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Jose19 chapter 1 . 12/5/2014
This story looks interesting but is Naruto a half-breed or a Full-fledged Kitsune, and I wonder is he like Moka who hates Humans because of her terrible past with them. I can see that he can use chakra so he will be a powerful force to be dealt with.

I can't wait to see how he handles Kuyo who is a Full-fledged Kitsune, and quite strong as well because I want to see how he handles him.

I also want to see how he handles the Harem of girls because it is quite difficult to deal with all those girls.
uscias chapter 7 . 8/8/2013
Update please.
godzillafan1 chapter 7 . 3/31/2013
so in the harem there's moka,kurumu,yukari,neko,tamao(if she gets her head out of her anse),and ruby i guess good story write the next chapter when ya can.
powermachine79 chapter 7 . 1/27/2013
great story can't wait to
Ranmaleopard chapter 1 . 10/21/2012
this is really awesome and interesting i cant wait to see what happens next please continue!
Darkth Shadow chapter 25 . 10/17/2012
the last few chapters have already been posted? what gives?
Darkth Shadow chapter 13 . 10/14/2012
''Naruto isn't trying to piss off his Moka-chan. Naruto is a good boy he swears!''
someone likes tobi XD
c3llar door chapter 1 . 7/7/2012
I should murder Darkestlord243 for trying to foil this amazing story with their shitty Gary-Stu

\ /
c3llar door chapter 27 . 7/7/2012
Isn't this, isn't this chapter 6? Why did you post it again?
daniel 29 chapter 27 . 7/4/2012
Chapter 8 is where the major plot line changes occur. Shit starts to get real.

Don't you mean chapter 28
darkestlord243 chapter 15 . 6/21/2012
Name- Darko Pawnage

Age- 900,000,000

Age appeared- 16-17

Gender- Male

Powers-contrals black lightning, black fire, and the chaos element, doujutsu Mangekyō no kaosu rin'negan,contrals all element but like shadows,fire,lightning,and the chaos the best

Weapon- katana what it looks like the blade is darker than black the hilt has blood red wrappings with a rainbow diamonds

Youki and chakra

Okami demon with many tails you can't count them

Male human with black shagie hair , red eyes with a slit pupil, mid build,wears a black tench coat with words blood chaos in red print normal anbu clothing with red chest plate

Wolf form looks like the jubi exept with two eyes and many more tail eyes are in the Mangekyō no kaosu rin'negan form the master of all doujutsu

Backstory, was human at one point heir the Pawnage clan until he was killed by the village elders saying that he was to powerful and he made deal with yami to become a demon that could rival the gods but yami said he had to work for his powers he did then he went back to his village a used an attack that completely leveled the village, the attack's name is called chaos destroyer. Personality lazy,guinus, god-like. Believes in peace between humans and demons and protecting his precious people.

Animal affinity- wolf demon

Transformation- giant wolf demon with many tails,partial transformation same as human form with wolf ears and tails.

Home world - Naruto world said to be a myth

Family father(dead) mother(dead) brother(alive) juubi,sister(alive) uknow name but is frozen in time by both brothers unknow why

Birth day 2/6/0100bc

Deck- chaos dragon and chaos Phoenix

Mage type: gunner and assassin

Ghost form:looks like black wolf with red marking over its body.
90-tails chapter 25 . 6/17/2012
''You little bastard I'll neuter you for that.''

Naruto's pupils shrunk. ''Fuck this! I quit. You fight her.'' Naruto said as he snatched off the Rosario as powerful blinding light filled the room. Before Ishigami could even react Ura-Moka was airborn. With an axe kick she sent the snake woman crashing into the ground with an audible crack. A four-foot crater was created.

''Damn now that's a whole new meaning to a 'boot to the head' if I ever...''

Suddenly Ura-Moka grabbed his junk. ''This is mine! This belongs to me. If you ever think or even hint on harming this I'll show you the real meaning of pain. Know your place you worthless excuse of a snake woman.''

''I don't know whether to be scared of how rough our first time will be or glad you're so enthusiastic about Goliath.''


''Well that's one of his names. There's Naruto Jr.,The Leviathan, The Dark Plunger, though that last one wasn't thought of by me.''

''Remind me again why I care for you?'' she asked with a hint of annoyance.

''Because you mate marked me?'' though really he wondered when the whole just bite the neck thing became the mainstream thing for the mate mark.

''I could just kill you and find another mate.'' she remarked in that snarky manner of hers.

''And how would you go about that? Not like you can beat me one on one.'' he remarked rather cockily.

''Now I never said that now did I? There are other alternatives. For instance poison.'' she suggested.

''Meh I'm immune to most poisons.''

''Decapitation then.''

''I've survived worse.''


''Are you even trying?''

''Then I'll contact that friend of yours that your always bitching about, have your powers sealed, and deliver you to a harpy or praying mantis female. I'm sure they'll enjoy it quite a bit.''

''Oh you sinfully delicious bitch.''

Ura-Moka smirked. ''Damn straight.''

''You know my idea of corrupting you was supposed to be more 'physical' in idea then 'mental' to be honest. Would you ever consider using a whip?''

Despite getting a 'boot to the head' himself Naruto did hear Ura mutter something about a whip being an interesting idea before she snapped the Rosario back on.


(No offense to christains or religious peoples)
AnimeMinder chapter 7 . 6/11/2012
Hello i love your stories but why are you writing so strange not in a bad way but you are leaving a lot of info out and jumping from scene to scene.

And when you are reading you never know who is talking.

Please be a little more clear

That u the only thing you need to better other then that. I love your fanfics.
Crimson Flash 118 chapter 15 . 6/8/2012
Birth Name:Yoskeha Tsitsho later he changed it to Yasha Tatsumaki

Actual Age:17


Power:Master of all the elements but perfers Lightning, Water and Wind

Weapons: Tomahawk, Hidden Blade and Bows and Arrows (Uses the wind to make the Arrows faster/sharper)

Race/Species: Kitsune/Human Hybrid

Human Guise: Spiky Crimson hair, tanned skin ,height 6'1 ,eye color amber, body type meant for speed and acrobatics, clothing black leather jacket with two red stripes on the biceps on the back is a red wing like emblem ( . /files/costumes/3095/62897/CI_62897_ ) under the jacket is a red hoodie Yasha always has the hood on. He also wears faded blue jeans

Actual Appearance:slited red eyes which appear to glow in the dark or if his hood is at the right angle, enlarged fangs, hair becomes white with red bangs and streaks, ears slighty pointed

Backstory:Yoskeha or Yasha as he perfers to be called is the son of a Human mother and a Kitsune father. His father was a Eight tail Kitsune. His mother is the daughter of the Mohawk Village Chief, due to his Demonic heritage the villagers kept their distance. But the warriors and the Elders were quite fond of him most likely due to him keeping other villages from attacking. Yasha usually keeps his distance from others but to those who he deems his friends, he is fiercely protective and would give his life to protect them if need be. His father as I meantioned before was a powerful demon as such he had many enemies when Yasha's mother was giving birth to him, one of his fathers enemies attacked, Yasha's father died protecting Yasha and his mother.

Animal Affinity: All canines such as dogs, wolves, foxes and jakals

Homeworld: Appears to be North America in the 1700's

Powers: When he focus' Youkai into his eyes' the world fades out to him and his enemies appear to glow red while his allies glow blue his target glows gold and also leaves behind a trail of gold. When he concentraits youkai all over his body he becomes transparent you can still see him but it is signifinly

harder to do so.

Extra Info: When he was Ten a war broke out Yasha (was still called Yoskeha at the time) was forced to fight in said war, when the war was comin to a close Yasha's Grandfather Yashio was killed in combat to honor his grandfather he started to call himself Yasha. At some point in his early teens, Yasha encountered the Shinigami, the Shinigami decided to make Yasha his Avatar giving Yasha the powers of a Shinigami. In exchange for this, The Shinigami requested that Yasha kill those that would harm the innocent. Before he left the Shinigami told Yasha this "You will work in the dark to serve the light, you are an Assassin"

Handicaps/Disabilites: On the night of the New Moon he cannot focus his youkai nor can he transform, he can however still use his Shinigami powers.

Family Members: Mother Izayoi, Father Akuma (Deceased) , Grandfather Yashio (Deceased) Uncle Yoshiaki

Birthday: December 18th When his fathers enemy attacked many villagers died staining the snow red and with Yasha's true forms hair color he was nick-named Aka No Rikka (Bloody Snow)

Monster Form: A Red and White Six-Tailed fox

Bankai: Ichigo's Bankai but with red stripe on the biceps and red wing like emblem on the back

Remember to give some credit to me!
heaven's blade chapter 27 . 6/7/2012
Petition to stop story from being deleted! Sign sign sign!


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