Reviews for Cooking Lesson
wandamarie chapter 1 . 5/7/2012
wow it is a good one thanks
sjrodgers23 chapter 16 . 5/7/2012
love it thanks
leeb chapter 16 . 5/7/2012
I was going nuts when I read this. I was waiting for Severus to say something to the boys in the shower (because, I couldn't resist if it were me). Harry was such a tease. :D

I look forward to your next update. I look a lot for it actually. Can't wait!
omg chapter 16 . 5/6/2012
i freaking almost fell over reading that! the last few lines wre greeat too!
OMG chapter 15 . 5/5/2012
oh my freaking god that was hot. I only just found this story and can't stop reading. Now that there is only one left for me to read, I'm sad, but had to review now because I'm so worked up from this chapter. oh yeah
amb6675 chapter 1 . 4/28/2012
I love this story its cute and funny at the same time.
Saundra Watson Faulkner chapter 1 . 4/26/2012
Very interesting story. Kept my attention and left me wanting more. Flowed very smoothly. Loved that Harry had one up on the two men! Really liked the descriptive words used so one could picture in their minds eye exactly how each were feeling and speaking. As I said before...Left me wanting more!
HARVEY'S GIRL chapter 16 . 4/24/2012
That was priceless! I could just picture the boys' faces when Severus spoke. But that chapter was way too short I want more. I'm still laughing.
MsBeeHaven chapter 16 . 4/24/2012
First off...I can't remember if I have ever commented on this story before, regardless...I must comment now. Bloody fantastic! I thoroughly enjoy this story and the manner in which your adjusting the characters to meet the needs of your developing plot line. You and your beta are doin a great job of keeping the story interesting and entertaining. I can't wait for more and am excited about Giles being in the story. I was always a huge Buffy fan. Keep rockin that keyboard!

Bee! ;)
Sliver of Melody chapter 16 . 4/24/2012
SlytherinIceFaery chapter 16 . 4/24/2012
Buahahahaha i love that! Priceless... I've actually done something similar with one of my ex's. it was hilarious!
SpiderRealm chapter 16 . 4/23/2012
Rofl, I love this story! Can't wait 'til the next chapter! ./
Elissa707 chapter 16 . 4/23/2012
I love your writing. So funny.
Lady DestinyHope chapter 16 . 4/23/2012
Haha, that was awesome!
Katsy17 chapter 16 . 4/23/2012
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