank you for some amazing reads.

And the last line-does that mean that Severus thinks Remus let Sirius get away?
puregarnet chapter 1 . 5/1/2011
sammyfish chapter 1 . 4/12/2011
Loved the ending. ESPECIALLY that finally line. The start, however, was a little wishy-washy - a lot more background than may have been necessary...That said, i did enjoy this story overall :) well done!
snarky Beth chapter 1 . 12/16/2010
Excellent story. The scene was written really well, as were the characters. I liked reading Severus' thoughts/reflections, and Remus being his kind self :) Great interaction.
Nightfall Rising chapter 1 . 11/2/2010
Kinda heartbreaking. Complex characters who ireally have/i overcome the things that made them victims, ireally have/i become strong, and the way that the forward-reaching wounds from the past (the fear, the bite) don't overcome that strength, but do insidiously work themselves in to coexist alongside it-and that they can see that coexistence in each other, and iacknowledge/i it (even if Severus would never, ever, do so out loud)... this really rings true, and makes for a truth with hope in.
excessivelyperky chapter 1 . 8/23/2010
What a pity that any possible friendship ended when Remus decided to punt his potion, almost eat the Trio (and Snape), and allowed Sirius Black to gently bash Snape's head against the wall.

But then, Remus is far too busy being a victim to care a great deal about anyone else's problems. He doesn't even think what kind of trauma Snape has survived; and yes, Snape _does_ have a right to wonder if Remus has set up him (again).

And who's to say if Remus didn't have a good laugh about Snivellus crying with his dear friend Sirius later on?

Very well done; but once Remus decided that being a Marauder again was more important to making sure the students were safe, then his words were forgotten.

Actions speak louder, after all.

Nicely done, but alas! this story was sadly canonshafted.
Cassandra30 chapter 1 . 8/23/2010
Good one!
whitehound chapter 1 . 1/30/2010
Very nice.

If you look at the timing, Snape told the class about werewolves because he had seen Remus cultivating Harry in what he thought was a suspicious manner, and then immediately afterwards the Fat Lady was slashed. So he thought Remus was setting Harry up to be killed, and had let Sirius into the school, and so he warned the class about him.

It would make sense that if he had a moment like this with Remus he would be more inclined to believe he *wasn't* out to kill Harry - and then be even more angry and scared when later he found Remus with Sirius and the children, one of them already injured, and thought Remus had conned him.
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